Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Investigators, Exchanges and Father's Day

Hi family! :)                                                                                                  June 18, 2013

Did ya miss me this week!?  Cause I did miss you!  But it was a good week!  A lot of different things happened, and well... here we go!!!

So, We had 3 exchanges last week, which was just crazy! But good!  I have learned a lot from the sisters that I have been able to work with, and I know that my testimony and my skills as a missionary have increased ever so slightly as I have had the opportunity to be like a senior companion in leading the lessons and taking charge of the plans for the day.   But, as fun as the exchanges were, I am grateful to be Sister Drinkwater's companion, and to be able to be around her sweet Spirit often, and I am so grateful for how often she turns to the Lord.  In nearly all that we do, we pray first, both separately and as a companionship so that we know that we are doing the Lord's will! Her testimony is amazing, and it is great being able to work with her!

As for investigators, our hard work and diligence is paying off, and we are seeing some progress!   We have picked up a few new investigators this week, and they look promising, Deborah and Brenda, a mother and a daughter that are both going through divorces.  But, they have so much faith, and I am excited to see them progress!  

We also, on Thursday, attended the Addiction recovery class with Rich (our investigator) and Jenn (Less active),  because Rich's son is an addict, and we heard it is good for family members of addicts as well.  It was a very powerful experience for all of us,  all of the people there were testifying of the Savior, and how they had been able to overcome their addiction through the atonement.  It was so amazing and so powerful! Especially for Rich, because he always asks us why people say, "I know that this church is true."  Which is something that we do say a lot, but he didn't understand that this is a saying that we use to exclaim the power that we have felt from the Savior.  He wanted people to say that they knew Jesus Christ, so it was a great class to be in because that is exactly what those people were testifying of!  Man, the Atonement is real! It is powerful!  I have seen it many times working on my mission, and before! The Lord loves us so much that He made it possible for us to be healed, to be cleansed, to change!  And what a miracle that has been! :)  What a miracle that is!  What an amazing opportunity I have to share that with others!  :)  I think that I have the best job in the world right now ;)
And Father’s Day.  Father’s Day was hard to be honest.  We wished that we could also call home, but that isn’t the case. But know dad that I love you! And that I was thinking about you during church!  And that we got to celebrate with our ward mission leader and his family! And that made it a bit easier!  But, happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to have you as a dad!  And to have you mom as my mom and
kenna as my sister!  We are so blessed!!!

I'm sorry to hear that Karson broke his arm again :( poor kid!!! :( That is no fun at all! I'll be writing a letter to him for sure today!!!   And well, you can tell him, I don't know if this will make him feel any better, but tell him that we will be special together, cause we will have awesome matching scars!   Tell him that I love him, and that I miss him!   
I love you all!  So much!  I am so glad that we are able to email, and that I am able to share with you my experiences and know that things are going well at home!!

Next week is our mission conference, so we will probably be up way early and emailing early as well!   Our mission changes in 2 weeks, and that is just crazy to me!  July came so quickly! I can't even believe it!   But we are going to have a mission conference, and I am excited for that!

I’ll be sending a package in a week or two, for Kenna's birthday, and then just some things that you might enjoy! (journal and planners etc.)   Also, I'll be sending some pictures I think, maybe one today in the letter, and then some more when I send that package! :)  

I hope that this week is amazing!  :) I'll be praying for you! And then I'll be talking to people about Jesus Christ! :)  Which I love to do by the way!   I love it!!  Love, love, love it! :)

Also, San Clemente... umm I would say that we say the end with a 'tee" or me, and some people, just drop the 't'. :)   haha, so ya.   That’s it!  

Where were the Hansen's staying in San Clemente?  Maybe I drove by without even knowing!   Haha! Crazy crazy!!

Well, I'll be writing you letters this afternoon, tell everyone that it was great to hear from them! And that I am grateful for all of the love and support that I have!

I love you!!!!

Have a great week!!!! :)

Sister Taylor Burningham

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being A Missionary

Hello dear family!                                                                                                            June 11, 2013

I am glad that you had fun while you were at Disneyland, and I can't wait until we can all go there again together!  While you were at Disneyland, I was busy here, doing missionary things and working hard!

