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Cheerios and Cherries

Hello family!                                                                                                  July 14, 2014

This week was a really, really good one.  I feel so calm and so...just ready for everything that is in store for me in the coming days! :)  In regards to missionary work, we are still working hard, and still trying to find solid investigators, but we did get a lot of referrals from the Yale Ward, so hopefully we will be finding some more people to teach, and to baptize! :)

Lets see...  On Wednesday I was on an exchange with Sister Carlson and Sister Chua.  And just because of how Sister Carlson was feeling, we ended up going to the mission home so Sister Carlson could talk to Sister Orgill, and Sister Chua and I watched the extended (new) version of Jonny Lingo, so that was exciting, and super odd to be watching a movie.  But it really was good. (Happy birthday kenna!)

All week I couldn't really figure out what I was feeling, excited and anxious yes, and tired and just I don't even know, it was a really weird week in that regard.  But Thursday started and after that, things were really good.

Thursday we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and it was so good!  We talked a lot about just going back to the basics and helping the missionaries KNOW the basics, cause when they know the basics, the work will improve even more! :)  So that was really great, and it was just an uplifting day.  But as always, at the end, they have all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies.  And since December I've watched as missionaries I've grown to love share their testimonies, and I always would think, "no, that will never happen to me."  Well it did, and it was so odd.  I was the last of the sisters to share my testimony, and I started by saying how if someone had told me 2 years ago that I would be nearly done with my mission, I really would have laughed and thought they were joking.  But I would not take back any day since that moment.  I've changed so much as a missionary.  This is a gospel of change.  We can change everyday.  We can choose at any moment to be better, to be different.  And oh how glorious that is! I shared how as we turn to the Savior, we are changed, because it is because of Him that change is possible, and I am so grateful for that! :)  Then we sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. And I was fine, until the 3rd verse and I caught Sister Orgill's eye, and she was crying, and so I started crying.  But it was a great moment, and I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to have it.

We also finally got our Cruze back on Thursday!  I've been in a rental car since April, and it was so good to have our actual car back! :)  So I am so grateful for that!

Thursday and Friday nights were super different, but super fun and exciting.  The Nashville Tribute Band came and had a concert.  It was a great missionary opportunity and so many members and nonmembers came and heard the music that testifies of the restoration and our Savior.  It was fun, and at the very end they invited all the missionaries to come up and sing with them, and it was a great experience that I will always remember! :)  And fairly unique for a missionary, but hey, it was still a great time! :)

Oh, so Friday after companion study, I walked into our kitchen and got me some cheerios, and then walked back to our table. But on my way back to the table, I'm still not really sure what happened, but one second I was walking and the next moment I was watching as my bowl of milk and cheerios spiraled to the ground.  And then I hit the ground.  And then I started laughing my head off, and all 3 of us were laughing as we cleaned up the mess.  It really made for an exciting moment!  It was really funny though. :)

Saturday I was on an exchange with Sister Ashton and Sister Hedrick, and that went well, but we were all really tired.  But we found a less active in our window, and then dropped a Book of Mormon off to a member’s friend...and then we went to Laguna Niguel because CATHERINE WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was the highlight of my week.

It was such a special baptism, she was just so ready, and it made me feel so happy to see this woman that I've grown to love, to be accepting the gospel and coming closer to the Savior.  :)  It was a miracle, and one of those moments that I'll always remember.

I was talking to Sis Christensen afterwards, and she was like, these next few weeks are just like the cherry on top.  (Not that I like cherries but, you know what I mean), haha.  But they really have been so far, and I just feel so grateful to be a missionary and these next few weeks really will just be the perfect finish! :)

Yesterday was good, except I was having all those mixed up feelings again, and trying to figure out all that I was feeling.  In the afternoon Sister Chua received her Patriarchal Blessing, and that just made me realize how much God loves each of us and knows us all so personally!  He really is in the details of our lives! :)  And we got a new investigator, but she is Chinese, and I have no idea how to say her name, let alone spell it!  But her daughter is a member, and so is her husband, so lots of potential there!!

I also got a blessing last night, and I feel a great sense of peace.  I've done all that I was supposed to up to this point, and I will continue to do that until the end.  One thing that was mentioned was that I would help investigators and members, but especially other missionaries right now.  And then I got here this morning and my email from President Orgill talked about how a lot of my focus should be on my companions and getting them ready to go out and do the work when I'm gone.  So it was just really interesting how that all fit together, and I am looking forward to the many miracles that will happen in the coming weeks.  :)

I know I've been talking a lot about coming home, ok well not a lot, but a bit.  It has been on my mind a lot, just because I want to do all that I can and all that I'm supposed to before my time as a fulltime missionary ends.  On Friday night, at the concert, when we were all up onstage the band sang "The Hardest Thing I've Ever Loved To Do" and I cried a little, and after President Orgill said, "Sister Burningham, I saw you got a little emotional up there." I said yes. And he said, "well why don't you just stay forever?"  And I said that I wished I could.  But I know that that isn't part of the plan that God has for me.  But until I do come home, I'll be working hard, and enjoying every moment.  We'll keeping finding, teaching baptizing and building the kingdom of God.  For this is His work, and we are just privileged to be a part of it. :)  And what a blessing that is! I love this gospel, I love that we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who always knows how we feel, and that we can turn to Him in all things and He will give us all that we need. :)

Have a good week!   Do good things! J I love you!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Nashville Tribute Concert

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