Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sick and the Spirit

Well hello Family!                                                      September 30, 2013

Today is just a great day! :) I don’t know why, but I just feel more excited about life than usual! :) 

So, about my week!  We were able to do a regular session at the temple, last week, and that was just wonderful! I love the new video! :)  
So, Wednesday I woke up with a fabulous cold, and I couldn't breathe and I was pretty out of it, plus I had an awful kink in my neck, so that made things...really enjoyable.  But not really, I couldn’t turn my head without it hurting, so I was in pain and I couldn't breath, I was so foggy, but I was going to work!  So there we were, we studied, and then went to see a less active, we were only there for a little bit though, and then went and had lunch.  Then, we went to stop by a few potentials, and they weren't home, so we went to our car to pray to know what to do, and I thought of a  few people, but then I thought, "go take a nap."  And I said, “umm no, gotta work, I'm a missionary.”  So we talked with each other, and Sis. Putnam and Sis. Lang both didn’t really feel very strongly about anyone, so I mentioned the thought I'd had, and Sister Putnam was like, "ok lets go back to the apartment." I felt the spirit, but I just want you to know that I cried cause I had to go take a nap.  But it was much needed and I felt so much better afterwards! :)  So that was just a blessing! :)   And then the rest of the day was pretty low key, so I was able to recover, and really, I only had bad cold symptoms for 2 days, which was also a blessing! :)
So lets see...what else happened this week? I was sick Wednesday and Thursday, so both those days we didn’t do as much as we usually do, but that was ok.    We did go to choir, but I couldn't sing, so I watched and that was fun. :)   Friday we taught a lady named Jane, who is older, and really close to being homeless, so that is interesting, but she is a daughter of God, and really all of us need the gospel! :)

Then we did our weekly planning, and had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family.  We walked a lot, which is nothing new, and I'm glad to say that my body is getting more and more used to walking (oh the things that happen when you have a car full time for the first 6 1/2 months of your mission.  Oh dear, these are the problems with California ;) ).  But truly I feel so blessed to be serving here! :) It is truly right where I need to be, this is my mission, and I love it! Even on the hard days! :)

So also on Saturday, we went and saw a potential, Charlotte, she is this adorable black lady, and we all just love her! :)   It was a Spiritual lesson, so we hope that she will be interested in learning more! :)  Cause she is great!  And she is ready, she just doesn't know it yet!

And then we watched the relief society broadcast, which I LOVED!  And it just made me so excited for General Conference!  So I hope that you are getting ready  for conference, and I hope that you are planning to ask some questions so that you can receive some revelation! :)    I am so excited for it! :)   And yes, we'll be watching it at our stake center, so that will be fun as well!!! :)
I am so glad to hear that you are doing missionary work! It is different in all parts of the world, but even in Utah, there are people who don’t have the gospel, but who are searching for it.  We just have to be willing to open our months and share it with everyone, because we never know who is searching!  :) So keep praying, and I know that you will be guided to those who need the gospel!! :)   

Ooo, a package is fun! I decided that I don't want my maxi dress, haha, so yes, thanks for checking, it was pretty long, and I didn't wear heals, but I did always step on it, so for now, I don't want that.  As for anything else, treats,  ummm granola bars/rice krispies/snacks would be great, those are things I don’t always buy, but they are nice to have throughout the day.  Also,  umm if you can get it before tomorrow,  another refill of my prescription medicine (the nausea one) because we can get another refill before October (sorry just remembered)  and It will be great to have for when I need more! :) So that would be lovely! 

Sound's like things are going good at home!  And I am glad! :)  This week has been a good one for me as well!!  I hope that you enjoy conference! I hope that you are inspired! I hope that you know you can turn to the Lord at anytime, because I Know that he will answer our prayers! 

I love you!!!

Have a grand week!!!! :)


Sister Taylor Burningham 

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