Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Time For A Change

January 6, 2014

Well, Happy 2014 everyone!! I hope that this year has started off well, and I am sure that it is going to be a great year, I am really excited for it, and I don’t even really know why! :)  But it just feels like it is going to be a good year!

So, first update about transfers, I’m staying in Laguna beach with Sister Morgan, we don’t know if we will be getting a third companion or if it will just be the 2 of us, we'll find out tomorrow. But Sister Kimball is being transferred!  Weird, she is now the companion that I've had for the shortest amount of time, cause I've always been with someone for more than a transfer, so different!  Also, there have been rumors that all the STL's are gonna be solo, so that will be an interesting adventure, that is for sure! :)

But, anyway, this week was actually really, really great for it being week six! :)   On New Year’s Eve we had to be in at 7, but we were able to have a Zone activity, and we played Tomahawk ball (ultimate frisbee but with a football) So that was pretty exciting.  Then, I went to bed early, and if there were any fireworks, I slept right through them! :) 
New Year’s Day was pretty fun, our Zone Leaders held an activity for not only missionaries in our Zone but also members and nonmembers, and we played dodgeball, so that was pretty fun.  We had a pretty good turn out, and quite a few nonmembers came.  I really love that President Orgill is so open to different finding ideas, so we sure do make it fun!    But, I did discover, or just reconfirmed that I can't throw anything to save my life, but I was pretty good at not letting the balls hit me, but then I'd be the last one on my team, and I'd be pretty useless for getting the other team out.  So. Yeah. It was fun though! Then we went and saw an investigator family that we are teaching, and it was just a great way to start the new year! :) 

Thursday was good, I went on a mini exchange with Sister Hedrick and we taught an awesome lesson to a lady who has been investigating for 8 years.   But she was sweet, and it really was a good lesson! :)   And then we saw some members and I can't really remember what else! :)

Friday morning we got to go to the temple, bright, actually dark, and early at 7 am, but it was a great way to start our day, and I just love the temple! It is so wonderful!  And I'm grateful that we are so blessed to have a temple so close, and really, I can't wait to go even more when I get home, so that will be great!  For now, I'll just enjoy it about every three months ;)  Then we planned, then we had a meeting with the Zone Leaders and District Leaders in our Zone, then we taught Brian the Plan of Salvation, and I just love the Plan Salvation, it is just my favorite! :)

We also got to help feed the homeless Friday night, so that was an adventure!  Different, but after me and Sister Morgan (Sister Kimball was on an exchange) were talking about how now that we are on our missions we love doing service, and it is just so great!  So I hope to carry that love that I am getting here, throughout my life, so that I'll be able to continue serving all those around me! :)   But it was a fun day!

Saturday was pretty crazy, but really good. We got Sister Kimball back around noon then we went to see Don. Did I tell you about him?  He's a 90 year old man that we go and do service for.   So that was good, then we saw a few members while we were waiting for a less active to get in touch with us.  But we ended up just going over to her house, right as she was getting home from a run, so that was a mini miracle!   We were able to talk to her about goals and that was great! :)

We also went to see a part member family, and the daughter used to take the lessons, and she told us that she wanted to get baptized, but didn't know how to tell her mom, who is also not a member.  We told her that everything would be fine and that we would be able to work it out.  Then on Sunday she was talking to the Elders and set a date for January 25, and then got home and told her mom that there was a baptism on the 25th, (not that it was hers though) but later she called and said that her mom had asked her about it, and found out, and actually said she might go to the baptism, which wasn't what Ronnie was expecting at all!  But that was cool, and so now we'll be going over the lessons again with her and preparing her for the 25th!   So that is pretty exciting!  Also, as for Ethan and Giselle, we will know when we see them tomorrow, but, for now, we know they are getting baptized, we just aren't sure when!   So thank you for the prayers, and keep them coming! :)

Mom, thanks for the journal tip! That is a good idea, I'll do that! :)

And funny that you should ask about goals, we've been talking about goals all week.   And how we really should turn to God when we are setting goals, so that it is something that He knows we can accomplish, and something that He will help us with!   I know that as a missionary when we set goals (which we do ALL THE TIME),   if we don't do it with the Spirit, or with the desire to actually go out and work and help these people progress, then we are just setting a goal to set a goal, and it really won't help us in the long run.  We've been challenging people to take time to set goals, and really let God help them, or almost approve of them, so that we can know that those things truly are what God wants us to do!  It has been cool the different conversations that we have had, and how I really want to accomplish the goals that I set this year!  And then to relate that to what you'll be talking about mom, about living a gospel centered life, we've really been talking about how it really is the little things that make the biggest difference in our lives.  Reading the scriptures everyday, praying, going to church, because when we are doing those things daily and weekly, then the rest will be a lot easier, we will have the Spirit in our lives, and we really will be able to focus on God and the things that matter most! So, I hope something in what I just said helps ya! :)

I'm glad things are going well at home!   I love hearing updates and news, so keep that coming!   I can't believe that Kenna is about to start her last semester of high school! Crazy!!!  You're so old! ;)  But I know it will be great!!!  So, all of you keep smiling, keep having fun, keep doing the little things, and keep on loving each other! :) 

I love you all!!!

You are all so amazing!!! :)   

I’ll talk to you soon!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Just a typical day...ya know, we just have fun!

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