Friday, May 3, 2013

April 2, 2013

Hello Family!!!                                                                          April 2, 2013

Have fun in Seattle!!! :)    You are…on a plane I think!! That is super fun! I am sure! :)

This week has been a good one!  The Spirit has been amazing!  I'm learning new things! And we hung up donuts on a tree, officially, the tree of life!  (I’ll send pictures. in my next email) 

But, this week has been a good one, we have been going to see more and more people. Since we really find people through members, we are trying to help the ward be excited about missionary work and seeing where that will lead us!   I'm glad that you are doing some missionary work as well, it will be amazing, I promise you!

Tour sounds like it will be a blast, cannot wait to hear about it! 

So, it was Easter on Sunday!  That was a great day!  We had dinner with the Boyes family, and she took some pictures so, she said that would send you some pictures, let me know if you get them!  But we did an Easter egg hunt, and that was just pretty fun!

The missionary work is going GREAT!    Two investigators came to church on Sunday!  Kirk and Richard!   Kirk.... IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED ON APRIL 20th!!   We are super stoked, and I still haven't taught him.  ;)   We went on splits with ward missionaries on Wednesday night, so I wasn't there.   But he is progressing, and we are glad.    Also, Angie (Angela)  Not sure if I mentioned her, but she is our newest investigator!  She is so ready to be baptized, she has so many questions, and well... we just need to invite her!   The Lord does prepare people for us, their hearts are being prepared.  It is so wonderful!

I am learning from the people we see as well, I'm learning things about like... what I want in my future home, I am so grateful for our family and the unity we have, and the peace that we have in our home! That is such a blessing that not everyone has, we are so blessed!  And I'm growing spiritually! 

I hope that the family is well! how is Rylie doing?!?!?   And Karson?!?  My arm is doing great.  People ask about my scar.  I've told my story a lot.   But that is ok!   The scars are fading a bit.  Though I do need more Emu gold.  I think I'll try to look for it... I just don't know were.   Oh, I'd like my dance duffle, so I can use it for a 72 hour kit bag :)    It's under my bed.  Just take out my dance shoes and put them... in my closet or something.   I can't really think of anything else yet, my clothes are good, so for now, we are all set!  Thanks for the Easter Candy!!!    We've been having lots of that lately, it is quite yummy!! :)

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!  I know this wasn't a super long email, but I’m also going to send some pictures! :)
I love you all so much!!

Have an wonderful day and a Fabulous week!! Watch some waves for me, that is one of my favorite things to do!! :)   

I love you! :)  All of you!

And yes, you could print out the emails, that would be awesome!  And I'll forward the ones from others that I want you to print! 

I love you!!!! I’ll talk to you soon!!! :)  and yes, I'll keep smiling!! :)  
LOVE,  Sister Taylor Burningham 

This is me.. and sister Longhurst. and the ocean. and the tree of life (it was for the primary kids)  enjoy!!! :)  

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