Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Painting and Happiness

Dear Family,                                                                    April 23, 2013

Things are going well here in San Clemente California!  

As you know, Kirk was baptized on Saturday!  That was very special!  I feel so blessed that I was able to be a part of this miracle!   He literally walked into church, and a month later his eyes were shining as he came up out of the water, a new and clean man.   It was very amazing, and the ward was very supportive!  Also, his nonmember kids came, and his daughter liked it, and well we haven't heard what his two sons thought yet, but I am sure they felt the Spirit!!  :)   

WOW!!!!! AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!!! Oh my goodness!!! That is super exciting!   Good luck to all of Varsity, let them know that I said good luck!  :)   I'm sure it will be an amazing experience, please tell me all about it, and take as many pictures as you can!! And think of me and how close we are!    And no, I don't think I'll get homesick, even though you are so close, and so is grandma and grandpa and Karson, Easton and Natalie and Kyle.   I think that it is wonderful!  :)   And dad, have fun staying busy! :)   It will be a great week I can feel it!

So, this past week has been pretty good.  On Saturday we helped out with the youth conference service project which included painting a railing, and that was  a lot of fun. And I got paint all over my arm, and when I led the music at the baptism, some of it was still there so I am sure that may have been a little interesting! ;)   But it was a great opportunity to serve, and we will be serving again this Saturday, they do something called "Mormon Helping Hands" here in Cali, and well, that is this Saturday and we are looking forward to that!

Right now we are looking for more investigators and really trying to serve the ward.  Amanda, who we used to teach, asked us not to come by, because she needed some time to think.   We are praying that she may realize that she is missing something in her life and that piece that she is missing is the gospel!   Angie, is up in the air, we'll be talking to her tonight and well, she is so ready, she just doesn't fully understand why she needs the gospel.

I feel so blessed that we have always had the gospel, and that my testimony continues to grow each and every day!    My mission is such a short period of time, there is much to accomplish and much work to be done.  This week I am working on being more bold, not being so afraid to share what I know to be true.  So far, it has already helped a lot, and I know that I will continue to be able to be bold like Alma and Ammon as I open my mouth!!

So, I hope this week goes well for you, I hope that you stay close to the scriptures, and I love that you are watching conference! :)   It was an amazing session, once the Ensign comes out, and if we get one, I want to try and go through a talk maybe every week, along with my notes so that I can see what the Lord would have me do to improve my life and bring me closer to Him! 

This upcoming week should be a good one, we are going on exchanges tomorrow, and I’ll be staying here!  So I'll be a little bit more in charge, since I know the people and the families! I'll tell you all about that next week!   Also we have a zone training next week and then zone conference the week after, so that will be fun!  I love being able to see more and more missionaries! :)    
The gospel is true.   Jesus Christ is our Savior.   We do have a Father in Heaven, and He wants us all to be able to return to Him.  Think this week about one thing that you can do to come closer to your Savior and your Father in Heaven, then do it!!! :)

 I Love you all! I am seeing the Lord's hand in my life each and everyday! I hope you are as well!!

Keep smiling and trusting the Lord. 

Philippians 4:13 :)

I love you!!

Have an amazing day and a grand week!!!! :)


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S.  Thanks for the jeans and the emu oil and the snacks and the cards and the post card :)  

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