Monday, August 26, 2013

Campfires, Red Doors (Continued) and Miracles!

Hello family!!                                                                            July 16, 2013

Great to hear from you! :) But sad to hear that grandma broke her leg, that can't be fun at all!  And Mom, getting metal rods in my arm (or body) is not the trend I wanted to set, but it does seem to be the one that I did set! But, I'll be sending some prayers, and I know that the Lord truly is watching over all of us! :)

So, this past week,....well, we know now why our previous week (and few days) had been so hellish, and why we were really getting attacked by Satan.  We got three new investigators last week!!!!    We taught Rick on Tuesday night (part member family) and we had dinner outside and then taught the first lesson.  His daughters bore their testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, it was an incredible moment; there was an ocean breeze and a fire in the background.  Reminded me a little of the testimony meetings at girls camp, it was just wonderful! :)
We also, on Wednesday taught Kristen! Remember our red door miracle from like, 7 weeks ago when Sister Drinkwater first got here?  Well, we finally were able to teach her on Wednesday. She is the sweetest lady, who has a strong believe in Christ and God, and really wants to grow closer to them.  We are teaching her again tomorrow, and hopefully going to invite her to be baptized! :)   Which will be pretty exciting! :)  It was great to finally be able to teach her!
We also started teaching Angie again, but she is moving this Saturday, but we are going to teach her again tomorrow, and then send her in as a referral to the sisters in the Mission Lake area, since we know them! :)  So good things happening there!

So, we have been teaching a lot more, and that is just a miracle!   Can I just say, that I LOVE to teach, yes, it is something I'm not used to, but I am getting better at teaching simply and following the Spirit!  One thing that I really have learned from this experience is that no matter what other areas I end up on my mission, to not listen to what previous missionaries have said about it.   That even if the area is dead, I'll work as hard as I can to show the Lord that I am willing to work.  And if the ward doesn't support us, we'll go out and find in the ways that we can ourselves, because then, when the ward sees that we are working, they trust us, and well, things are going good with the ward in this area now! Miracles can and do happen!! :)

Hmmm what else happened, oh we had our interviews with President Orgill on Friday.  He is such a sweet man, and he really wants to know us personally, not just as a missionary.  And I think, just with that, it reminded me that the Lord called ME to be on a mission.  And that I can be myself, and with the Lord's help, I'll do the work that He has in store for me! :)  What a blessing it is to be on a mission.   As I quickly am approaching six months (ok, so 5 months just passed) But, as it comes closer and closer, it makes me realize how short a year really is, and how fast it is going to go.  So, I am truly doing all that I can to make the most out of the time that I have to devote all of my time and talents to the Lord.  So that I can look back and remember and rejoice because I knew that I did my very best! :)  But I love being on a mission! I love San Clemente. I love that the work is progressing, and that the Lord truly does have a plan, and that we are able to assist in that plan and in His great work!

Oh, another Miracle... Rich. Crazy, energetic Rich.  He came to church on Sunday (we hadn't seen him since Monday)  and brought his oldest daughter!  Then, we went over to his and Jenn's house later Sunday night.   And well, as we were teaching... he told us how he wants to be baptized! :)  I think we about died.  And he just kept saying it!   Which was pretty funny, but we did formally invite him to be baptized (I knew I had to, the Spirit was just telling me that I had too) and so I did I said "Rich, will you be baptized by someone who has the priesthood authority of God?"  He then said, "wow, that was powerful, totally."   So, he is a little eccentric, but he wants to get baptized!  Now all he needs to do is get married...And get back from India, cause he left for India today.  But, I really do feel that Rich will be baptized soon!  And how amazing is that! :)  Love it!  Love the miracles that we get to see as we exercise our faith and turn our trust to the Lord!

So that was my week, and yes mom, I felt like a proud mommy when Kirk blessed the sacrament! :) It was just beautiful! I LOVE THE PRIESTHOOD! :)  

So, I hope that you have a great week! :)  Keep up the good work, keep close to the Lord!  He truly does know us personally!   Oh, and mom, about being done with dance, I wouldn't say that yet...I've thought about dance every now and then, and I may dance when I get home.  But we'll see. Haha.  :)  Love you! :) But that is a ways away!  

Anyway, have a good week!  Read Alma 22, and think about what the King wants to do to know God, and think about what we should be willing to do to more fully know God! :)
I love you all so much! :)  

I look forward to hearing from you again soon :)

Sister Taylor Burningham 

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