Monday, September 23, 2013

Crunching Leaves

Hello Family! :)                                                                             August 26, 2013

How are things going in good old Utah?   I hope that things are great, and honestly it is still super weird to think that Kenna is already back in school, and a senior?  Where did the summer (that I didn't have) go? haha.  But, things are going good here in Irvine!  :)   

This week was a little funny, not sure why, but it was just kind of a weird week, But, we were able to see the Spirit working a lot in our lives, in the way that we were able to teach some members the exact things that they were struggling with! So that was just a great reminder that God is in the details of our lives, that he knows each and everyone of us, He knows what we need, what we are going through and how exactly we can be helped.  And then, there are those little things called tender mercies that appear, and we are able to recognize that God does know us and that He is going to help us.  Always.  So we had some pretty Spiritual experiences this week, so those were great! :)

Also, this week, our stake did a musical, about the parable of the ten virgins.  And it was AMAZING!!!   First off, I just love musicals!  Second, it was a great message!  All about how even though in our lives we are doing good things, we need to be constantly adding to our lamps, so that we will be ready when the Savior comes again.   So,  keep doing the things that bring you closer to God.  Read from the scriptures, pray-actually talk to God, he is, after all. our father!   Go to church, and I know that we have all heard these things before, but they really are so important!   We are at a day and age when we truly need to be doing all that we can, it is not the time to just be part way in the gospel, but it is a time that we need to be in it with our whole hearts! :)   So, that is what I got out of the musical!  They did it two nights, and we were able to go to both because we had investigators at both nights.    Patty, who was a former investigator that we picked up again, came on Thursday night and just LOVED it!  She cried, and we told her that was because of the Spirit, and so we are doing our weekly planning on Friday, and she called us, asking if she could go again that night, and asked if she could bring a friend.  Which she did!!! :) So that was super exciting! We weren't able to have a lesson with her this week though, but hopefully we will be able to teach her again soon!  
Also, Lucia, I may have told you her story before,  but after we had the mission conference about opening windows, we met Lucia, she doesn't live in our mission.  But she is being taught by sisters in her area.   She was in Irvine this past week, so we were able to teach her again, and even though it has been about two weeks since we met her, she is progressing so quickly!!!  (The elect will be ready!)   And she came to the "Ten Virgins" musical on Thursday... and best news I had heard all day...SHE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!!! :)    Which is pretty grand!! :) And a miracle. She wants us to be there, so we will ask, but who knows.   But, she wants to be baptized! I still can't even believe it! :)   So that was a miracle!

We also went on exchanges this week.    Sister Bingham (the one who said hello in your letter last week)  is a Sister Training leader, and she came to my area with me while Sister Putnam went to work with Sister Bingham's companion.  We had a ball! :) It was great fun, and it just helped me realize that I am pretty hard on myself, but also that, I am doing good things, even though the success here isn't always evident right away.   So, we had a great time, we actually were able to teach an investigator (Alex) who we have not yet been able to teach, so that was great. Alex warmed up to us, but she is still pretty nervous about the missionaries.  She is going to be a junior this year in high school, but it was great to teach her, about how she can find out if this gospel is true for herself, so hopefully we'll be able to see her soon as well!  As for Audrey, she disappeared this week. We haven't been able to get a hold of her, but we'll keep trying, and praying for her! If anything, we got her introduced to something that will hopefully someday change her life! :) 

Also, on Saturday, our ward had a corn roast, which was pretty fun! And all the missionaries in our ward and in a ward in our stake helped get the corn ready.   And we just had a fun time talking with members, and getting to know them better! :) And eating corn of course!

So, it is pretty interesting, the weather here. Because during the day it is pretty hot, but slowly it is starting to cool down in the evenings.   Which has been nice.   Also, some of the leaves are changing, and falling, and I have discovered that I have a great love for crunching leaves. :)  So next time you’re outside, go crunch some leaves, and think of me. :)  I'm glad to hear that things are going well at home, with school starting, that will take a little bit of time to adjust, but I am glad things are going well so far! :)  
Dad, I know exactly how you feel (well sorta, you're a bishop, I'm a missionary).  But, in the way that I still feel brand new, and at times, I don’t know what I am doing, but I am learning to rely on the Lord.  But, it is still pretty surprising to me, when people are shocked to find out that I've only been out 6 1/2 months.    Which is just weird, cause I still feel like a new missionary in some ways, and in other ways, I don't.  But it has been interesting thing that I am experiencing.  And a sister said yesterday, "You're only 19??!!" so apparently I suddenly look older than I used too. ;)  haha.   Don't know what happened there... maybe my hair cut.   

Anyway, this week has been good!  And I am so grateful that things are going well, and that you are still trusting in the Lord, and that you are seeing different opportunities to share the gospel!  Take them!  We need to share what we have with the world!!!! :)

I love you all!   I hope that you have a great week!!! :)  


Sister Taylor Burningham 

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