This week has been a good one, and a lot of things have caused me to step back and think, about why I am here and about if it is worth it! Thank you mom, for the quote that you shared from President Monson! :)
The work is still slow in this area.  But, both Sister Drinkwater and I are willing to do whatever it takes to serve the Lord to the best of our abilities, and that sometimes means doing things that we don't necessarily want to do (like tracting, or spending a lot of time contacting)  Because those things aren't easy, but they are worth it.  I can see that now.  

We've spent quite a bit of time with Jennifer, a recent convert, this past week.  She is really struggling with believing her divine nature and divine potential.  We have been able to show our love for her and the Lord's love for her.  I have been praying to see people as God sees them, and to love them in the way that He loves them.   And it is amazing.  The power that I have felt as I have gone into homes, and truly felt the Love that God has for them.  I have no way to even explain it, because, well, it is indescribable, but it is amazing.   The power of God's love, if we all truly understood how much God loves us, I think we would be a happier people.  I am so grateful that I have the chance to feel this love that God has for each and every one of us! It is simply amazing!  :)  But, as we have been teaching Jennifer, I have been thinking about how grateful I am to know that I am a daughter of God.   That was something that I personally struggled with for a long time I think.  But as time went on, and with Young Women's, Personal Progress, writing in my 'Daughter of God' journal everyday about how I had seen God's hand in my life really helped me to understand who I was, who I am in His eyes.  Now that doesn't make every day easy, but it does make it easier for me to trust God, to know that He does have a plan for me, and that I do mean something to Him!  That is something that we do all have to discover for ourselves.

Another thing that I love about being a missionary is being able to feel the power of the Atonement every. Single. Day. It is real.  The Lord suffered for us, so that we may never feel alone!  I love the talk by Elder Holland from a few years ago that talks about the Atonement, and how because of it there is always someone that we can turn to in our times of need.   Prayer.  That is one powerful thing that I have continued to use, I have discovered that my prayers are getting longer, and more meaningful.  Because I am actually TALKING to God, and I know that He is listening.  He listens.   But in order for Him to bless us, we need to be doing all that we can do, we need to be trying.  He will bless us, because He knows our hearts, and He knows exactly what we need, when we need it.   And sometimes, I think that the moments where we are having the hardest times, are right before we are going to experience the most joy.  "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning" (I'm actually not sure where that scripture comes from, but it is a good one!)

Things are going well here in San Clemente, we have met with a lot of potential investigators, and we have been scheduled a few weeks out, so we are excited to see where those appointments will take us.   We are also going down the ward list, meeting members and less actives, seeing if there is anything that we can do at this time to help!    We've been balancing our time, doing less actives, members, potentials and finding activities so that we stay busy and productive, and don't get burned out by just doing one of those things.
Kirk is adorable as always.  We saw him last week, and he shared all of his conversion story with us, and that was really powerful, because I hadn't heard all of that before.  And can I just say, when men cry, ah just love it! Especially when it is because of the Spirit!   So Kirk is staying strong, he has the Aaronic Priesthood and has been able to go and do baptisms in the temple!   It has been amazing to see all of that unfold!   

We do have dinner most nights, which is nice because we are able to work with the members, and that truly is just wonderful!!!  
So, things are going good!  I am learning to love people, to be exactly obedient and to truly serve the Lord with everything that I have.  I cannot believe that I have been on a mission for 4 months.  I'm not sure where the time has gone, I am just trying to do my best to make the most of what I have, and even when it is hard, I think of my Savior, and then I remember that it wasn't easy for Him, so it may not be easy for me either.   But it is so worth it.  So totally worth every second.  To laugh with people, to testify, to share with them the joy that I have been able to feel because of the atonement in my own life.   I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

I miss you tons.  I really do.  But I know that this small moment in time is going to be just a small moment, because we are going to be together forever.  And I am so grateful to have that truth!!!

I love you so much! I hope that you have a great week! Keep smiling, and keep doing good, the Lord will bless you!   

Oh, so... yes, I'd love recipes, anything that is pretty simple and easy and that tastes good.  Also...another pair of pj pants, just some from my drawer at home.   And then maybe some of my lotion, since I have so much at home.  They don't have a Bath and Body around here, and I guess I just don’t want to buy some random lotion ;)  haha,  but, that’s all I can think of! :)    Anyway, have a Happy Tuesday, a Wacky Wednesday, a Terrific Thursday, a Fabulous Friday, a Stunning Saturday, a Spiritual Sunday, a Marvelous Monday, and then you'll be getting another email from me, so it will be happy, right?!?  haha.

