Tuesday, April 30, 2013

March 26, 2013

March 26, 2013

Hello :)    Already it is Tuesday.  And already it is the 26th. I've been in CA for one month!! Is it just me, or does it feel like that has flown by?   

This week has been a good one!  Things are going well!!  But we can get to that soon.

My companion, sorry I haven't said much yet!    She is great!  She's a book nerd like me, though she likes sci-fi more than I probably ever will.    We get along great, we laugh and we talk about life and about the mission!   We sometimes randomly sing Les Mis songs. But we both don't know all the words, so that makes us laugh.  She is very "go with the flow' more or less. She says that I push her, cause I'm always like "OK, lets do this" right before we are about to go and talk to someone (gotta stay pumped right!?)   But, I'll share more about her as time goes on!   We don't go tracting much, because it isn't really effective.  We work mainly with members to seek referrals.  Right now we don't have many of those, but we are working.   We learned yesterday a new way to talk to the members about missionary work.    And well... I wanted to ask you the same questions we will be asking them.   When was the last time you prayed (individually and as a family) for a missionary experience?   When was the last time you gave someone a pass a long card?  When was the last time you gave someone a Book of Mormon?   Just simple things that you really can do!  I invite you to pray, especially with tour coming up, that could be a great opportunity!!   Also, think of the people that you know, if anyone could benefit from learning the gospel, and don't be scared, do it!!! Because you can! And they will be so immensely blessed!! :) 

Today... Not so sunny in CA, probably cause we washed our car this morning, so, typical.   We are going on a hike with our district, but I’ll still try to get letters to ya!   But if not, next week!!!

Also, in prepping for conference (SO EXCITED) read Mosiah 2:9.  Think about what you can do in the next 2 weeks to get you ready for conference! We get to hear the words of the Prophet! And who knows, they may change your entire life!  6 months ago they changed mine!

The people here are wonderful. And also hard to work with sometimes!   We saw Amanda (our investigator) on Friday, and she knew why we were there. She has been looking into the church for 4 years.  She knew we were there to get her in gear to be baptized in June.   She said she is still waiting for her answer.    We went back on Sunday and I was so scared, but it was my turn to practice inviting someone to be baptized, or in this case, inviting her to move her date up, to April or May, so it isn't too far away!   Whew, but the Lord was there.   She said she'd really think about it.  We see her Thursday again, so we are praying and hoping that she will know that this is right and that she can do it!!   Also, when we go to see her we will bring Cheyanne with us.  Cheyanne is my age and married, she is a recent convert, and struggling.  But she has a powerful testimony.  She was SOOOOO excited (totally an understatement) when we asked her to come with us to teach Amanda on Thursday.  It will be good for her to serve, and see that she is needed.   We are super excited for that!   

Kirk (the guy that came to church that one week) came again on Sunday. He's solid.  We are inviting him to be baptized on April 20th tomorrow night, WHOOT!   Exciting.   But the Lord does prepare people for us!  We went to a new couple in our ward.  He's a less active.  She isn't a member. Angie is her name.  She asked us lots of questions, and now we have dinner on Thursday, where we will invite her to take the discussions. :)  The work is progressing!   :)   

I am so grateful for this opportunity, that I have to be here in San Clemente, to be sharing what I know with anyone who will listen!  Oh, another miracle, we were talking to a LA who is coming to church more.  Her husband isn't a member, and a marine.  He's been home TWO times when we've gone over to teach.  He may not be ready yet, but the seeds are being planted!

I love you all!   Things are going great!   I don't drive yet, but I am allowed to when/if I am the designated driver.   :) So we'll see when that happens!! :)   But, things are going well.  I take one day at a time.  Cause I can do today.  I can make the very best of today, even if my best today isn’t the same as it was yesterday.  I keep going.  I love to pray!   To be able to talk with our Father in Heaven is remarkable!  I LOVE IT!

Well, I'd better go, but I'll write soon.  I'll share more in letters, sorry I’m kind of all over the place, it's how my brain works!  

Have an amazing week and a fabulous day!  I’ll be here.  The Lord is with us!   :)   Plus.... 274 days till Christmas (I think) we sang Joy To The World this morning.  It made me happy! :) Keep smiling. Keep praying.  Keep doing things as a family!!! :)    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Talk to you soon!!!! :)

Love, Tay (Sister Burningham) 

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