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Bye, Bye Laguna

Hello family,                                                                                                     May 12, 2014

It was so great to see you and talk to you all yesterday! I loved every minute of it! I am so glad that you are doing well, and that well...ya, you are all just awesome! I love you so much!!!

So, I'll tell you more about my week, since I actually didn’t do much of that yesterday!  So, there may be some repeats, but not a lot! :)

This week was a good one!

On Tuesday we had our Zone Training Meeting, and that went really well! :) We talked a lot about the things that we can do differently to be better examples of Jesus Christ, and also how we can improve our companionship study! So one thing that our mission is doing is reading the Book of Mormon together!  We read 5 pages today at the beginning of our companionship study so that we can learn from the Book of Mormon together and bring the Spirit even more into our mission!   So that is something that is really, really exciting! :)  I love it so far! :)

Tuesday night we met with Bishop and Catherine, because she wanted a blessing (so cool!) and so he talked to her about the priesthood, and blessings, and it was a really powerful spiritual experience for all of us!  Bishop also told her that at our next lesson we would be talking about baptism and inviting her to be baptized, which she said she was ok with!

Wednesday I gave a training in another zone, so that was our morning.  We got to teach Catherine that afternoon, and we did talk about baptism, and invited her, and she accepted!  So she will be getting baptized on the 25th of May!  So that is pretty great!  It has been so great to see her progress as she has come to church and as she has felt the Spirit, she really just wants to change her life, and this is how she is going to do that!  And she is so excited! It makes me even more excited! :)

Wednesday night we went to a dinner at the mission home since Sister Drinkwater went home last week. So that was fun, and really weird to be sending her off, so weird.  I've known her for so long!  Crazy how fast time goes, and really, how things do come to an end, or at least, enter a new stage!

Thursday we went to lunch with our Bishop and the Elders in our ward, since there was a chance that Elder Schumacher and I could get transferred, since we've both been in the area for a long time.  But we got to ride in his Tesla... :) so that was really awesome!  Welcome to Orange County. :) Quite a great place really, I love it! :) Anyway, we also got to see Ronnie, and wow, I had a testimony of Personal Progress already, cause it changed my life! But it is changing Ronnie.  She is a lot more loving, and quiet during our lessons, she really is changing!  The gospel really does change people!!!! :) 

Friday we went to a funeral in San Clemente, and then we had weekly planning!  We also got to see Lynda, and she committed to being baptized (or at least working towards) June 1st. Her only holdback is her situation, since they don't really have anything stable, she just wants to be more stable, but hopefully we can just help her feel the Spirit, and help her want to be baptized then! :)

Saturday was good, we went to the new trainers meeting!  Oh yea, so I'll be finishing training, and Sister Hurst is training!  At 12 weeks!!!  She is so awesome! :)  So that was a good meeting!

Then we had a few windows, and we talked to about 180 people! (Saturdays are BUSY in Laguna!)  So that was just fun, I love talking to people!  It really gets me all pumped up!!!

We taught Catherine about the Book of Mormon, and that went really well!  At dinner we shared a message about mothers, and we talked about our moms, and I am so grateful for you mom, for all that you did and do for me!  Such a blessing!  I really was so blessed with all of you! Such a wonderful family! I really couldn't ask for anything more! :)

Saturday night we got transfer calls, but I already knew that I was leaving, since I will be going to Sister Drinkwater's old area in Irvine! I'm excited, to be working in an English ward and then to be helping Sister Chua be ready to take over the Chinese branch next transfer.  So mom, to answer your questions, I have no idea if I'll be in Chinese homes, I think so, I know that we will be going to the Chinese branch on Sundays (well we may have to do splits, but I think I'll go sometimes).  So that will be interesting to see!  One of the assistants asked me if I was ready for a culture shock...I don't have much of a choice, but I am excited for the new adventures that are coming my way! :)

Yesterday was CRAZY but so fun!  After church we visited a lot of members (all of whom at church said, "you are coming over to say goodbye right?"), so we were running around all over Laguna, but it was fun! I love this ward, I really do. I love the members, I love the investigators, it is going to be sad to leave, but I am ready to go out and work hard and give my all to my next area. I'll start Strong there, and I plan on finishing well! :)  It really is going to be great!

So, I talked to you yesterday, so that was my update for the week, but not much else to say. Things are good. Time to go pack! :)

I love you all!  The church is true! Jesus Christ is our Savior! :) We need Him, and so does the world!  So keep being awesome examples and standing for what is right!!!!

And to end, I'll share a quote that President Orgill shared with me this week, "That same God that placed that star in precise orbit a millennia before it appeared over Bethlehem in celebration of the birth of that Babe has given at least equal attention to the placement of each of us in precise human orbits so that we may, if we will, illuminate the landscape of our individual lives, so that our light may not only lead others, but warm them as well." Neal A. Maxwell!  We are all where we are supposed to be!

Have a great week!  I love you!


Sister Taylor Burningham

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