Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red Doors, The Temple and Sister Drinkwater

Hello Family!!!                                                                                                May 28, 2013

I'm a few hours later today than usual!! But I am alive well and happy!

We had a temple trip today, but our ride was late, so that was stressful, and we missed our session, but we got to do initiatories and that was good.  :)   So that was our day so far, and now we only have a little bit left of P-day, with what feels like a lot to do, I am just glad that we went shopping this morning!

Ok, so last week was transfers!   My new companion is Sister Drinkwater.  She is loud, has red hair, and is from New Jersey.  She has been out for about 8 months, and she has been in Escondido the whole time!   She is fabulous, and we have had a lot of fun together so far!  And several Spiritual experiences!    So that has been good!  She is a hard worker and we are both just pumped to be here and working!  Her plan is to help the ward just fall in love with us so that they will also be excited about doing missionary work!  

So, we don't have anyone that we are teaching right now, so the past week has been long as we have been adjusting to each other, and also spending a lot of time doing finding activities.

On Saturday (and I wrote this in your letter, but that's ok)  I'll give a short version now.   So Saturday was Super LONG!   We went through all of our plans by 3, and so we took a minute to pray!  (I have learned a lot about personal revelation this week!)   I could see clearly in my mind a red door, and Sis. D. felt like we needed to go to the golf course, so we went tracting!   And found a potential investigator, at the last home we knocked on, who had a bright red door.   The Lord is amazing, the Spirit is amazing!! :)   It has just been amazing!  I really have felt the Spirit a lot this week, and I am so glad, it has helped a lot I think!! :)

Hmmm...So sister Longhurst is now in Fall Brook, so she will still be in the Carlsbad mission.   And I'll be here in Irvine!  :)

Disneyland sounds super fabulous!   Ride tower of Terror an extra time for me ok??   Any other plans for the summer? When are you going on trek???

So things are going good, we have been spending a lot of time finding, finding and trying to find, which makes for long days, and short nights, but the Lord is supporting me, that I do know, because I know that I could not do this by myself!  But the days have also been rewarding, we have truly felt the Spirit, and we have shared our testimonies and our stories with a few people in our area, it has been a good week all in all!!
We are going on exchanges tomorrow, and I'll continue to run the area (have been all week since Sister Drinkwater is new).   So that will be fun!! :)  I do like exchanges, I feel like they help us learn a lot.

For Memorial Day we had district meeting, ate lunch at Pedro's tacos, then we made cards and took them to people in our ward.  We didn’t have any lessons, but we were getting to know members of the ward better, so that was a good thing! :)  

Hmmm what else, oh, I'm not driving, well, I will be on the exchange.  But that will be good!
I'm tired.  A little burned out too, I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the temple, but I don't like how we go on P-days cause it just made today stressful, (especially being late and such) but, emailing has helped me breathe a little bit, which is nice. :)   But, I think I will be happy to see my bed tonight!

So the Lord is with us! Miracles happen everyday!   The Spirit is real!  Do all that you can to stay worthy of it!

Thank you for the package! :)  (The peachy-o's are already gone)!    No letters this week (they keep messing that up, but we did get them at transfer meeting)  so you will be getting a letter! :)    

So, things are only moving forward, I am excited about doing the Lord's work!  I love that I have been able to have the chance to serve the Lord in this way!  To show my love for Him daily, and to see the Love that He has for all of his children!

So have a good week!!! :)   Keep smiling and praying!   And I will too!

I love love love love you!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.  the Newport Beach Temple is kind of pink!


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