Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time To Get Wet

November 18, 2013

Well dear family!  This week has been a good one, a busy one, a tiring one, but God is always there to carry me through! :)

So let me think...what even happened this week????  Good question.  On Tuesday we taught Kelley and invited her to be baptized this Saturday, she said yes, and had her interview, she is clear to be baptized, but yesterday she got nervous about the date, so we are praying real hard for her, and prayers in her behalf would be great!   We also taught Judy, who had her interview yesterday, and she is GOING TO GET BAPTIZED on Saturday!  So this week is going to be a crazy one, getting ready for that, but we are excited and she is excited!    So that is what will be happening this week!  :)

We also invited Ben, Shirin and Elizabeth to be baptized, and they said that they want to learn more before they get baptized, but they still come to church every week and we have a standing appointment with them once a week, so they are progressing, just slowly!

Wednesday was good, we had a zone training, and that was good!  We also had choir, and then we taught Jung.  (Oh did I mention that he also gets taught by president Orgill???) Haha, anyway he doesn't get the priesthood yet, but he really wants to know all about our church before he decides what he is going to do about it.    So that is sometimes stressful, but it is also good.  He also said this "Sister Putnam and Lang are good singers.”  (we sing with him)  then he said, "Burningham not good singer, but good teacher."  Haha. It just made us laugh, and well, obviously I can't sing, but that's ok, I'll keep singing anyway, cause I love it! :)

Thursday was good, we saw Charlotte and her daughter (and they came to church cause we sang in Sacrament meeting!) so that was a miracle! :)   We also saw Kelley again, and were just helping her get ready for baptism! :)

We also went to a Relief Society activity, cause Shirin went, it was a good use of time!  Plus we got to know the sisters in this ward better!  And many of them are a bit anxious cause transfers are next week, and both Sister Putnam and I have been here for 4 months,  so we could get transferred.  But we'll find out Sunday night.  But this week we are just going to go out and kill it!  And have baptisms!! :)  So yay super exciting!   Hmmm also, I'll tell you my transfer predictions…I think I may be going.  Which is sad cause I love this area, but I really think that my time here may be close to an end.  But we'll see.  Do you have any guesses??? :)  Before I tell you next week!?!?!

Friday was supposed to be planning day, but we didn’t get much planning done.  We did this thing called "nails and tales" and we went to a senior center and painted their nails and asked them about their family history, so that was fun! And just being there reminded me of all the times we danced at senior centers, and that was a good memory, I’m glad I had that opportunity to do that! :)    Tell Angela thanks for me! :)  Then we had lunch, and then went and learned more about family history, and I attached documents to people, mostly just census records, but it was still cool! Then we taught Mackey, and that was good!  Just continuing to make baby steps with her! :)   And then we also saw Jung again, and that went well.   We did sing, and teach him more about the priesthood! 

Saturday we had lunch with Kelley before her baptism interview, so that was fun! :)   Then we planned.  And I can't really remember what else happened.

Yesterday really didn’t even feel like Sunday.  Why? K, here was our day, got up, got ready, practiced for choir at 8:00, sang in the first ward, then went to our own Sacrament Meeting.  Then Judy had her interview, and while our District Leader was interviewing her we hung out in the mission office, and missed Sunday School and Relief Society.  And then we went and got Sister Murphy cause her comps had a meeting with President, then dropped her off after we studied, went to dinner, which was great!  And then went and taught a member.  It was a go, go, go kind of day, but it was great!  And I think I prefer busy days to days when there isn't much happening!

And then today!   :)   Today is pday.  Yay!  Haha, much needed and I always love them! :)   HMMM, but really things are going good, and I am so grateful that I am a missionary right now! :)  It is just amazing.   I love that I am able to see the atonement at work everyday. I love that I can share the gospel with my whole heart. I love that I am a missionary.   I just love it!   I know that this is where I am supposed to be!  I know that God has a purpose for all things! I know that the Church is true!  That God loves us and knows us and truly wants us to be happy!   I love this gospel! I love the plan that God set up for us! I love that there is more to life than just this life! :)  I love it!!!

I hope you all have a great week!  Things sound good (and cold) at home, I'm grateful for the warmer weather, but it still is chilly at night ;)  Haha.  I feel blessed to be in California though! :)   I just feel blessed, full and happy right now.  I'm so grateful that I felt like I needed to serve a mission, and then heeded that prompting.  I feel like people talk about the things that get in the way of them serving, but I feel like I took of running and didn't look back. But I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the time I've already served, and the time I have left. It's going so fast, but I'm enjoying every second!!!!

I love you all!  Have a good week!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Just taking some pictures while Kelley has her interview

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