Thursday, July 31, 2014

God Answers Prayers

Hey Family,                                                                                                                 June 16, 2014

Sounds like you've had a fun week, especially as you've been in DC, mom and dad, so that is pretty great! :)  Glad this week was good!  Our week was kinda crazy, but fun!

Tuesday started early with a district temple trip, and then district meeting, then choir and choir photos (we are making/recording a CD this week, so that should be fun!)  Lets see, then we were late to dinner cause of choir, and I think we just went contacting after that, I really can't remember.

Wednesday we did something called 24’s.  So half our mission met for what was like a mini transfer meeting.  We already knew who was staying and who was going.  I stayed in my area, and Sis Chua went to another area.  Basically what 24’s are is a big exchange with a ton of people going on exchanges, so that was really fun!  I was with Sister Flora and Sister Lin. Sister Lin is the other Chinese sister and she and Sister Chua will be companions for most of their missions in the Yale Ward! :) So that is cool!  And it was fun to get to know both of them!  There were many tender mercies that we saw that day (like people being home that normally weren't), so that was great! We also had dinner at this restaurant called Boiling Point, where it is all soup, and the soup cooks as you eat it. Super different, and I have NO clue what I ate...I love Chinese food, always full of surprises, but that was fun!!

Thursday we all met back up and had a mini testimony meeting of the miracles we had all seen on our exchanges, so that was great!  And then it was just nice to be back in our normal companionships. That afternoon we got to go and do some service for a less active in our ward, and help her organize her house!  So that was fun, and really made us think in a way that we aren't really used to as missionaries!  But that was fun!  Thursday night we also got blessings from our Bishop in the Oak Creek Ward!  And that was great!  And really uplifting!  One thing that really stuck out to me in my blessing was this, "Let the Lord do the heavy lifting, put one foot in front of the other and open your mouth."  And as I do that then we will find those that are prepared to hear the gospel!  :) So that was a great blessing!  And we were both very, very pumped about life and what we can do in this area!

Friday was weekly planning, and we planned for this week, and that was great, we also taught Sister Pan, she is doing well!  So that is great!  She hasn't been to church yet, but we are working on that one!  Friday night we also stopped by a former investigator and he was really happy to see us, telling us that he had been thinking about us that morning, wondering when we would come back to see him again.  Miracle!!!  :) He also set up his own return appointment, so that is great! We'll get to see him this Thursday, so that is marvelous!!  :)  Also, this is just one way that God really is aware of each of us.  We were about to go visit a less active, and Sister Chua got really, really bad loud hiccups.  And they were making both of us laugh!  Finally we calmed down enough to pray, and then as I was praying, she hiccupped again, making me laugh, but I kept trying to pray, and prayed that her hiccups would stop.  When we were done praying, we looked at each other, and her hiccups were gone!  It was really funny, but also just shows that God is aware of EVERYTHING that we go through.  Now, I know that sometimes I get frustrated with answers or solutions not coming as quickly as that, but answers do come, because God is our Father and He wants us to have the answers and the things that we ask for, as it is in line with His will for us.  But anyway, God does answer our prayers!!!

So Saturday, I woke up with a massive headache, and not feeling too great.  I tried hard in personal study to read from the Book of Mormon and study for our day.  But I just couldn't handle it, so I told Sister Chua, “I'm gonna go sleep.”  She said “ok,” and then I ended up sleeping for 2 hours.  And then eating some food, and sleeping a little bit more.  By this time I discovered that Sister Chua also did not feel well at all.  But we had a lesson with Sister Pan, so we went to that, but we both felt so terrible, and I was just praying the whole time that God would help us.  And He did. Then we had a District Blitz, all of our district went to an area, and went to a few different areas to contact to help find new investigators!!!  Sister Chua and I ended up teaching the restoration to a group of about 7 people, but they were at the park as a youth activity for their church, but it was still really cool to see.  After that we went home and slept some more.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and that was great.  But we both still felt so miserable.  We went to Oak Creek sacrament, and after one of the elders was like, "you sisters look like you are gonna die."  Well we felt that way too.  But we were determined to go to Yale's sacrament meeting too, so we headed over there, where the elders in that ward told us the same thing, and asked if we wanted blessings.  We agreed.  And both of our blessings were so similar (at least, that is what Sister Chua said, I couldn't understand hers cause they said it in Chinese). But basically, it said,  “God knows that you are being diligent, and that you are working hard, but today He needs you to rest.”  And I was like, “umm no, I have 7 weeks left, I can rest in 7 weeks,” but God had some other plans for us.  So we went home and spent the day inside.  So that was fun.  haha.  But I did go through my stuff and de-junk a bit, so that was nice!  haha.  Also, Lynda was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but she got sick, not really sure what happened, I just know she had to go to the ER (yikes!)  So she's in our prayers, and her baptism has been postponed.  So that was yesterday.

So today, we feel a little better, but we'll just be taking it easy, and I think I'll go take a nap after we go shopping.  So that will be great! :)

So, that’s me!  Looking forward to another great week filled with many miracles, cause there are so many every single day!!!

I love you all!

Have a good week!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Mission Choir at the Newport Temple

Mission Choir

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