I love you!  Have a great week!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello!!!!                                                                                                                    June 4, 2013

Sorry I worried you last week!!  But, we'll be back on schedule now! I would have told you the week before that we were going to the temple, but we didn’t know until Saturday!  

This past week has been a good one! We picked up Rich as an investigator again, which was really cool, we had an awesome lesson with him and Jennifer a few days ago, and you could just feel the Spirit!  It was great!!!  We are still looking for more investigators, and yesterday, again, we went through most of our plans by 2-3 so we prayed, and went tracting.   As we prayed both Sister Drinkwater and I thought this, “we can do this every day, if we really have to, but we don't really want to.   Because we would like to be teaching, not just finding!”  But I know the Lord is preparing people, and we will find them!!!!   About the Red door lady, we stopped by a few times, but she wasn't home, but we did meet her husband, and we will continue to stop by until we can actually teach her!!

So, Sister Drinkwater (I’ll send a picture soon!)  is a sister Training leader, so we will be doing a lot of exchanges.   The sisters (they are in a trio) that came to our area last week, they are just great, Sister Conner and Sister Hedrick, and I'll be spending a lot of time with them (their companion is also a sister training leader).  But, they are great to work with!  And I feel like this transfer I am really supposed to learn with them!  Because everything happens for a reason, even this, when I basically have 3 companions, since I'll be spending a lot of time with the other sisters!

We had stake conference this past week, and there was a huge emphasis on families!  Which was great!  But one thing that I really liked that Elder Perkins (a member of the 70) promised, was that if we read the Book of Mormon as a family for 5 minutes each day, we will have power, we will be protected from the things of the world!  What a marvelous blessing!  And for a minute it made me want to have my own family right then so I could do that! (And I hope that I will do that someday.)  So, I hope that you think about this, and give it a try, to read from the Book of Mormon, together as a family, so that we can be protected from the things of the world!!!

Sister Drinkwater and I get along very well, and we really teach with the Spirit, we have had some amazing lessons, with less actives, that have been so powerful!  And each time I leave I think 'this is why I am on a mission, to bear my testimony, and bring the happiness that I have found to all of those here!'   I am so glad that I made this choice, to come on a mission.  And I too find it hard to believe that next week, I'll have been out for 4 months.  I feel like I got here and then blinked myself to now! That is how fast it went!  And I feel like it has already started to get faster and faster!!!   AHHH!!  But it is great, it is the hardest thing I think I have ever done, but it has been amazing so far! I'm learning to put the Lord and His people first, and I am seeing the blessings that are coming from that!

Whew, I am so glad it is P-day, my brain needed a little bit of a rest, and I don't feel like I've had that for a few weeks, because it was transfers and then the temple, both of which were great, but not a whole lot of time to prepare for the rest of the week, so I'm glad I have today!!!

Glad to hear that the weather is good, we are experiencing what all of the people here in San Clemente call "June Gloom" where it is foggy and kind of gray until about 2 and then that comes back at around....5 or 6.  But, we are keeping our spirits high, and I am still happy!!!

So, that was the gist of my week, and I'll be sure to write you letters this afternoon!!!

Have an amazing time when you go to Disneyland, I can't wait to hear all about it!!  And crazy that you will be like...ummm an hour or less away!  But with how fast time is flying, I'll be at Disneyland with Racquel and Kenna before I know it. ;)  

Have fun with the boys today! Give them a hug for me, and let them know that I love them!

Keep smiling, and keep doing all the great things you are doing, in the ward, and in our home!   

I love you dear family, so much!!!!

I can't wait to hear from you again! :)
I love you!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.  As of today, I don't need anything, but I will let you know! Thank you!!!

P.P.S.  I love you! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red Doors, The Temple and Sister Drinkwater

Hello Family!!!                                                                                                May 28, 2013

I'm a few hours later today than usual!! But I am alive well and happy!

We had a temple trip today, but our ride was late, so that was stressful, and we missed our session, but we got to do initiatories and that was good.  :)   So that was our day so far, and now we only have a little bit left of P-day, with what feels like a lot to do, I am just glad that we went shopping this morning!

