Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello!!!!                                                                                                                    June 4, 2013

Sorry I worried you last week!!  But, we'll be back on schedule now! I would have told you the week before that we were going to the temple, but we didn’t know until Saturday!  

This past week has been a good one! We picked up Rich as an investigator again, which was really cool, we had an awesome lesson with him and Jennifer a few days ago, and you could just feel the Spirit!  It was great!!!  We are still looking for more investigators, and yesterday, again, we went through most of our plans by 2-3 so we prayed, and went tracting.   As we prayed both Sister Drinkwater and I thought this, “we can do this every day, if we really have to, but we don't really want to.   Because we would like to be teaching, not just finding!”  But I know the Lord is preparing people, and we will find them!!!!   About the Red door lady, we stopped by a few times, but she wasn't home, but we did meet her husband, and we will continue to stop by until we can actually teach her!!

So, Sister Drinkwater (I’ll send a picture soon!)  is a sister Training leader, so we will be doing a lot of exchanges.   The sisters (they are in a trio) that came to our area last week, they are just great, Sister Conner and Sister Hedrick, and I'll be spending a lot of time with them (their companion is also a sister training leader).  But, they are great to work with!  And I feel like this transfer I am really supposed to learn with them!  Because everything happens for a reason, even this, when I basically have 3 companions, since I'll be spending a lot of time with the other sisters!

We had stake conference this past week, and there was a huge emphasis on families!  Which was great!  But one thing that I really liked that Elder Perkins (a member of the 70) promised, was that if we read the Book of Mormon as a family for 5 minutes each day, we will have power, we will be protected from the things of the world!  What a marvelous blessing!  And for a minute it made me want to have my own family right then so I could do that! (And I hope that I will do that someday.)  So, I hope that you think about this, and give it a try, to read from the Book of Mormon, together as a family, so that we can be protected from the things of the world!!!

Sister Drinkwater and I get along very well, and we really teach with the Spirit, we have had some amazing lessons, with less actives, that have been so powerful!  And each time I leave I think 'this is why I am on a mission, to bear my testimony, and bring the happiness that I have found to all of those here!'   I am so glad that I made this choice, to come on a mission.  And I too find it hard to believe that next week, I'll have been out for 4 months.  I feel like I got here and then blinked myself to now! That is how fast it went!  And I feel like it has already started to get faster and faster!!!   AHHH!!  But it is great, it is the hardest thing I think I have ever done, but it has been amazing so far! I'm learning to put the Lord and His people first, and I am seeing the blessings that are coming from that!

Whew, I am so glad it is P-day, my brain needed a little bit of a rest, and I don't feel like I've had that for a few weeks, because it was transfers and then the temple, both of which were great, but not a whole lot of time to prepare for the rest of the week, so I'm glad I have today!!!

Glad to hear that the weather is good, we are experiencing what all of the people here in San Clemente call "June Gloom" where it is foggy and kind of gray until about 2 and then that comes back at around....5 or 6.  But, we are keeping our spirits high, and I am still happy!!!

So, that was the gist of my week, and I'll be sure to write you letters this afternoon!!!

Have an amazing time when you go to Disneyland, I can't wait to hear all about it!!  And crazy that you will be like...ummm an hour or less away!  But with how fast time is flying, I'll be at Disneyland with Racquel and Kenna before I know it. ;)  

Have fun with the boys today! Give them a hug for me, and let them know that I love them!

Keep smiling, and keep doing all the great things you are doing, in the ward, and in our home!   

I love you dear family, so much!!!!

I can't wait to hear from you again! :)
I love you!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.  As of today, I don't need anything, but I will let you know! Thank you!!!

P.P.S.  I love you! 

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