Saturday, September 21, 2013

Opening Windows

Hello dear family!!                                                           August 19, 2013

This week has been a great one, full of miracles and great experiences.

We had a zone conference on Tuesday and learned all about how we need to have shorter lessons more frequently so that our investigators can feel the Spirit more in their lives, so we are teaching shorter lessons and just having a great time doing that!

We also have been finding people like crazy.  We have 3 new investigators as of last week, and well, how we found them was just amazing.   We opened a window (like I told you about last time).  And so we go to this park that we felt like we needed to be at, and we opened the door and I saw a man on a bench and then a girl sitting by the wall, and so I said to sister Putnam "the man or the girl?"  She said the girl, and we went over to her.  Her name is Audrey.  She's about 16 and she dances, and we taught her the first lesson, and we will be teaching her again tomorrow, and she is super excited to meet with us.   But as we were teaching her, I had this thought (which was obviously from the Spirit) but it was that "you were supposed to find her."  I had always wondered if there were specific people for me, that I would find and teach, and well, I found one.  Audrey.   And I am just so excited to share the gospel with her! :)  So, we taught Audrey, (sitting on the sidewalk at a park) and while we were there, a guy rode by on a bike, and we had to move out of the way for him.  But after we finished teaching her, we walked around the park, and talked to the man that we had seen on the bench, but he wasn't interested.  And then there was the guy that had ridden by during our lesson with Audrey.   And we introduced ourselves, and said that we share a message about the plan that God has for us, and asked if he would be interested.   And he said “yes” (2 in one hour, we were freaking out!)   And so we taught him the Plan of Salvation, and we are still trying to set up a time to go and see him, and well, we are excited for that too!! :)

The other new investigator that we have is Patty, she was a former investigator, and we met her a few weeks ago, but we weren't able to teach her.   And so, on Thursday night she called us and asked if we could come and help her make cupcakes.   Which we did, and she also gave us dinner (even though we told her we had already eaten-two dinners, one night, God helped me do that, cause I felt fine, but man, it was scary!  Haha)  But she is just a great woman, and she only has an issue with Joseph Smith, but other than that, she would be a great Mormon (she even raised her family in the way that we do cause she liked how her Mormon friend's families were!)  But she is great, and she adores us, which is just fun.  She is now my 3rd grandma, so its fun!

But, those were the highlights of my week, and I also got to go to San Clemente to see Rick get baptized, it was a beautiful baptism, and it was great to see everyone, and a lot of people said that I was missed, and it was kinda fun to see their faces when they saw me and hear them ask in  surprise "you’re back!?" haha, it was great! And I am just so grateful that I have such a small mission that I was able to go and see him get baptized, and hopefully in a few weeks I'll be back for when Rich gets baptized, cause yes my dear family, Rich is going to get baptized (he gets back from India this week, then in the next few weeks he and Jenn are getting marrried, and then he will get in white and get a little wet!!!!)  :)  Which was just happy news!  

So, this week was good, I have so much energy and I am just excited to be working!   I love that I chose to come out on a mission, I love that I am here in Irvine, and that the work is progressing!  The Lord truly is hastening his work, the time is different than it has ever been, and what a glorious time to be living in!  :) I am so grateful!

Crazy that school is already starting Kenna, it feels really weird to not be going back to school, and weird to think that in a year I’ll be going back. But I try not to think about that ;) not that I have oober amounts of time to do so anyway, I'm pretty busy, and I just love talking to people about the gospel, even homeless people who tell us that they are prophets (what? we are supposed to talk to everyone, so we open our mouths! They are all God's children!)   But, it truly is great! Truly is a blessing! And I am just happy! :)

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!  

Challenge for the week is to use social media (facebook, instagram, whatever else is new that you use) to share the gospel, one thing a day if you can.  A video, a quote, a picture. anything! Get the word out there, the world needs to know! :)
So, I love you dear family! I hope you have a great week!!! :)   

Sister Taylor Burningham  

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