Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tender Mercies

Hello Dear family!                                                                                              August 12, 2013

This week has been a pretty crazy one, lots of running around, and different things, but I really have been able to see the tender mercies of the Lord.

For starters, to answer your question about Judith's baptism, it has been postponed (which was super sad!)  But, she is getting pressure from her mother in law (who she lives with) and just, not so great things!   We actually haven't seen her since Tuesday, when we taught a really great lesson, and she was ready and excited.  So we haven't really talked to her, but we are still praying for her, and she will be baptized someday, just not last Saturday.  So that was the low for the week.  But we have seen great miracles, and the week has just been good!

We had a zone training on Wednesday, all about motivation, and how when we do things out of love, we accomplish so much more!  And so, I really have been doing better at trying to do things because I love God, and because I love people, and not getting caught in doing things because “I have too" which some missionaries fall into!   But it was a great training!

We then had a mission conference, all about finding!  And man, it was powerful!  The speaker was just great, and we left pumped and ready to baptize the world (or just the Elect!)  So, she told us how to find. We pray and we set up a time to go somewhere and in our planner we write ( )@south lake.  And then, at that time we go to South Lake and we talk to everyone! But, the elect will ALWAYS have time to hear what we teach.   So, Friday, we prayed and then we went to this park.   And we are walking and we see this lady at the playground, so we start to go over to talk to her, and there is another woman who is sitting on the grass, before the playground. I say "hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints" and she stops me and says (pointing to the woman we had seen) "oh, my friend is a Mormon, and I was asking her about what she believed last night" (umm...what just happened!  We found the elect is what just happened!)  So not only were we able to teach her the restoration, we were able to teach a lesson, with a member present.  And she still wants to be taught! But, she doesn't live in our mission (neither do, they were just at a park here in Irvine on Friday. It was totally a God thing)  But, we have been texting her, and just trying to find out who the missionaries are in her area, so that she can be taught the gospel! But, it was a great tender mercy of the Lord!

Another, I saw Sis. Drinkwater at our mission conference, and Rick Hernandez, a man that we started teaching together is getting baptized on Saturday (she told me this at mission conference)! and do you know what is great about having a mission so small that it only takes 30 minutes to drive the whole thing, is that I'll be heading to San Clemente Saturday morning to see Rick get baptized!  :)  Happy day!  :)
So to answer your questions mom, Grace is still doing well, she had a crazy busy week last week, so we had to reschedule for this week, but we will teach her again!  All in the Lords time! :)  

Sister Putnam is great.  We have great fun together, and her testimony is just so strong! :) She is just blossoming, and it has been a real joy working with her!  And it has only been three weeks!   She is from Wyoming, the 2nd oldest of six kids.  And someday, pictures of her will come! I promise! :)  

Irvine is good, the ward is still great, just getting to know more and more members, and just working hard to find the Lord's Elect.   :)   So that has been great.  Still hot, got your package! Thanks a bunch! :)  It has been great! 

I'm glad to hear that things are good at home! I hope that Grandma can get some good news soon, so that she won’t be so bored!   Nursery for Jordan!?  That is great!  That would be so fun!  :)    Say hello to everyone for me, and send my love! :) 

Sounds like the competition was good (semifinals at the first competition of the year, not bad at all Kenna!!  Keep up the good work, and send me pictures!)  I hope that dance camp this week goes well also!   

So, the work is still progressing, we have a few potential investigators that we will probably start teaching soon.  One is Mackey, she is a friend of some members in the ward, and we met her on Thursday, and she is super excited to learn more about the gospel, so hopefully we will get to teach her soon!  And then Alex, who we are still trying to get to know better, the ward council asked us to go to Young Women’s on Sundays so that we can get to know her better, apart from her member boyfriend.    Which will be fun (cause I LOVE YOUNG WOMEN'S!) so yes, I'll go there every Sunday ;)    But, yesterday we only had sacrament because of a Singles conference that was going on in our actual building, we went to a different one, that literally looked like ours at home, so I felt right at home during sacrament meeting!  haha crazy! :)  So, that was my week!  It was a pretty good one, things are going well, and we are just working hard.

It is hard to believe that I've been on a mission for 6 months. But, here it came! Wow!! But, I am excited for the upcoming year and months, I am going to do my very best to serve the Lord with all of my heart and might, so that I will know for sure that I did everything that I possibly could have! :)  So. happy six months!

And, happy anniversary mom and dad ( on Wednesday!!) have fun in Park City! :)  Have a great week!!!  I love you all! :)   

D & C 78:18


Sister Taylor Burningham 

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