Thursday, November 28, 2013

Halloween and Missionary Life

Well hello family,                                                                       November 4, 2013

I am happy to say, that I am doing good! :)   The work is just on fire in this area, and we just aren't quite sure how that exactly happened, but we are excited and just trying to do more and more each day to help our dear sweet investigators progress towards the waters of baptism!

So, this week was really a weird one, in the way that it went by fast and slow, not sure how that works, but that's just life I suppose!  So, lets see highlights from the week...

We taught Judy on Tuesday, and she is still doing great, and working towards her baptism date of Nov. 23, which is the last Saturday of this transfer (ahhh...they always go by so fast, already on week four!!)   And who knows what will happen in 3 more weeks when transfers come, could be exciting! :)  Anyway, Judy is doing great! 

Kelly is also progressing!!!!!!  And she is starting to feel the Spirit, and she is beginning to know that this is true!!!  We are so close to helping her have a baptism date, she really could be baptized this week if she knew it was true.  So, we'll see her tomorrow, and that is so exciting! :)  
Hmm what else…oh, so we had exchanges this week, I worked with Sister Murphey and Sister Williams in their area, and that was great!  We found a guy while we were contacting, and we taught him about the restoration, and invited him to be baptized (crazy) but what is even crazier is that He said YES!!!!!  So that was pretty exciting! :)  And made our night, and Sister Murphey has only been out 3 weeks, so her excitement was just great, and really motivated us!   We all got a little bit of a push after our exchange, and we all seem to be working a little bit harder than we were before! :)  

So, Thursday was Halloween.  Most of the day was just normal missionary work.  Though I did kinda dress up (just for lunch to take a picture) and I'll send that to you this week via mail, you'll probably get a laugh out of it.  The only hint as to what it is, is that next week is Wed. Nov. 13. Nine months my dear family, can you even believe it?!?!  :)    Anyway, so we did missionary work, and then we went in a bit early, planned and cleaned our apartment, so that was exciting. ish.  But our kitchen and bathroom got deep cleaned! :) haha.  So that was good!   But we didn't get candy.  Until Saturday, when members gave us a bunch of their kids candy, and dang, people in Irvine are pretty generous.  So, I've got some chocolate.  I realized that I have a lot of self control, cause I still have quite a bit left, and my companions, not so much.   But that's ok, but maybe I just haven't really been in a sugar mood.   When am I though? I have a salt tooth, and a sweet tooth only sometimes ;) 

So that was Halloween. Friday we planned.  Saturday we got to see Charlotte, and as always we got advice for our future lives.  And so that was just great.  We also taught her about how we are all children of God, and she cried. So she felt the Spirit, and that was great! :)  

Hmmm what else...let me think, this week is going to be an exciting one.  Tomorrow will be full!  Got a mini mission conference, we'll also be teaching Kelly, Judy and Shirin, Ben and Elizabeth!  So we are excited for that.  Also, since we have a Family History Center, all the missionaries in our zone will be getting trained all about Family History, so we can help our investigators learn more about it as well!  So I am excited for that !  I would love to get some stories, or just anything about our ancestors (ask grandma's and grandpa's ok? cause that really would be awesome if I knew more about my ancestors) :)     ok, let me think...ummmmm…it's overcast again today.  And it really feels like July and Not November, which I haven't decided how I feel about that yet…it's really weird.  There are really no seasons here. It's weird.   :) 

I am so grateful for your love, support and your prayers! I hope that you have a great week!  And I hope that you keep doing missionary work, and keep on living the gospel, cause it really will bring us so many blessings!!! :)

Also, sad to hear that the civic went bye bye!!!  I'll feel like the RM in that movie when he gets home and his car is gone.  Just kidding ;)  haha, well only a little.  :)  haha, but I hope you have fun driving the new car Kenna, I'm sure that will be exciting!! :)

Have a great week! I'll talk to you soon!

And no, nothing really that I need right away, so a random package will just be great Mom! Thanks!

Love you!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Me and Sister Lang taking a nap

Being silly

Writing letters

Me and Sister Lang

Me and Sister Lang not wanting our pictures taken

Sister Drinkwater and her companion for Halloween

She's a nut, but I love her!

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