Ok, so last week was transfers!   My new companion is Sister Drinkwater.  She is loud, has red hair, and is from New Jersey.  She has been out for about 8 months, and she has been in Escondido the whole time!   She is fabulous, and we have had a lot of fun together so far!  And several Spiritual experiences!    So that has been good!  She is a hard worker and we are both just pumped to be here and working!  Her plan is to help the ward just fall in love with us so that they will also be excited about doing missionary work!  

So, we don't have anyone that we are teaching right now, so the past week has been long as we have been adjusting to each other, and also spending a lot of time doing finding activities.

On Saturday (and I wrote this in your letter, but that's ok)  I'll give a short version now.   So Saturday was Super LONG!   We went through all of our plans by 3, and so we took a minute to pray!  (I have learned a lot about personal revelation this week!)   I could see clearly in my mind a red door, and Sis. D. felt like we needed to go to the golf course, so we went tracting!   And found a potential investigator, at the last home we knocked on, who had a bright red door.   The Lord is amazing, the Spirit is amazing!! :)   It has just been amazing!  I really have felt the Spirit a lot this week, and I am so glad, it has helped a lot I think!! :)

Hmmm...So sister Longhurst is now in Fall Brook, so she will still be in the Carlsbad mission.   And I'll be here in Irvine!  :)

Disneyland sounds super fabulous!   Ride tower of Terror an extra time for me ok??   Any other plans for the summer? When are you going on trek???

So things are going good, we have been spending a lot of time finding, finding and trying to find, which makes for long days, and short nights, but the Lord is supporting me, that I do know, because I know that I could not do this by myself!  But the days have also been rewarding, we have truly felt the Spirit, and we have shared our testimonies and our stories with a few people in our area, it has been a good week all in all!!
We are going on exchanges tomorrow, and I'll continue to run the area (have been all week since Sister Drinkwater is new).   So that will be fun!! :)  I do like exchanges, I feel like they help us learn a lot.

For Memorial Day we had district meeting, ate lunch at Pedro's tacos, then we made cards and took them to people in our ward.  We didn’t have any lessons, but we were getting to know members of the ward better, so that was a good thing! :)  

Hmmm what else, oh, I'm not driving, well, I will be on the exchange.  But that will be good!
I'm tired.  A little burned out too, I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the temple, but I don't like how we go on P-days cause it just made today stressful, (especially being late and such) but, emailing has helped me breathe a little bit, which is nice. :)   But, I think I will be happy to see my bed tonight!

So the Lord is with us! Miracles happen everyday!   The Spirit is real!  Do all that you can to stay worthy of it!

Thank you for the package! :)  (The peachy-o's are already gone)!    No letters this week (they keep messing that up, but we did get them at transfer meeting)  so you will be getting a letter! :)    

So, things are only moving forward, I am excited about doing the Lord's work!  I love that I have been able to have the chance to serve the Lord in this way!  To show my love for Him daily, and to see the Love that He has for all of his children!

So have a good week!!! :)   Keep smiling and praying!   And I will too!

I love love love love you!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.  the Newport Beach Temple is kind of pink!


San Clemente

Well... We found out about transfers...                                                                     May 21, 2013

I'll be staying here!  :)   Sister Longhurst will be leaving tonight at our transfer meeting, and I'll be here, I'm not training.  So that is a little bit comforting!  But I will have a new Sister, and I'll know everything about the area, so, well, I am looking forward to the new experiences that I'll be having here!  Hopefully I will work even harder than I have and that things will continue to be good!!! :)

Well, things are going well... But I do have to say, we won't be getting mail until tonight, so again, I have nothing to write back to, so I won't be sending mail home today :( sorry about that! But I'll make up for it next week.  But this week, only an email, so I'll make it a good one!!!

It was the last week of the transfer, and we helped a few people move.   So I have officially decided (I think I decided this already, when we moved 5 years ago) that really, I want to move as little as possible.  Because it is a pain.  Though, helping people move has also inspired me to go through the stuff that I don't need, or want.  Not that missionaries have too many things…just a few suitcases.  :) But, I think sometime during the next six weeks I'll be sending a package home with some things!!  Speaking of things...I’ll tell you at the end of my email what I want you to send me...not too much.  :)  It won't be hard :)  haha.

