Thursday, November 21, 2013

Children of God

Hello!                                                                                              October 28, 2013

This week has been a lot better! :)  Not nearly as tired as I was last week, I did get a Priesthood blessing on Tuesday after district meeting (I felt like I needed one, but I really didn't want to ask, and then sister Putnam got one cause she was struggling too, and in the middle of hers I really felt prompted to ask one of my zone leaders to get a blessing). So, I did, and one of the first things he said was how God was pleased with me in humbling myself to ask for a blessing.   And then, I was able to get some guidance and direction, but also more support and strength from God, and I really haven't felt as tired as I did the week before, I feel more motivated again, and just excited about missionary work and about life! :)

So, this week was a good one, we taught so many investigators, which was great!   We really have been so blessed here in Irvine, to have so many people to teach!  

Judy is still progressing and just loving the gospel.  Kelly has committed to keep trying to live the Word of Wisdom, and also that she will pay tithing after she is baptized, even though she doesn't have a date yet!  But that is exciting!  

We had the Primary program last week, and that was exciting!  I just loved watching all the crazy cute little kids, and just enjoying them and their sweet pure knowledge of the Gospel!  We had quite a few investigators at church, and Mackey's kids even were in the primary program, so that was just amazing! :)   The theme was “I am a child of God,” and I’ve just been thinking about that this week, how we really are all children of God, and how He loves each and everyone of us.  And that this gospel is so perfect, and he gave it to us because he loves us and because he wants us to return to Him! I am so grateful that we have the gospel, and that I am able to share it at this time!  Most of the time, we will be teaching some one, and I will stop and think "I'm a missionary, I’m sharing the gospel," and it just blows my mind and just helps me to know that I truly am where I am supposed to be, and that the things I am learning are preparing me for the future, and for life.  I have been so blessed to be able to study each and every day the simple foundations of the Gospel, my testimony is strengthened everyday and I just love this gospel so much! 

As for dinners with the members, we have dinner nearly every night with the members, which is great!  We eat normal foods that we would have for dinner in Provo.  The only bad thing is that when the missionaries come over, they always have a big dinner, cause they do it like once a week or once a month.  But we get that every night. So it is nice when we are able to have light dinners, and not so much dessert.  Wow can't believe I just said that. But, nothing too weird, my favorite is still pizza. We don’t get it often, and it is my favorite! haha :)  So, ya, and the Persian food, we had chicken and rice, just cooked with different spices.  But it was good! :)

Jung has also been a delight to teach, he really is setting up his own teaching schedule (on Friday he said " we meet Wednesday and Friday for three weeks, then I come to church."  It was pretty great!) and wonderful!   We are finding the elect!

That’s funny dad, that our weather is almost the same!  It is weird though, Irvine, sometimes when I am driving around I feel like I am in Utah, especially today.  We were super excited to see rain clouds, since we don't see them super often! haha!  :) But it is getting a little cooler, which is nice, helps me remember that It isn't summer, cause most days it still feels like that!!

HMMM what else...  

Oh, Halloween is this week!! Dressing up as anything fun?    Me?  I'll be a missionary.  Though we may buy some fake mustaches to wear when we go in for the night. We have to be in at 7 instead of 9 on Halloween, so not exactly sure what we will be doing...probably going to deep clean our apartment!  Sounds fun right?  :)  But, no, it should be pretty good! :)  We are excited!

HMM, sounds like things are going good at home! Glad to hear that Timpview comp went well on Saturday, and that you are still all doing pretty fun things!  It is great to hear that Grandma is doing better!  And that she gets stronger and stronger every day! :)   Poor Easton, hope He feels better soon!  

Well, I hope this week is another great one!  

Try to be more grateful for everything that is around us!  Also, you are all doing awesome at missionary work!  And I know that with the Lord's help you will know who you can share the gospel with!!! :)   I am so excited to hear that you are doing so many wonderful things!!

Remember that we are all Children of God, he loves us all so much!  And I know that because I know that, I am so much happier, and just so grateful to know that there is a God, who does answer our prayers (not always in the ways we expect), but that he knows us each personally!  And that is just wonderful!

I hope you have a great week!  I love you all!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Some craziness on P-day

This is a really great family in our ward.  At the ward Trunk or Treat

Me and Sister Lang

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