Monday, June 30, 2014

A Week With the Flu

Hey Family!!!!                                                                                       April 7, 2014

How is life up in northern Cali? Down south it is pretty great!  This week has been one of the weirdest ones on my mission.

So lets see, where to even begin.  Tuesday WAS GREAT!  We taught a few investigators (Ardell is still on track for baptism), and saw some members.   Then we had dinner, just at home cause it was transfer day, so we didn't have any members sign up, in case either of us were getting transferred.  But, as we were leaving our apartment to go to our evening appointments, Sister Hurst told me that she was feeling sick, but that she felt like she could make it through the evening.   We got to our first lesson, which was with an active member family, and Sister Hurst made it through the lesson, but ran out the door in the middle of the closing prayer and threw up :( no fun!!   So that was a BUMMER!  So, for our next appointment, with Ronnie, I went with the member's daughter who is a senior this year, while Sister Hurst hung out at their house.   We went home after that, only to find Sister Hedrick sick as well.   So that was great!  We caught the flu!   So on Wednesday Sister Carlson and I were crazy people as we ran from different meetings, to Irvine to see President Orgill, and then all over both of our areas to get to our appointments.   :) So that was GREAT! 
Then on Thursday Sister Hurst was feeling a bit better, so she went out with Sister Carlson, and I stayed with Sis Hedrick and deep cleaned our kitchen (gotta get rid of all the yucky germs!)   But I went with Sister Carlson for the evening, cause Sis Hurst ended up feeling sick again.   So we finished the evening, going home to plan, knowing that me and Sis Carlson were getting sick.

So Friday, we were right, and we were sick! Yay for having the stomach flu! Great fun! :)   We planned for our week, and then Sister Hurst and Sister Hedrick who were feeling better went out, while we stayed in.  But we did go to dinner, bad idea though.  The sweet member fed us KFC.   uhhh yucky when you are sick.  We felt pretty terrible after that.   So we got blessings from the Elders, in hopes that we would be better for conference. 
Conference was FANTASTIC!   I loved all the sessions, and it was just so great! I got a lot out of it, and I know that one thing I really need to do is have more faith in God and in His plan for me!  I also loved how much they talked about doing the little things, those things are really what are going to get us through these last days!  And I am grateful to be getting in a better habit now as a missionary.  Those little things, prayer, scripture study, and FHE really are going to make a big difference!  So keep doing them! :)   I am also so grateful for all the wonderful testimonies and for Jesus Christ.  He really is at the head of our church!  I am so grateful to know that He is my Savior. And that no matter what happens, He will help us. The atonement covers everything!  And because God loves us, He is going to help us!  We will have trials and challenges, but if we are living the gospel, we will be blessed!    :) 
So Saturday after conference Sister Carlson and I watched 17 Miracles as we were still sick :(  Yesterday was good.  And I was gonna tough it out!  Still felt pretty terrible, but I was so sick of our apartment. So we went to dinner, and I felt even worse.  So we saw one member and then came home.  And I went to bed at like 8:30 last night.  And woke up feeling sick.  So I don't really know what is going on, and why I'm still sick, but I hope it passes soon! 
The good news is that even though we were in a lot, since we live with others sisters we were still able to got out and work!  Not as good as we normally do, but it just helped me know how much more capable we are when we aren't sick! :)   So this week there isn't much to report about people, cause we didn’t see a whole lot of them.   But I hope this next week is better, I hope I’m better soon too!  

But, Still, there is a smile on my face, why?  Because the Church is true! God loves me!   Blessings will come as I am diligent and faithful.    I know that this Gospel is true. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to go out each day and share it with those around me.  What a blessed opportunity.  I feel lifted by the atonement each day! It really does give us strength just as Elder Bednar said!   I love it!  I love the gospel, I love being a missionary! 

I love you as well!  I hope you have a good, fun, safe week!  :) Enjoy Cali, enjoy the dancing,  just enjoy the journey!   A quote, not from this conference, but from one previous that I read this past week, "It's not a race, it's a journey, enjoy the moment."  President Uchtdorf.   So, truly enjoy EVERY moment, so that someday we can look back, and smile, remembering what we did while we were here!
I love you all! :)


Sister Taylor Burningham

We know how to be sick
Sister Hurst & Sister Hedrick

Me and Sister Carlson
What a great week

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