Friday, September 13, 2013

Miracles and Breakfast and "Elder" Burningham

Hello family! :)                                                                                 August 5, 2013

So, I'm emailing just a little bit later today, since we had a zone breakfast (yes, I helped make french toast, you should be proud of me ;) I cooked!) haha.  But we had a zone breakfast at a member’s home, and that was fun, but now I get to email you which is just fantastic! :)

So, this week has been a pretty good one, we've been busy, and we have had quite a few spiritual experiences!  It has been great working with Sister Putnam, she is such a great missionary, so it has been awesome to work with her.  Her testimony is so strong, and well, she wants to be a teacher, and went to school for it for 3 years, so she is a pretty natural teacher, so things are going well in that area!  We have 2 investigators, Grace and Judith.   The Elders were teaching both of them, but because they are single women, we are teaching them now.  And guess what, Judith is just amazing, and we had a really powerful lesson with her, and with a member family in our ward last Thursday, and well really, we've just been getting her ready for baptism, but she is getting baptized on SATURDAY! :)    Which is pretty exciting, but it means also that Satan is trying hard to pull her down.  Which is no fun for her, but she is strong.  And it has just been amazing to get to know her, and be able to feel the love that God has for her.  It really has helped me realize how much God loves each of us, we are all so important in His eyes! He truly does want us to always be happy, and yes, things can be hard, but He is always there! And it is truly wonderful, being able to feel that love that God has! :)  

And then Grace (which I love that name by the way) anyway, we were able to teach her on Friday morning, and that was a good lesson, she had a lot of questions about the gospel, and about the restoration that we were able to resolve for her.  She knows the church is true, and we will be inviting her to be baptized in our lesson with her tomorrow morning.   Miracles are happening here.  It is so different from the ward that I was previously in, but it is so rewarding!  And I know that the Lord is willing to bless those who work hard.  And just this area, everyone, the bishops, the stake president, everyone, they really just feel like the Lord is hastening His work here, and they all want to be a part of that.  So it really has been wonderful.
Like I said, we have had a few spiritual experiences.  And being in this new area, and with a new companion, and well. I really do appreciate Sister Longhurst more than I think I did when I was with her.  Training isn't easy.   There are times when I just pray and hope I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  But, it has been great.  I feel so close to God.  I feel the love that He has for Sister Putnam, and how much He wants and needs her to be on a mission, I know that He has similar feelings about me! so I am so glad that I can be here!!! :)  It has been an interesting week for me at the same time, so much spiritual experiences, and I really think that the difference is me.

I just feel more like myself here, like I can be myself.  I'm not an awkward new missionary.  I can just be me. I don’t really know what made the difference, but any advice to any future missionaries, be yourself as much as possible.  Open up yourself when you are teaching.  Then, the members and nonmembers know that we are also real people, but as I've shared experiences that I didn't realize in the moment what they had done for me, they are strengthening my testimony now, and I know that everything that happened in my life up till this point was for a certain reason and purpose.   And I know that they are helping me.  They were building me then, and strengthening me now.  :)   Also, I have to be honest, I didn't really cry my first 2 transfers.   Now I cry often, because of the Spirit (I’m not sad! haha) but, I feel like me again. I feel like I've come home, that is what this ward feels like to me.  And I am grateful! :)

I am so glad that I am here. I am so glad that things are going well at home! :)  It is grand to hear from you, I've never been so grateful for emails in my entire life! I love hearing from you, and dad, loved the bear hug postcard.  My zone leader wanted to steal it, cause he liked the picture.  haha. But he did end up giving it to me, so I was grateful ;)
So, this week is going to be a pretty good one, we have a zone training on Wednesday and then a mission conference on Thursday.   And then a baptism on Saturday, so we are just going to be busy, busy, busy!  The work is progressing!  I feel the energy of this area, and I feel that it is about to reap.  Which is very exciting!  I know that all things that are happening are because of God, and because He knows which of his children need the gospel at this time, and so we talk to everyone, and well, we will find the elect!! 

So, yesterday, we went to primary and got introduced.   So we stood up and I said that I was Sister Burningham, and Sister Putnam did the same.   Then they sang the "Hello, Hello" song.  And then (this was in junior primary),  the primary president introduced us a little bit more, but before she did that she asked the kids what are names were, to see if they remembered.  She pointed at me and all the cute little kids said "Elder Burningham."  So, there ya go, I'm an elder now.  haha.  It was pretty funny, but I mean, they are so young, they had no clue, especially since they've only had elders in their ward.  haha  It was pretty great.   : )

So that was my week.  I don't think I need anything else, maybe my pink polka dot skirt (and remember that pink shirt that I wore with that one, with the ruffelly (how do you spell that?) sleeves?) that could be an idea of an outfit to send.   :)   Thanks!    But, ya, things are good.  We have food now, so I should be good. I do eat it.  Probably yet too much ;) haha, but I am good at buying things that I do eat! Which is good!  I am getting good mom, I don't buy cookies or snacks just to snack on when I'm hungry.  haha, only sometimes I get chocolate, but that is a necessity, right?  haha. I hope you have a great week!! I love you all! and I hope to hear from you soon!!! :)


Sister Taylor Burningham 

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