Anyway.  So we've been helping people move! We even helped a non member and her mom move stuff out of her garage, because she is getting a divorce so we were helping get her ex husband's things out.    But it was a great opportunity to talk to them, they didn't know a whole lot about the church, but they do want to have a prayer (blessing) said over their home, so once she gets all settled, she'll hopefully be calling us! :)   So that was a cool thing!

We also had a missionary breakfast on  Saturday!  It was a good turn out, and well, it was fun!  Our ward mission leader is a baker (it's his hobby)  and so he made apple and lemon turnovers! Which were fabulous!

We got the call on Saturday about who was leaving, and it will be sad to have Sister Longhurst go.  But, I am excited to stay here in San Clemente!  I love it!  And I love the people!

Speaking of people, we had a miracle last week!  With Jennifer, she is a recent convert who is struggling with coming to church.  So last Tuesday we went over after our p-day, and we were just talking to her but she wasn't really listening.  We were talking about how bad things happen, even when we are good people, because she doesn't know why bad things are happening to her right now.   I then invited her to get on her knees and pray, and ask God why, why these things are happening and what do she need to do.  Then, open the Book of Mormon, and you will get an answer.    I don't think she really believed me.  But, we left and we were planning, and it had been like 10 minutes and she called us.  So we answered, and she was shocked and happy, but she had done just that, gotten down on her knees, prayed, asked, then read the scriptures.   She found something that applied directly to her!  It was simply amazing! The Lord does answer questions! He does know each and everyone of us!   I also know that the Book of Mormon was written for us, it wasn't written for anyone else. But it was written for our day, and for us!  And how amazing is that! :)   So keep on reading it! :)  So that was a miracle that we saw this week! 

So, I am doing good!  This week has been a little rough, we've been kind of lazy, and not really that I have wanted to be lazy, but it is hard to be the one pushing all of the time.  Which is what I felt I was doing.   But, my motivation is back, and well, new companion, new transfer.  It is going to be great!  

Also, I will (99% positive) be in the Irvine mission.  Because this is the last transfer before everything changes, and it will probably be a funny long transfer (since the mission will switch right after transfers, so we'll probably just make the transfer longer) But we aren't positive on that, just the fact that I'll probably be staying!  So that is exciting and different, but I know that it is where the Lord needs me to be! :)

Hmmm ok…Oh yes, what I would like you to send me. 2 cds. 1.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, and 2. (if you can find it before you send the package) it's called The Work, by, I think, the Nashville Tribute.   It is an amazing missionary cd.  And you can use my card to pay for it ;) but Sister Longhurst has it, and she will be leaving, so, :) ya.. :)   But if you can't find it, that's ok!  OK, so I think that is pretty much everything.  I know this wasn't super long, but we did do a LOT of service this week! and then yesterday had lunch with Kirk and said goodbye to some people as we went about our day working!
I’ll let you know how the first week with my new companion goes next week!  And who she is and where she is from!

I'll keep smiling!  I know that I am here for a reason, and I love being a missionary!  I love that I have an opportunity to serve the Lord, to share what I know with all of those around me!  I love it!  And I do love the gospel!! :)  I hope you have an amazing week!  I’ll be praying for you! And well.... watch for the miracles! Pray to have a missionary opportunity (and then go out and look for it!)

I love you so much!!! :)

I'll talk to you soon!!!!

Love, Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.  Have an amazing week, even though it will be busy!!! :) 

Miracles & Forgiveness

Hello,                                                                               May 14, 2013

I feel like I just talked to you, oh wait, I did, on Sunday!  It was great to hear from all of you!!  I loved being able to see your smiling faces and to know that you are happy and doing well!!  It was a great motivation to me, I do miss you, but I have been thinking a lot the past few days since our phone call, and I know that this is exactly where I need to be.  It has been confirmed to me over and over.  I need to be on a mission right now.  It has already been such a blessing in my own life, and I'm only 3 months old. :)  But truly,  I love you and I miss you, but right now, my heart is here in the work and I am just, well loving it!  But, no homesickness! :)  Thank goodness!  I woke up yesterday beyond excited to go running (ummm weird!)  and then truly just pumped for the day!   So thanks for giving me that energy! :)

We had a miracle this past week, we had stopped by a potential investigator, but she wasn't home.  We started to walk away and then we heard "Sisters!!" So turned to see a woman standing on her balcony, we walked over to her and talked to her and her husband for a little bit.   We set up an appointment, and then yesterday we went over to their home.  They are less active, both born and raised in the church and they both want so badly to return.  It was amazing as we talked to them, as you let the Spirit in, we are able to listen with Spiritual ears and know exactly what we need to say.  The blessings that come from this Gospel are simply amazing, we are so blessed!!!   But, this couple Joyee and Thomas are coming to church on Sunday!  :) And we'll be sitting with them, right on the front row (that was her request).  

