Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bye Bye San Clemente

Hello Family!!                                                                                            July 23, 2013

Sounds like this past week was pretty adventurous, seeing that you aren't even home yet, but I am glad that you are having fun! Glad that you are safe!  And Super glad that grandma and grandpa are doing ok, I'll still be sending prayers.

So,  as you can see from my subject line...I'm getting transferred.   In just a few short hours I'll be in Irvine, and then President Orgill will tell me where I'll be serving next. And he'll also be telling me who I'll be training.  Yup.  That's right.  Training!!!!  Freak out moment!  :)  But I am excited!  I got called on Wednesday from the assistants, and they asked if I would train (as an assignment from president) I said “yes.”  Then hung up the phone, and then that was when it hit me at what I'd just said I'd do.  But I am looking forward to the new challenges, and the new opportunities!  I think really the only thing that is stressful is that not only will I have a new companion, I'll also be in a new area! Crazy! But, I am excited! :)  So, that is my very exciting news for the week, getting transferred and training! :) At 5 1/2 months. (And dad, can't believe that my release date is only a year away (though it may be a little mixed up...but still) CRAZY).
But it will be a new adventure!

So, this week was a really great one!   We have been teaching our investigators and well, just working hard!  I had a trainers meeting on Friday, and so many of us are training (Sis. Drinkwater is too). There are 31 missionaries coming today, so lots and lots of new ones, it is another wave, just like when I came in!   But we are all excited!  And well, the Lord truly is hastening His work!

So,...hmm highlights of the week, Rich still wants to get baptized, even though he is in India, but he still is talking to Jenn about that!  Which is just fabulous!  And, I'll just have to call my mission President to be at his baptism! Cause I will so be there, I mean I have to be, he was the first person I met once I got February! CRAZY!   We also taught Kristen, Angie and Allen this week, which are all investigators, and so that was great!  We also found a new couple to teach, and had our first lesson with them in a member’s home.   It went really well, Alex, the wife, is really interested in eternal marriage, and Matthew, who is a little quieter had some questions too, and did show interest! So, I'm leaving a lot of good behind, but I have seen so many miracles, and I am just ready to get out and work even harder! :)

So, I got the transfer call on Saturday, and I've been saying goodbye to people.   Which is hard, but at the same time, I know that I'll be back in about a year to say hello to them, and introduce you to all the people I love!  :)  But, I truly have loved serving in San Clemente. :)
Also, side note…Kirk gave me a painting (he is an artist) and its kinda big, so I'll be sending it home today.  Cause I love it, but I don't want to have to worry about it for the next year. Ya know? So that will be on its way shortly.

Hmmm what else.  Oh duh.  So President Orgill, before he came here to be president over our mission, he was in charge of the PCC in Hawaii.  So last night, their tour team was here, and did a show, and we were able to bring our investigators, and, remember that big show that we saw at the end of the night when we went to the PCC 3 years ago?!?!?   Well, it was a smaller version of that, and oh, I don’t know what it was, but I loved being able to watch people perform.  And again, it made me want to dance.  So, we'll see what happens when I get home! :)   But, it was great.  And fun!  And there was one point when I yelled out (cheering) and I felt all weird, since I hadn't done that in so long.  And my thought was "missionary, I'm a missionary," so it felt weird.  But, it also made me feel like me.  And I missed that.  So, I'm going to try and be more like me, and less...weird.  Ha.  :)   More me weird I guess. But we'll see how that goes ;)  

So, I am excited for new beginnings.  To help new people. To have, almost a fresh start, not as an awkward new missionary.  I'll be the seasoned companion.   Which will be different. But I know that it will help me grow, and really, things are just easy with Sister Drinkwater, cause we get along so well, so of course, it is time for change.  But I'm so glad I've been able to serve with her!  It has been a blast, and I know that I am changed from the missionary and person I was only 9 weeks ago.  Crazy how fast and slow missionary time is!

So, I hope that you have a great week!  Know that I am praying for you, know that I love you! and know that I'm totally judging you for not writing me ;) just kidding.  Totally not.   I have gotten less and less anxious for mail.  I think that has come with time and as I have given more and more of myself to the Lord and His work.  So, like, I got mail last Tuesday.  Won't get mail till tonight, and I'm not dying ;) yet.   Probably mostly cause I’m distracted by packing.  Lots of packing.  I have a lot more stuff I feel like than I did 5 months ago. Which just makes me want to leave some of it behind. And at some point, I think that will be the case.  But for now, just heavy stuffed suitcases.   :)

Well, I love you! I hope you have a great week, and a safe drive home!   Can't wait to get your postcards!   
I love you!  

And next week I'll be in a new guess...hmmm... New port? Irvine?  It'll be north of here, I can tell ya that much. ;)

So, have a good week!  Be safe!  Read the Book of Mormon Everyday!

I love you!


Sister Taylor Burningham

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