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Girl's Camp

Hello Family!!! :)                                                                                                               June 30, 2014

It sounds like your week was pretty great!  And learning to play tennis? That sounds fun!  :) haha.  Every week we have an activity with the Yale ward and we play badminton, and I am so terrible at that as well.  There is a reason that I do not play sports, but that’s ok we still have a good time! :)

So this week was A MILLION TIMES BETTER than the past week.  We weren't sick anymore (thank goodness) and we talked to a lot of people, and saw a lot of miracles.

Monday night was great.  We stopped by this referral, but they weren't interested, and so I asked them for a referral, and they referred us to their neighbor, and she is really sweet, hopefully we will be able to go over and share a message with her this week! :)

Tuesday was transfers! So that was exciting.  But also really, really crazy.  So many missionaries that I know really well went home last week, including Sister Kimball.  It was really weird to see them go.  And even weirder to think that that will be me in such a short amount of time.  There was this one elder who goes home the same time I do that was like, "are you trunky yet?"  I don't know if I'd be considered trunky... I'm too focused still, but I am tired, but we still go out and work hard cause there are things to do, but like I said last week in my email, I am excited to come home, but I'm also excited for the remaining days that I have left! :) So that is super great! :)  But it was pretty funny, and weird, and I just decided that elders are pretty weird, especially when they are about to go home.  anyway, that's my story about me being trunky apparently. :)

Sister Lin is so great.  She is from Taiwan (is that how you spell that?)  Anyway, she is super quiet, but she is a powerful teacher!  So far our trio is great!  We've been spending time in both the Chinese and the English ward.  As our main purpose this transfer is to get Sister Lin and Sister Chua ready to handle the Chinese ward on their own!  So that is exciting!  And they will probably be taken out of Oak creek as well, but we'll see in a few weeks.

So anyway, like I said, this week was pretty good!  We got to see a lot of members this week, and we got to do service for Diana again, and she is just so great!  And there are a lot of miracles and potentials that happen every single day!  We were able to talk to a lot of people this week, and well, honestly right now my whole week is kind of a blur, but I just know that it was a really great week!

Oh, I just remembered, we also had Zone Conference this week.  And that was so great!  They talked a lot about lifting the faith and how we can listen better to the Spirit.  And President Orgill talked a little again about how we can invite the forces of light into our lives, and continue to do the things that God would have us be doing! :)  So that was great, and it was a really powerful spiritual day!  So that was lovely! :)

Lets see, oh, on Saturday there was a baptism in the Woodbridge 2nd ward of a man that the elders have been working with for about 2 years! So that was great!  And then, about 30 minutes before that, the elders called us and told us that the lady that was supposed to speak had just had mouth surgery, and so she needed someone to read her talk.  So at Ruben’s baptism, I read her talk!  It was fun, and a little weird to be reading someone else’s words, but it turned out well!  And the baptism was so great! :)  So that was Saturday.

Sunday was great!  So, first, our zone had a goal of talking to 6000 people in the month of June, and on Friday they told us where we were at, and I can't remember the number, but we asked roughly how many each companion needed during the week to reach the goal of 6000.  They were like, "well 105, but for you sisters, 275 (cause we contact like crazy)."  And at that point we were at about 60 and we were like, “challenge accepted.”  And we did it.  We ended up talking to 316 people, and it was so great!  Even though most of those people rejected us.  There is something powerful that happens as you open your mouth and share what we hold so dear. The spirit is great, and it is so fun!  And last night as we were walking around, it hit me, again, that I won’t get to do that forever, exactly the way that we do it now, but that just made me more anxious to talk to as many people as we can!  And so that is what we will do! :)

This morning we got to start our day off early with some service.  The young women have girl’s camp this week and their theme is "The Amazing Race," and so their first part of their "race" was at our stake center, and they had to count the pictures of Christ, and so our job was to help direct them in anyway so that they could get to the next "leg" of the race.  It was super fun, and just as we were being there, I was just thinking about my experiences at girl’s camp.  Those weeks were some of the best of my life, and some of the most spiritual moments that I've had.  I am so grateful for the opportunities that I've had in my life to have those experiences, and the ones that I've had as a missionary that strengthen my testimony every single day! They are so great!  :)  Also, I got to see Trinity, I'm so glad that she is able to go to girl’s camp, I'm sure her testimony will be strengthened even more as she enjoys this week, and I bet it will help her get one step closer to being baptized!! :) 

Anyway, so that was my week, I know not a whole lot of detail about people, but just know that good things are happening, and there are a lot of potentials that I am excited to work with! :)  This week should be good.  I will say that the 4th of July was and will be the hardest holiday for me as a missionary, just because of all the things that we do as a family!  But, we will be having a big mission conference that will be most of the day to celebrate our mission being a year old! So that is good! And I am looking forward to that!  J  So it should be a great week!!!

So today, I'm just tired, but happy and well and good! The gospel is true! It truly brings us the most joy that we could ever experience! I love it! :)  And I love being a missionary! I hope you have a great week!!!  I love you!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Adding Sister Lin to our companionship at transfer meeting

The Mandarin Ward Sisters

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