Friday, May 10, 2013

A Week of Miracles

Hello Dear Family!!                                                                                                                April 9, 2013

Things sound amazing and fun!   

This week has been a great one!!  :)   I have loved it! This week I really focused on not thinking about me or about home.   I don't do that often anyway, but for the past few weeks I'd noticed that Wednesdays were really hard days, so I was determined to make it not that way last week. And it wasn't.   I was up and ready and focused on the Lord.   We parked a little bit further away from our appointments so that we could walk and talk to people as we go!   Which helped a lot, it is really scary sometimes to start a conversation with someone you don't know, but sometimes.... you meet a deaf man!! That was pretty cool!  I was able to sign to him, granted I haven't done ASL in 2 years, and I know NO church signs, but it was still really awesome, and it still makes me happy to think about!  Since then, I've been teaching Sister Longhurst some signs, it has been quite fun!  :)

Also, Kirk is getting baptized on April 20th at 4:30.  I've been able to teach him 2 times this past week!  He has such a strong testimony already!   Just last night, before we even started the lesson (which was on the word of wisdom), he bore testimony of how he had felt the Spirit so much stronger since he had stopped drinking alcohol, and that he had told his son that they wouldn't have alcohol anymore in their house.  He is already living the gospel, he truly is a 'golden investigator' but it is still amazing to be a part of this process, to see that God truly does prepare people for His word, and that He gives us what we need to tell them, right in the moment of need! :)  Wow, it's been amazing!  I am so grateful that I chose to serve a mission!!  I know that we will all be blessed because of it!!  
Six weeks you know!   Transfers today, two elders in our district will be leaving, but I’ll be staying for at least six more weeks, we'll see after that where I’m going!  Or if I'm staying! But I do LOVE San Clemente!   Someday, we'll come on a trip and I'll show you all sorts of places and things I did here!

Conference was FABULOUS!!! :)  I loved it!  Didn't you? What was one thing that you noticed that you want to start doing?!?   :)   I noticed how ALL of the Apostles were very bold in testifying.   This Gospel is true, and they testify BOLDLY of it!  I'll be working on that, being more bold in what I believe!  And even though it was different to be at a stake center watching it, it was still great!  Still powerful! I love it!! :)

I'm glad you got the pictures from Sister Boyes!  We LOVE that family, they recently just moved into the ward, but, they are great and very strong in the gospel, we had our lesson with Kirk there last night! :)    And McKenna, most boys don't do their hair like they do in the picture....     They have interesting style, but they can pull it off.  But most people look like people in Utah :)  haha.
Ben is going to Orgeon!?!  Alec to THAILAND!   Crazy! And cool!  When do they head out!?   Amazing that so many people are leaving so soon! :)  The work is extending, and people around the world are being prepared to hear the Gospel! 

HAHA!!  Funny story!! I'm glad you finally got asked Kenna, I bet it will be incredibly fun! :)   Prom was always a fun date, just cause you get to be all dressed up!   But oh, that is a pretty funny way of what happened when he asked you!   :)
hmmm of things to send in the package, emu oil (which yes, is helping), dance bag... and jeans.  The ones that me, mom and Kenna have.  With the button pockets (that are too long for me).   See, we eat.  A lot. Which is quite fantastic, the ward is amazing at signing up to feed us.... so we eat a lot.   So I may have gained a few pounds (which is good) but my current jeans are sometimes a little too tight (I wear them on P-day when we are at home, or hiking)  oh, Hiking, that was fun, we just were on this random trail, which the elders decided to go off of, so it was an adventure, and I forgot sunscreen.  But I didn't get too burned!  The raccoon eyes only lasted a few days ;)   haha!
Things are going well!   We are still working with our investigators and always looking for more!  Our mission has just over 100 baptisms so far, and we are working!  We will get 300!  Still not really any news about the new mission yet, but I'll keep you updated! :)    I am happy!   And LOVING the work! :)   It is truly the one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life!   I get to share my testimony, and I am learning so much about myself and about the Lord!
Since transfers are today, we don't get mail till tomorrow.... But I think I'll still write you a short letter anyway!   :)  Cause if you are anything like me, you love to get letters... so I'll write!!  Oh question, I tried to email pictures to you, did you get those?  Just wondering if it worked or not!  If not, you may just have to wait till I send my SD card.  The computers we use aren't super awesome, but I'm grateful for them!!! :)
Have an amazing week!! :) 

I LOVE YOU! I love you all so much!   I pray for you daily! And I know that the Lord is with you while I am here, serving Him!   Keep Him close! Oh, challenge for the week: One day this week disconnect from technology.  Maybe not completely, cause I know you have to use it for work and school and to talk to people.   But no facebook.  No instagram.  And only texting if it truly is important!   Talk to each other, do things together, study from the scriptures without worrying about the technology stuff.    Open yourself to receive the Spirit a little more!  It will be amazing!!    I promise!

So, I love you!  I’ll write to you soon!!   Tell Jordan Good luck, she will do great!  :)    Good luck at tryouts Kenna ;)  Dance great!!

And to all of you, Enjoy every single second, because once it is passed, we don't have it again, so make the most out of every situation! :) 

I love you!   I'll talk to you real soon!


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S. 8 weeks! Can you believe it!?!? 

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