Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Investigators, Exchanges and Father's Day

Hi family! :)                                                                                                  June 18, 2013

Did ya miss me this week!?  Cause I did miss you!  But it was a good week!  A lot of different things happened, and well... here we go!!!

So, We had 3 exchanges last week, which was just crazy! But good!  I have learned a lot from the sisters that I have been able to work with, and I know that my testimony and my skills as a missionary have increased ever so slightly as I have had the opportunity to be like a senior companion in leading the lessons and taking charge of the plans for the day.   But, as fun as the exchanges were, I am grateful to be Sister Drinkwater's companion, and to be able to be around her sweet Spirit often, and I am so grateful for how often she turns to the Lord.  In nearly all that we do, we pray first, both separately and as a companionship so that we know that we are doing the Lord's will! Her testimony is amazing, and it is great being able to work with her!

As for investigators, our hard work and diligence is paying off, and we are seeing some progress!   We have picked up a few new investigators this week, and they look promising, Deborah and Brenda, a mother and a daughter that are both going through divorces.  But, they have so much faith, and I am excited to see them progress!  

We also, on Thursday, attended the Addiction recovery class with Rich (our investigator) and Jenn (Less active),  because Rich's son is an addict, and we heard it is good for family members of addicts as well.  It was a very powerful experience for all of us,  all of the people there were testifying of the Savior, and how they had been able to overcome their addiction through the atonement.  It was so amazing and so powerful! Especially for Rich, because he always asks us why people say, "I know that this church is true."  Which is something that we do say a lot, but he didn't understand that this is a saying that we use to exclaim the power that we have felt from the Savior.  He wanted people to say that they knew Jesus Christ, so it was a great class to be in because that is exactly what those people were testifying of!  Man, the Atonement is real! It is powerful!  I have seen it many times working on my mission, and before! The Lord loves us so much that He made it possible for us to be healed, to be cleansed, to change!  And what a miracle that has been! :)  What a miracle that is!  What an amazing opportunity I have to share that with others!  :)  I think that I have the best job in the world right now ;)
And Father’s Day.  Father’s Day was hard to be honest.  We wished that we could also call home, but that isn’t the case. But know dad that I love you! And that I was thinking about you during church!  And that we got to celebrate with our ward mission leader and his family! And that made it a bit easier!  But, happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to have you as a dad!  And to have you mom as my mom and
kenna as my sister!  We are so blessed!!!

I'm sorry to hear that Karson broke his arm again :( poor kid!!! :( That is no fun at all! I'll be writing a letter to him for sure today!!!   And well, you can tell him, I don't know if this will make him feel any better, but tell him that we will be special together, cause we will have awesome matching scars!   Tell him that I love him, and that I miss him!   
I love you all!  So much!  I am so glad that we are able to email, and that I am able to share with you my experiences and know that things are going well at home!!

Next week is our mission conference, so we will probably be up way early and emailing early as well!   Our mission changes in 2 weeks, and that is just crazy to me!  July came so quickly! I can't even believe it!   But we are going to have a mission conference, and I am excited for that!

I’ll be sending a package in a week or two, for Kenna's birthday, and then just some things that you might enjoy! (journal and planners etc.)   Also, I'll be sending some pictures I think, maybe one today in the letter, and then some more when I send that package! :)  

I hope that this week is amazing!  :) I'll be praying for you! And then I'll be talking to people about Jesus Christ! :)  Which I love to do by the way!   I love it!!  Love, love, love it! :)

Also, San Clemente... umm I would say that we say the end with a 'tee" or me, and some people, just drop the 't'. :)   haha, so ya.   That’s it!  

Where were the Hansen's staying in San Clemente?  Maybe I drove by without even knowing!   Haha! Crazy crazy!!

Well, I'll be writing you letters this afternoon, tell everyone that it was great to hear from them! And that I am grateful for all of the love and support that I have!

I love you!!!!

Have a great week!!!! :)

Sister Taylor Burningham

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