I learned a cool thing this week about forgiveness, and I think that it has helped me open my eyes a little bit, and not be so quick to judge others. When we take that first step to get back on the path to our Father in Heaven, He forgives us.  Just as in the story of the Prodigal Son, as the son was barely starting to come home, his father saw him afar off, and then HE RAN TO HIM!   The Lord does the same with us, there is nothing that we could ever do that would stop Him from running to us as we start to make our way back. But that is the important part, that we take that step, that we choose to turn to our Heavenly Father, humbly, knowing that we are at fault, but as soon as we ask for forgiveness, it is given.  We just need to learn to forgive ourselves! 

I am glad that you are still studying from Preach My Gospel, I am studying about charity this month, and really having Christlike Love!  What an amazing thing to have, I hope someday to be able to love as Christ does! :)

Today, I'll send a letter, I did get your package!  But there was no letter pouch, so none of us got letters this week.... and since next week is transfers, we won't get letters until transfer meeting.  But, that's all right.  I’m learning to be patient, and it is a good system, but just know that when I write today I won't be responding to any new letters! :)  We are so blessed with technology,  I am so glad I was able to see your smiling faces, and not just in a picture! :)  And now, to be emailing, well, it truly is amazing!!  Everything in this world is! :)
Time is going by so quickly!  Stay busy, but not just busy, productive!  Use your time wisely! :)   Enjoy every single second! :)
I love you!  So much!  I love that we will be together forever, and that we have the gospel on the earth today!  
Keep smiling!  Keep doing good things!
I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.   Don't forget to write down the miracles you see in your everyday lives! :)

Sending my love, my hugs and my kisses! xoxo

Mother's Day and Exchanges

Hello Dear family!!                                                                                        May 7, 2013

I loved getting on my email today and seeing the emails from you, so happy and positive, I am so glad that you are doing well!!! :)

Ok, so for mothers day, we will be calling around 4:30 here so... 5:30 there right?   We will be at the Boyes home (the same one as Easter) they offered to have us over and to use skype.   I'm not exactly sure how skype works, and I don't have one... or anything, so I'll probably use theirs, but mom, didn't Sister Boyes email you?   Email her and ask her what her name is or... well... I just don't know how it works. But, I know that it will all work out :) and if you don't hear back from her, I'll call first and add you on skype or whatever, and well…it will work :)   Ok, does that make sense?   5:30 your time.  Skyping hopefully!  I can't wait to talk to you, it will be fabulous!

This week has been a good one!   We went on exchanges last week, and Sister Longhurst went to the other area and I stayed here, so I was in charge of this area, which was a little bit stressful, but also so awesome! It was a great experience for me, since I was a little bit more in charge, I knew the families, and I was able to lead the discussions.   It was something that I've only started to do in our 12 week training program, so it was a little different, but it was great! And I have a testimony of the Holy Ghost, I am not the teacher here, only the mouthpiece.  This is the Lord's work and I am just an instrument.  I am not mighty, (thanks dad for that thought from President Uchtdorf)  but it is by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass.  And I know that that is true!! :)  So our exchanges went well, and I think my confidence increased, as well as how much I depend on the Lord! :)

We had Zone Conference yesterday.  And it was FABULOUS!  I was able to see a few missionaries from my MTC district that I haven't seen for 3 months, and then, we were all Spiritually fed and able to learn more about how we can be better missionaries! Which was just wonderful! :)  So that was grand, and being taught by the Spirit like that reminded me about the MTC, and I am so glad that we continue to have trainings so that we can continue to be better missionaries!

