Monday, July 8, 2013

New Mission = New Address

Sister Taylor Burningham
California Irvine Mission
23 Lake Road
Irvine, CA  92604-4579

Hello on Monday

June 24, 2013

Hello!  So, we have our Mission Conference tomorrow, and it is in Vista, at 1:00.  So we have to leave at noon.  So, we get to email today instead.  So, I was on an exchange and they were having their ward mission leader email their parents, so I had them email you so that I would have something to respond to today!! :)   Hurray! :) 

Trek sounds absolutely fabulous! I am so glad that you had such a great time!!! :)   I bet it was amazing, and I am sure that it was unlike anything you have ever experienced before!! I am glad that you had such a great time!!

This past week has been a good one!  We had some really great experiences.  We taught Brenda on Tuesday night.  She is a Christian, God fearing woman, who was recently divorced.  She owns a spa and that is where we were teaching her.   She started dating this guy, who was baptized in the church when he was 8, but knows really nothing about it.  But we taught her about the restoration.  And the Spirit was SO STRONG!!  We were building up to he first vision (we quote Joseph Smith, it is more powerful), so we are building up to it, and Sister Drinkwater and I are just looking at each other, and just thinking "wow, this is going to be good."  And then, we are about to start the first vision (and this happens, without fail) and the guy that Brenda is dating goes "So what is the address of the church?  I really hate to break you off, but It's getting dark I'm hungry...etc." AHHHH!!  This happens every time though, something happens, the phone rings, someone comes in the door, the dog goes crazy, anything and everything happens right before we share Joseph Smith's own words.  Sister Drinkwater goes "give us two minutes,”  and he stands up and leaves.  (His loss)  So, there we are, now going into the first vision cold turkey.   Sister Drinkwater says "I saw a pillar of light..." And Brenda says "you are going to make me cry."  The spirit was so strong, and SO powerful,  it testified to not only Brenda but to us as well that this truly is the true church, and that Satan is going to try very hard to stop it.  After, we asked Brenda how she felt, and she said that she felt that "Jesus was hugging her."  Which is a fabulous way to explain the Spirit I think!  :)  But wow, that was just the beginning. 

We taught several new investigators and had similar experiences.  It was a great week, and half of the time Sister Drinkwater and I would just look at each other and say, "is this real?"  But it has been great, and I know that through our diligence we are seeing miracles!

But, things have still been hard, setting appointments, inviting people to do things and them not doing it.  It does get discouraging, but things are going well overall.  And I am glad!!!

We were able to watch the Missionary Broadcast yesterday, we brought a less active, well she is returning to activity, with us, and she Loved it!  The Spirit was SO strong! And it is so amazing to be a part of all these new changes.  I know without a doubt that I am supposed to be on a mission at this time.  Whether it is because of the miracles that I will see here, or the miracles that have been shared with me from home from those who have been blessed by me serving.  It is humbling to see how the Lord works through others to build us, help us and teach us!  I am so blessed to be an instrument in the Lord's hands at this time!!! :)

So, things are going pretty well, Kirk is still staying strong, though, he was in a car accident on Thursday, his car is totaled, but he is happy, well and still smiling! :)    

We got transfer calls on Saturday, my district is staying the same, which means, I am officially in the Irvine mission.  Which means, not exactly sure how mail will work out this next week, I'll let you know my new address once I know it!   :)    I know in my heart that this is where I am supposed to be, and that I will be serving in Orange County for the rest of my mission!  But, as I was thinking about it earlier this week, in my setting apart blessing, I was promised that even though I may not see many baptism's I would see many miracles.  And I already have.  And it is so wonderful!   :)   

So, Have a great week!!  I can't wait to tell you all about my mission conference and all of the other wonderful things that have been going on in this upcoming week! Who knows what the Lord has in store! :)  
Also, did you get my letter, with the pictures ;) just wondering... if not... I cut my hair.  Well, technically Sister Drinkwater cut my hair.   :)    

Have a great week, and a fabulous day! Stay close to the Lord!! :)   Also something to think about, has there been a moment in your life that really changed everything for you, that really helped you change and have greater faith in the Lord?  Just wondering, I'd love to hear, from anyone! :)   

I love you!! Have a great week!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham