Monday, June 30, 2014

That They Might Have Joy

Hello Family!                                                                                                 April 14, 2014

I am glad to hear that tour was FUN! :)   The tour to San Francisco when I went...could it have really already been 3 years ago?  Man, where does the time go?  But that was probably my favorite tour, so I am glad that you were all able to enjoy it last week!! :)   For me, first off! I'm better! :)  Hurray!  I started feeling better last Monday, so that was really nice! :)    And then we went out and got to work!  This past week has been a good one.  I am really seeing what we are capable of as a companionship and as a mission.  If we are willing to put in the work and pay the price to be good missionaries! :) So that’s what we are working hard to do.

So, you mentioned the 40 day fast that I sent you, I am glad you are taking the challenge!  It is been a great thing for me already.  Going without things that aren't bad, but they distract from the Spirit, so it really has been great to see already how much more I feel the Spirit as I am working on letting go of the little distractions and focusing even more on all the people around me!  Blessings are already coming.  But I'm not doing it because of that. I want to be a better person. I want to be a better missionary. And it is already changing me, the gospel is anyway!  Which, I found a cool quote on that this morning:  “We can change our behavior. Our very desires can change. How? There is only one way.   True change--Permanent change--can only come through the healing, cleansing, and enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  He loves you-each of you.  He allows you to access His power as you keep His commandments eagerly, earnestly and exactly.  It is that simple and certain. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of change." - Russell M. Nelson.  I love that.  I see everyday, I invite people everyday, to change their lives and come closer to Jesus Christ.  Well, I feel if I invite people to do that, I should be doing the same thing!  :) So, I continue to daily embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and as I rely on my Savior, I am changed! :)

 Anyway, back to my week!  Tuesday I had a Sister Training Leader meeting, to help plan a little bit of our mission leadership council.   So that was fun.  And good. And also weird.  Sister Drinkwater goes home in like 3 weeks. It is pretty crazy to all of us, she really has been such a great help to me, and to so many others.    It will be sad to see her go, but hey, life goes on :)

Lets see…trying to remember my week ;)  On Wednesday we were able to see Brian and Kristy and Ethan and Giselle and read the Book of Mormon with them.  Everyday I feel of it's power. I do not know what I would do without this wonderful book! Read it! :)  And we were also able to see a few members and that morning we had a really good and interesting district meeting.  We talked about how we need to be more excited about DOING the work.  I mean, I'm pretty excited about this work!  But I realized that I am more excited when I am writing about it in my emails or my journal, so I am working on being more excited about doing the work!  And that has helped me a lot.  I love talking to people.  I love getting rejected over and over. I don't know why I do, probably because I know that it is true! So yes, even though it is hard, I will continue to put it all on the table so that I can just find even ONE person who will listen, because that ONE makes every rejection worth it! 

Thursday I had Mission Leadership Council, and that was really great! We talked a lot about a lot of different things actually, but I think one thing that stood out to me was how we are trying to create a Celestial culture in our mission, and that will mean sacrifice on our part!  But what a wonderful thing to be a part of, to do and to create.   So I guess, just realized this, that a good theme  for this week could be "it's hard, but it's worth it."   Because it really is.   :)  And it gets easier as you keep doing what is right! :)

Thursday night we also had a window where we had a lady yell at us for several minutes, which actually was quite funny, since we had gone up to talk to her, and she just stood up from her bench, and moved to another one, where she then started yelling things, but it was a pretty noisy area, so I don't know what she was saying.  So we just kept talking to people :)   But it made for a fun window.

Friday was good, I went on an exchange with Sister Hedrick, and that was great! :)
Saturday night we had dinner with some former investigators and their member friends.   And then yesterday, Jamie, this nonmember came to church and wants to take the lessons!   We can't meet with her this week, cause she is going out of town, but we have an appointment for next Tuesday! So that is a great miracle!

Yesterday seemed to be full of those.  See, we have been working hard. Trying as hard as we can to find new investigators and it has been pretty rough.  But yesterday, it was evidence that God is aware of all our efforts.   See, so Jamie came to church and wants to take the lessons. Another lady also came with a guy in our ward, and she is interested in learning more, and then we are teaching Ronnie's sister (oh by the way, Ronnie loved the chocolate you sent her! so thanks!)  Tonight at our Bishop’s house.  So we have many potentials, and this week is really just gonna be a great one!  Lots of things are happening, and we are gonna keep working hard so that we can find teach and BAPTIZE!  So that more of God's children can return to Him.   :)

Also, I got thrown under the bus yesterday by Sister Hurst.  She gave a talk in sacrament meeting, as did one of the elders (who has also only been out for a short time).  But she said something along the lines of, "so, I've been out for 2 months, and this is my first area, and I'm speaking today, but I should let you know that Sister Burningham and Elder Schumacher (the other elder in our ward) have been out for 18 months and almost 18 months, and they haven't given a talk yet.."  And then she began her talk.  It was actually pretty funny, and then the rest of the day people would say "good job Sister Hurst" then look at me and ask "when is it your turn?"  So I may have to speak soon, but that's ok :)   haha.  But it was pretty funny.

So that was my week, and this week should be a good one!!   Lots of good things happening.  Get to do Trainings at Zone Training Meeting on both Wednesday and Thursday for different zones.  And then on Friday I get to go to the temple!  And then on Saturday we are having a combined mission conference with the Anaheim Mission because Elder Neil L. Andersen is coming to our mission!!! :) So we are looking forward to that!  And then Sunday is Easter!! So, it should be a great week! :)     We will keep working hard and doing all that we can to fulfill our purpose as missionaries!

One last thought, I was reading today, 2 Nephi 2, and I was thinking about this line "that they might have joy."  God's ultimate purpose is for us to be HAPPY!!! So, this week I want you to be positive everyday, look for the good, be grateful, serve and give to others.  Find the Joy that comes as we do what is right! I know you will be happy and I can't wait to hear about your happy week ;) 

I love you all!


Sister Burningham

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