Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jesus Loves Me, Choose the Right!

Hello Family!!!!                                                                                       May 5, 2014

Well, first off, it sounds like it was a big week at our house in Provo!!!  With the dance concert, and then everything with your new calling dad, I think that it is great!  And well, remember that the Lord qualifies those whom He calls!  :)  I think that you will be great though, as you serve in that capacity! :) That is so cool that you were able to talk to Elder Falabella, and cool that he remembers meeting me...that was what feels like so long ago, I feel like I've changed and grown so much since he came to our mission!

Lets see, what else! I am glad that concert went good.  Ronnie did show me that quick video clip.  We went over on Saturday and she told me that she had a surprise for me, so that was a nice surprise!  But anyway!  Sounds like things are good at home, and I'll mention more about my thoughts on everything as I go throughout my email. :)

This week has been a good one!  As I mentioned in my letter last week, right after we finished emailing we got a call from Chevy telling us that our car actually needed to come back to the shop, and that it was their mistake that they had given it back to us, so we've been driving a rental this week, a Chevy Malibu, we miss our Cruze, but it drives and so that is all we need! :)

This week has been HOT!!!!!!!!!  And by hot I mean like high 90's nearly all week.  Even in Laguna Beach, which the members in our ward told us over and over how unusual that was for Laguna, so that made things exciting! :)

But things were happening this week! We were able to see Linda this week, and she is doing great, and she came to church yesterday, and we will be seeing her soon, and inviting her to be baptized this month!  She's all in, so we are excited for that!

We were also able to meet with Catherine this week, and she is so GREAT!  The lesson was very spiritual, and we all cried.  One thing I learned this week really is how much the gospel can bless our lives as we choose to accept it and follow it.  :) It truly is a remarkable thing.  And it is so great to see how much it helps those who we get to see on a weekly basis, it really does change us! :) 

On Thursday I had Mission Leadership Council, and it was so great.  (I think that is my phrase for the was just "so great!")  Anyway, it really was good, and one thing that really stuck out to me, not only at MLC but also throughout this week was really as I commit myself to the purpose I have been called to, then I will learn all that I am supposed to, and become who I am supposed to become.  I feel so blessed to be serving a mission right now, learning to trust in God, and give myself to Him, I really hope that I can do that for the next few months, not worry about life after the mission, but truly give all my heart, all my might, all my strength to this great work, because right now this is the greatest thing that I could ever be doing, and I love it! :)  I really do!! :) But those have been some of the things I've been thinking about this past week, just how I don't have a whole lot of time left, yes I still have time, yes there will be miracles and many people to accept the gospel, but I want to give my all till the end, and that is what I am going to do :)

Thursday was also Sis. Hurst's birthday, and Ronnie threw her a surprise party, so that was really sweet of her, and the ward is just so great!  So it was good, and fun, and I'm glad, since for most of Sis. Hurst's Birthday I wasn't even with her!  But, it was a good day and I think she enjoyed it!

Thursday night was an interesting one for me.  Most nights on my mission it really has been so easy for me to fall asleep, but not on Thursday.  And it wasn't even 11, but I was frustrated that I was still awake, so I went into our bathroom (so I could have light, without waking up Sister Hurst)  with the Book of Mormon.  I was almost done with Ether, so I was like, well, I used to read all the time before bed, so let's try that tonight.  As I started reading, I was again frustrated cause I was reading about all these wars, and I was like, this is not what I need right now.  (So yes, I got mad at the Book of Mormon). So I skipped ahead to Moroni, and for some reason I was crying, not really sure why, but I think I cried until about Moroni 8.  And by then I had calmed down, and I was feeling the Spirit, and then I finished reading the Book of Mormon.  And I again prayed, just as we are invited to, and the feelings of Peace that the Spirit bring are so remarkable.  I love the Spirit, I love the Book of Mormon, I want to read it everyday (just like you dad) and I want to share the joy that comes from the gospel with any and all who want to let it be a part of their lives.  Needless to say, I went back to bed, and was asleep with in minutes, but this time with an even stronger testimony of the restored gospel! :)

Friday we did a lot of service, got to paint a wall and help some people move!  We also got to sing at a youth conference.  It was really powerful, and it just reminded me of pivotal points in my youth that really shaped me and helped me be more prepared to serve a mission, even though that thought had never crossed my mind.  Saturday was good as well, we talked to 102 people, and that was just fun! :)  I love talking to people! :)

Yesterday was GREAT!  Testimony meeting was really wonderful,  Chloe (Brian and Kristy's four year old) bore her testimony, she said, "Jesus loves me." Then she stopped and smiled, then Kristy asked her if she had anything else to say, and she said, "Choose the right."  It was so simple yet so profound.  I love little children, they really are close to God!

We had dinner with Brian and Kristy, and in the midst of our conversation, we found out that Ethan had shared his testimony in one of his classes after sacrament meeting (Giselle had shared hers in sacrament meeting), and before we knew it we were having our own mini testimony meeting.  It was so great to hear Brian, who is a recent convert talk about how the gospel has changed his life and his family.  And to hear Kristy share how much she knows that God loves each of us, and how He always will.  And then for me and Sister Hurst to also share the love that God has for us, and for the power that this gospel brings into our lives, and the desires that we have to share that with many people.  And then to hear Ethan and Giselle, who are not yet members, but who have strong testimonies of the gospel.  It really was remarkable, and something that I hope to remember for a long time!

So that was my week! Good things are coming this week, we are excited for everything that is happening in Laguna, we are working hard and showing the Lord that He can trust us!  As for transfer predictions, I've felt both that I could stay and that I could go. I really honestly have no idea, but when I call on Sunday I'll be able to share with you what is happening, cause we will have found out the day before!!! :)  Wow, crazy to think that it is already time to call you again!  We are excited for that and it really will be so great! :)  I hope you have a good week until then!  Stay safe, do what is right and SMILE! :)  Be an example in all ways!

Something to ponder on until Sunday,  how have you been changed as I've been on a mission, I'd like all of us to share our stories, so be thinking about that!!

I’ll talk to you soon!!!

I love you so much!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

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