Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What a Week

September 24, 2013

Well, honestly, I don't even know where to begin!  This week has been a great one, and a long one, and a happy one!

So, let's see.  I went on Exchanges last week, so that was fun!   I went with Sister Bingham to her area, and with her new companion that she is training, so that was exciting!   Let's see, we have also had choir, which is going well, but we missed it today cause of the temple (which was FABULOUS by the way!!!)  Loved it!!  It was great! :)   So I am grateful that we had the opportunity to go!  It has been awhile for me, so that was a great blessing! :)
Let's see. Oh, so on Friday we had a Sister’s conference. We went and were spiritually fed and then we got to go "shopping."  People from all over our mission donated clothes, so we were able to get a few new outfits.  Also we learned about make-up tips, sewing tips, and we also all made skirts.  It was just a great time, and a great day, and I'm pretty sure it was like Christmas.  We got lots of new clothes.  Not sure what I'll do when I get transferred again, but I have high hopes that that won't be happening for quite awhile! :) but we will see!! :)   So, that was Friday.  

And I think that one of the greatest days on my mission thus far was Saturday.   Remember Rich?  I taught him in San Clemente.  I met him my very first night, and I may or may not have questioned if he would ever get baptized. Remember how just before I left San Clememte, I told you how Rich said that he had wanted to get baptized.... Well friends and family,  Rich is now a Mormon.  He is married too! :)  It was such a wonderful experience.  Probably the most spiritual baptism yet.  There weren't many of us there, just his new wife, (Jenn, who is a member, and I just love her!)  Her parents (her dad baptized Rich) then one of her sisters, and her two kids.  Cole, Jenn's son, and then Waverly, Rich's daughter.   And one of her friends, and a lady who is a life long friend of Rich’s.   And then us.  He was excited, and well, he was just ready.  It was amazing to have known him for so long, and to truly see the change that came about him.  After he was baptized, you could just feel the spirit, he was clean, and you could feel it!   It was so amazing, simply because I did spend so much time in their home. I could feel the love that God has for them, and it is a love that I have had for them.   So, it was an amazing experience, and I am glad that I was able to be a part of it!! :)  So that was truly the highlight of my week, then with the Sister's Conference, and then the temple today.  It has been a good week!

So things are going well.  We are still teaching Grace and Mackey and Trinity!  They are doing great!  And it has just been wonderful to be a small part of their lives! :)  I love that part of being a missionary (ok, well I love a lot of parts) But especially that I have been able to meet so many people, to share my testimony with them and to see what the Lord can and has done for them! It is a blessing, and I absolutely love it! :) I just love being a missionary!!

Things sound like they are going great at home! :)  Busy with school, and sounds like there has been a flood of farewells, which is just crazy!! :)  And great!   The Lord truly is hastening his work, and that is just a miracle! :) 

So, my trio. Sister Lang and Sister Putnam. I love them dearly!  We are all always together, and we teach together, it is the same as if there were two of us, there are just 3 instead, and it has been a great time! :)  

Tell Chad and Kristi congrats!   Crazy how time is flying, how everyone is getting older, I feel like, cause for me, real life has stopped, so I sometimes feel like it should be stopped for everyone else as well, but it doesn't, but it is so good to hear about family, and all the great things that are happening!! :)

Irvine is good!  Still pretty warm!   We have the car Tuesday to Friday, and walk the rest of the time!   Which some days is good, others it is hot, but I am just remembering to be grateful that I am serving in such a beautiful and wonderful mission, that I am still in America, and that I do have a car part time! :)  Our area isn't too big, probably about... hmm lets see, about 3 or 4 miles long, about 1/2 a mile or a little bigger wide.  It actually isn't that big, and when we do walk, we normally stay closer to where we live, so we don't end up walking the whole area every day! :)

Ah dad, I remember going to that football game with you! :) ah, happy memories!  So many happy memories! And so many more in the years to come!  And I am just so grateful that I am able to hear from you each and every week!!:) Kenna, you look adorable!  You are looking so much more grown up. You are beautiful!  And mommy, thanks for keeping me updated! I love all of you so much! You are simply the greatest!! :)

I hope that you have a great week!   Things should be good here, just trying to find more investigators, teaching the ones that we already have and just smiling and laughing every moment, because we do have great reason to rejoice, because we have this wonderful gospel!! :)

I love you so much!

I'll send pictures in just a second!!!  Have a great week!  Keep sharing the gospel online, and every chance you get!!!  I love you!!


Sister Taylor Burningham 

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