Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Baptisms

April 16, 2013

Well, Hello!! :)   Another week has come and gone, and well... here I am! :)

I don't know if the lady actually texted you, but last Friday we ate with a member family, and they had friends from Utah visiting, and one of the ladies said that she would send you a text, so, I hope that she did, but if not, she was going to tell you that I am doing well, and I am!

We had interviews with President Cook yesterday, and then today he'd sent me a message that said, "I never have to worry about you."  And yesterday he told me that he was glad that I am always so happy and positive.   And well, I try, but there are days that do get very hard, but it is so wonderful, this work! The gospel is so wonderful!   I am so blessed!! We are so blessed!!!  I am so grateful that I am here and that I am able to be a part of this wonderful and great work!   

So, my subject for this message,  I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries, and the family that we ate with on Friday always sends some chocolate covered strawberries home with us! And I am so glad! So that is one thing I am grateful for this week, chocolate covered strawberries!

Another thing I am grateful for is this upcoming Saturday!!! Cause Kirk is getting baptized!!!! :)   He is so READY!  I mean, on Sunday, he got up and bore his testimony during sacrament meeting.  And, he was the first one after the bishopric member to get up.  I think I was grinning like a fool! The most amazing thing to realize is that I am only the instrument in this.  I bear testimony, but the Spirit is the teacher.  The Lord is the one who knew Kirk, and had him be in his different situations so that he could meet Dora who introduced him to the church, and then to us.  But it is so wonderful that he is going to be starting on his path to eternal life!!

I also bore my testimony on Sunday.  Though, it wasn't my first time up on the stand, I've prayed 2 times in Sacrament already.  Which is fine, just funny that they always ask the missionaries!  :)    

To answer your question, I could be here for only 5 more weeks, or a few more months.   Really, I am not sure!   My district leader has been in this area for almost 9 months, and some people are only in an area for 3.  But, I do love it here, we are trying to help the ward get more involved with our work, because we really can't do anything without them!    
I'm glad things are going well at home! Have fun with the boys today,  I send my love, via email!   Also, don't forget my dance bag in the package!    

But, I love that things may be busy, but that you are keeping the Lord close to you! This gospel truly will help us through every single thing that we go through! And I am so grateful!!!!   
I hope this week goes well for all of you!!

But, I love you! I hope you have a great week! You are in my prayers, and I know that the Lord is with each of us as we are apart at this time! And He is blessing us!  He will give us strength, we just need to remember to turn to Him! 

I'm glad that you went a day without technology! I've been thinking a lot about this recently, all that we have here on Earth, a lot of it is just things.  Things that we can't take with us after this life.   Remember what is most important.   I want to do better at not being so attached to things.  But rather have my eyes on the things of God, the things that will help us grow closer as a family, and grow closer to the Lord!!
I love you!!!!!!

I'll talk to you soon!!! :)

Love, Sister Burningham!

P.S. I counted the mini coopers I saw yesterday (I see tons everyday) but I saw 9 yesterday.  Woot... :) They are so cute! 

Anyway, have a great week!  :)   Keep smiling! The Lord is with us!

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