Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Answers to Prayers

Dear family,                                                                                                 October 7, 2013

I hope that you have had a great day so far!  And It sounds like your week was wonderful, and well, things sound like they are going well!! And Yes, I too loved conference! :) I always love conference, and it is different but the same as a missionary.  My zone leader put it nicely yesterday after all the sessions when he said, "either the General Authorities are getting better, or I'm caring more."  We all decided that it was a little bit of both!  :)   But, I really enjoyed all of the sessions, and mom, that is funny, but just shows how the gospel is universal, but individual, because I felt like the Sunday morning session was amazing, and answered nearly all of my questions! :) So that was just great! I received much revelation, and now I am pondering and praying to know what I can do with the revelation that I received, so that I can be a better missionary, and a better person after!
Can't believe that it is your last fall tour this week Kenna, enjoy it! :)   Crazy how fast time is flying! :)    But it is also amazing!

So things are going great here in Irvine! Some days are a little bit hot actually, so we sweat a lot as we are walking, so that is enjoyable.  But I love it here, and it really is going to be a great place to visit someday. Though, I really can't believe that it is October, cause it still looks like July here, which is weird, but true.  So I miss the seasons, but that is ok!!!

So this week, Tuesday was AMAZING!  We taught Mackey, and she still wants to get baptized, she is just wanting her husband to be on board, so we pray for him everyday!   She watched conference, and LOVED it!  Then, we taught Kelly, who is also progressing, she is still struggling to recognize the Spirit, but she felt it at conference, so that was great! Tuesday night we got a new investigator, her name is Judy.  She loves most everything about the church, and told her fellowshipper that they needed to tell her when to get baptized, so they called us, and now we are teaching her!  We'll be inviting her to be baptized when we teach her tomorrow, hopefully on Nov. 2.  So that will be great!   

Wednesday was kind of a weird day.  We did our studies, and then had choir.  Then, we went to the doctor's to get my shot, and they couldn't figure out our insurance, and then they said that my insurance was still good (they thought it wasn't) but that they didn't use it or something, not really sure, the lady was confusing.  And she felt bad that I couldn't get my really sure what to do about that at this point, but, maybe if I knew dad's birthday that would help, cause they asked, and I guessed, but I don't think I was right ;) haha... anyway, then we ate out with a member at this waffle place that reminded me of the Awful Waffle, so that was great!    :)   

Thursday we had a zone training and that was really great!!! Time to work harder than ever!!!

Friday we went to a funeral of a man in our ward who passed away on Sunday and then we did weekly planning! :)  So that was great!  

And then Saturday was conference, and we got two new investigators, Shirin and her daughter Elizabeth. They've been coming to church for the past few weeks all on their own (they live right next door to members and wanted to come to church because they knew that their neighbors were good people, and they are looking for a church…so you just never know)!  

Then Sunday was conference!! :)   And we saw Grace, and she had recorded conference cause it had been a busy weekend, but she'd already been able to watch the Saturday sessions, so that was a miracle!!! :)

So, this week has been a good one! And we are hoping for another great week!  We are working hard, being obedient and giving it our all!   
We'll find out on Saturday night if any of us are getting transferred.   Can't believe it has already been another 6 weeks, and that Sister Putnam and Sister Lang are going to be done with training this week!!!

Also, just remembered, Tuesday night we did a random exchange, and I was with Sister Drinkwater.  I am so grateful for her, for her service and dedication.  She inspires me to do better every time I see her. I was so blessed to have been able to be her companion!!!!!

So that is me! I hope you have a great week! Study the conference talks, also, when the Ensign comes out can I get a copy???

Also, Sister Lang and Sister Putnam were excited to get some treats from you in my package.  So thanks!!! :)

I love you!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham 

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