I realized that I don't really share a whole lot all the time about what we are doing here.  This area is a hard one honestly, even President commented yesterday (as we were talking about desires)  He asked if my desire was to do what I had been called to do, I smiled and said yes.  And he said to everyone “see she's smiling even though she is in one of the hardest area's of the mission".  This area is hard to work with simply because we can only find through our own efforts so much, we really need the help of the ward, with referrals and members at our lessons.   But there is a disconnect somewhere, so we don't get too many referrals.  But we get up every day and we do our best.  We talk to members to get to know them, and sometimes their friends that aren't members come up.  We are patient as we work with our ward council, and do what we can to help them.  And as we are obedient the Lord blesses us (for example, Kirk).  Things do happen as we are obedient!  And Yes, I LOVE this ward, I LOVE this area, I love love love San Clemente.   But the missionary work is slow, but I am learning patience, to trust in the Lord and His timing.  It has been a wonderful experience so far, and I am so glad that I am serving here! that I am able to help strengthen this area of the Lord's vineyard!   :)    And yes, you should tell Trevor that I'm also known as the missionary that smiles all the time (at least according to President) it must be a Burningham thing ;)
We fill our days with visiting members, going through our potential investigators sheet in our area book and talking with less actives.   We stay busy, and get home tired.   But a good kind of tired.  One thing that I really have been focusing on is exactly what President Hinckley's dad told him to do, "forget yourself and go to work."  It is hard sometimes.  But I've found that as I focus on the people, on the Lord, I am happier, I am more motivated, the days go by so quickly and I just want to do better and better each day.  I am learning truly what it means to serve God with all my heart, might, mind and strength, and it is amazing. Simply amazing :) I love being a missionary!!

I'm glad that things are going well at home, that concert was great, I can't wait to see pictures! ;)  I’m glad that things are going well and that Karson and Easton are being as cute as always!

About dance, I don't think Angela has ever taken anyone off. Kenna, I love that you are worried about that, I remember feeling that exact same way when I'd been on Varsity my Junior year and I was so anxious to find out if I'd be on Varsity again.   But I know that you have been working hard, I don't think you need to worry.  But I understand completely about why you are worried.  We must be sisters or something, we have some of the same fears. ;)

Hmmm I think we may get a Conference Ensign, but only one.   I would LOVE to have my own so that I can study it, it was an amazing conference and I am so glad that we have the Ensign so that we can constantly remember what the prophet is telling us today! :)  

Wow, I have had a lot to say today! :)  Which I do think is a great thing! :)   And I'm sure things will happen between now and Sunday, I am excited to talk to you!! :)   And I don't think I will get homesick.  Because I have found a trick that works for me.   Well actually a few.   There have been a few mornings (actually a few weeks ago) when I would wake up and just have the thought "I don't want to be here." I knew that it wasn't my thoughts, that it was from Satan.  So I would run, and then, I wouldn't think about home or about me.  I'd think about the people we would see that day, the things that the Spirit had been teaching me.   And it worked!  So I've been homesick a few mornings every now and then, but then I remember why I came out on a mission, to share what we have with others, to serve our Heavenly Father, the list goes on, but as I remember those things, as I forget myself, suddenly I am not homesick, and I am truly enjoying myself! I am blessed in that way! :) 

Well, I love you all!   I am so grateful that we are able to talk to each other weekly, and well, hmm it is wonderful!    I have a challenge for you this week, yesterday at our Zone Conference we were talking about desires, and how we will begin to teach people when we know of their deepest desires.  So I was thinking, what is my deepest desire?   I came up with an answer this morning as I was getting ready, my deepest desire is to become as Christ is, so that I will know Him when I see Him, because I will be like Him.    So I ask you, what is your deepest desire?  And what is one thing that you can do each day that will bring you closer to that desire that you have :)   

I love you so much! Thank you for your love and support!!    I hope that you have a marvelous week, I'll talk to you soon!   On Sunday ;)! 


Love, Sister Taylor Burningham!

P.S.  Awesome, I can't wait to get my package! ;)  and for the next one in a few weeks.... sunglasses. My green ones, and maybe my pink and clear ones as well.  See, I have amazing luck when it comes to sunglasses, and one of the lenses in my current ones has a crack going right down the middle.  Getting bigger and bigger too.  haha.  Oh well :)  But that’s all!  ;)

I love you! :)  Talk to you soon!  Hugs and Kisses!