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Hello from Irvine!

July 29, 2013

Well dear family, 6 months ago when I was just getting ready to head out to the Carlsbad mission, I had no idea that I would end up serving, six months later, in an area that at that time was out of my mission. But here I am, right in Irvine. Ya know the address that you send my mail to? Ya, I live about a mile away from it.   Irvine is pretty.  But it's hot. Any possible way to find me some cute cooler shirts that I could wear while I’m in this area for the next three months?! That would be absolutely fabulous! :)

So, leaving San Clemente was hard, and I miss the ocean. And I really miss Sister Drinkwater, and her crazy loud self, but this new ward I'm in, the Woodbridge 2nd ward is great! There are a lot more families here, and I honestly have no clue what to do, because they all want to help us out with the work here!  The work is just progressing here, and it is just amazing! :) I am so excited to be here, and to be working with this ward. The bishop and his wife are actually both from Provo, but they went to Timpview...ouch on that one, hope he forgives me for being a bulldog ;) Many jokes have already been made when we were in their home, but it was great fun! And I am excited to be here! :)

So Irvine, reminds me a little more of home, at least the ward does.   :)  Which, made Sunday a bit hard, missed you mom during Relief Society, but, all is well, and I feel so much love and excitement from the ward, that really, I feel so great! :)   So, we share a ward with some elders, who have both been here for a few weeks.   We are trying to work with them, but sometimes I get the feeling that one of them thinks we are trying to take over the ward.  Which we aren't.  We split up the investigators, and split the ward a little, just so we can have a smaller area to cover.  But it is still going to take some getting used to.   But, obviously the work is progressing, since there are 4 missionaries here, and they need sisters.  And, no offense to the Elders, but hey, there is just something about sisters that some people just need. And well, the Lord needs us here so I don't feel too bad ;) 

Ok, so about my companion!!   I'm training a brand new missionary.  Which freaks me out only...slightly.   Haha.  I feel so new myself, and to have someone right from the MTC is just CRAZY to me!  But, it has been great so far. Her name is Sister Putnam (and might I add, her first name is Taylor, haha great right?!)   But, she has a great testimony, and we get along great, I feel like we are going to do great things together in this area.  I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to train.   It is hard, There are times when I look around for help, and realize, I'm the senior companion, and well, then I look  up, cause God is the one with the answers.  But, like I said, things are going well, we are working hard.  We have a few investigators that the Elders had been teaching, that we have met, and taught.  One, Judith.  She came to church yesterday too, and she really felt the Spirit.  She will be getting baptized soon, which is great! :)  Then there is Grace, who we will teach tomorrow! And Alex, who is a 16 year old girl, who we haven't met yet, but hopefully soon! And then of course, always out and about trying to find more! :)

About Sister Putnam, she is from Wyoming.  (Well most recently, she has lived a lot of places) she has 5 siblings.  1st one to go on a mission.  Hmm what else, she has a great spirit, and I can't wait to hear more of her story! :)

So, P-day is now on Monday, which President announced at our transfer meeting. So that will take me some getting used to, but I think it will be fine in just a few weeks, but I’m glad I remembered to talk to someone about letting you know! :) So that I could have some emails from the people I love! :)

Hmm, so things are going pretty good, just excited to be in a new area, new people, fresh start.  I feel more confident here, and so I feel like I can be myself, and I feel like I can do better in missionary work, as I am just being myself. Which is fabulous! :)   Even though I may be a little crazy ;) I'm just Taylor Burningham, what more can I say!??!

Sounds like things are going good, time is just flying by.  Two years dad?!?  Where did that time go?!  How can I have been out for almost 6 months?  How can it be my 2nd area and 3rd companion already?!??!??!?  ahhh!   Time goes fast!  Enjoy the moment!   Cause we only have each moment for right then! :)

Anyway, I hope that things are going well, glad to hear that Grandma is doing OK, and that she will be fine! She is still in my prayers!  Say hello for everyone for me! :) Send my love! :)

Hmmm OK, thought of a few things that I would like, I already mentioned the shirts, but I'll say that again as a reminder ;) haha, and then I need a refill of my medicine: ondansetron 8 mg.  Just want to get more so that I'll have em when I am out of the ones I do have! :) gotta think ahead as a missionary! :)

I hope you all have a great Monday, have fun dancing Kenna! And have fun doing whatever else you guys may be doing this week!  Keep smiling, and reading the Book of Mormon together! :) Stay close to God! :)  I love you all! I love that we can email each week, it is just amazing!  I love life!  And I love being a missionary at this time! :)

So, have a good week! I love you all so much!  I'll write more next week, and probably in my letter ;)


Sister Taylor Burningham

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