Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well Hello Family!                                                                             December 30, 2013

It's been awhile since we last chatted ;)   I am so grateful for the chance that we had, and that we were able to skype and just talk and laugh, and it really felt like no time had passed at all!   And today, we took a sister missionary to the airport since she is done, and it really just hit me that the time here is short, so I'm excited to work hard and use all the time that I do have! :)

So, you know a little about my week, since we did talk on Wednesday, but, just a quick overview and then the rest of the week!

Tuesday was Christmas Eve, had district meeting, set off the fire alarm at the church, and went caroling! It was great! Christmas was also great! We were at Kristy and Brian’s almost all day!  We ate breakfast and then skyped with you, and that was just fabulous!!! :) I loved ever minute of it!   After we skyped we went and ate dinner at a members house, who tried to set their son up with Sister Kimball, so that was awkward, since he was sitting right there...awkward!  hah!   And then we went caroling, but I felt sick, so we left early.  But we had gone through this gate, and well, it was locked when we were going back to our car, so guess who climbed a fence in a skirt, that would be me. Guess who sat on top of the fence for like 5 minutes cause she was too scared to jump down...me again.  Guess who let this random nice man help her down.  Me. haha.   Oh adventures!

Thursday was a weird day, one of the Sisters that we live with got a concussion last Monday, so we stayed in to help her and her companion for a little bit of the day.   Then we had dinner, with Brian and Kristy and some of their friends, so that was great!  

Friday was good, ish. Can't remember too much oh yes, it came back.  ok.  So exchanges, cause Sister Bergau (the one we took to the airport today)  Went on an exchange with  Sister Kimball, so Sister Morgan went to Newport and I stayed home with Sister Hedrick and Sister Cooper until 2:00.  Then I went to a meeting with the Zone Leaders and District Leaders in our Zone with Sister Kimball.  Then we went to dinner with some members who were kinda crazy, but it was really enjoyable, and so that was great! haha.      So that was Friday!

Saturday we did service for a 90 year old named Don, and then did weekly planning.    Then we taught Ethan and Giselle, and guess what!!!! They have a baptism date for January 11!!!!  We are super pumped!!   And my invitation for you this week has to do with them!    They really, really, really want to get baptized, but their dad still isn't really thrilled with the whole idea, so please pray that his heart will be softened so that these two AMAZING kids will be able to get baptized in 2 weeks!!! :)    So pray, pray, pray!  We do, every prayer! :)  Then we saw another family that we are teaching, but the parents were on a date, so we stopped by and played some of their new games with the kids and with their babysitter, who we invited to church and she said she might come sometime! So that is pretty exciting! :)  

Yesterday was exciting.  We went to church, but ended up missing RS cause we went to the ER where Sister Hedrick was with Sister Cooper (who got the concussion, since she was getting way worse and fell the other day).  But, she is ok, just needs lots and lots of sleep!   Then we met with the Elders in our ward to coordinate some things and then we had dinner with our new ward mission leader and Brian and Kristy's family as well! So that was great fun!

We then drove up to Newport cause we had a surprise sleep over for Sister Bergau, so that was exciting! :)   And crazy, and I didn’t get much sleep last night, but it was good, cause we were able to say goodbye to her today at the airport!  It was also really weird, to be sending someone home that I've known for all of my mission, weird.  It really goes by so fast.  The time we have is so short!  

But it really has been the biggest blessing in my life, being on a mission.  I wouldn't change it for the world.  I love it. I love going up to people and opening my mouth and sharing the gospel with them.  I just love it!  I love that God has given me this chance to learn and grow, to push myself and to find myself as I am forgetting myself and doing what He would do.  I love that the more we forget ourselves, the more that we study the scriptures and as we truly follow the example of Jesus Christ, then slowly, we do become more and more as he is.  And that is a blessing.  That is something that I truly desire, to be like my Savior. 

So,  next time I talk to you, it will be a new year.  Weird.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  It has really flown by!   And I took some time last week to set some goals that I actually want to accomplish this year!  So I am excited for those! I am excited for the new year!  A fresh start and really a new beginning.  2014 is really going to be a different, but really good year, I can just tell! :)

I'm glad to hear that you had a good week!  I hope that this week is well, that you (Kenna) have fun at the stake dance tomorrow and that you just have fun!  Smile!  Be happy!

I love you!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham  

Sending off Sister Bergau

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