Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miracles and Blessings

Dear Family!!!                                                                                November 25, 2013

First off, have to say, Kenna, sorry that you are sick! I have a bad cold too…so that is no fun!!!   But, other than that, things are pretty good here in Irvine.

So here was my week in a word.  OK maybe two words.  Hard but happy.    Why??  Well lets see...Judy hurt her back, so there was no baptism :(    And Kelley got nervous again so no one got baptized.  And we were pretty bummed about that, but at the same time, I felt happy.  I know the church is true! I know that God is real! I also know that these two sweet sisters have felt it, and well, maybe they just needed more time.   I also remembered I think on Thursday, after we found out that Kelley wouldn't be baptized either, what President Shumway had said in my setting apart blessing, that I wouldn’t see many baptisms, but that I would see Miracles!  And that I have.  I didn’t come on a mission to baptize.   Well I did, but I knew that wasn't going to be my purpose.  Some missionaries reap, others sow. I've done a little of both.   And I just feel so blessed to even be on a mission, to be sharing the gospel, and my testimony! :)   I just love this work!  So even though it was a hard week, God was carrying us, and I am so glad for that! :)

Lets see...what else happened.... :)  Trying to remember.   We taught Jung, and Sister Lang testified boldly! :)    Ben, Shirin and Elizabeth are doing great! :)   Kelley is doing good, we also saw her on Saturday, and just helped her feel better, she's been feeling down all week....hmmm maybe she should have gotten baptized ;)   haha, well, she should have, but I know she has her agency! :)   

We met a less active this week, her name is Nancy, and she actually ended up coming to church!  So that was pretty awesome! :)    We had choir like normal, and sang at an Inter faith thing last night in Laguna beach, and that went really well!  So that was fun, and we were able to share the Spirit with all of those there.  

December is going to be busy, we have quite a few performances, and so that will be great! Singing in the Choir has been really fun and enjoyable!!!

So, I’m sure you are dying to know whether or not I am getting transferred, but we'll get to that in a minute :)

Things are going well out here, and I have an increased desire to serve and to just do my best every single day! The days are starting to slip by even faster than they were before, I am not sure where the past 6 weeks have gone, because this transfer was so short.  It just reminds me of what Sister Longhurst told me, about how transfers just go faster and faster.  I didn't believe her.  But I sure do now!!! :)  haha.   But it is great!  And I’m just trying to enjoy every single day!!!! :)

OK.  So about transfers. They called us on Saturday night, and our district leader started going through the list of people in our zone who are getting transferred (nearly at least one person from every companionship is leaving),  and then of course, he waited to tell us last which of us would be leaving.......  So...... I've been packing my bags, cause tomorrow night I'll be in a new area!   :)  Which is exciting, and I really wasn't expecting it.  But hey, I know that it is right, I can just feel the spirit! :)   So I'll be leaving Irvine. Both Sister Lang and Sister Putnam are staying, and they will be on their own!   Sister Lang tells me that I’m abandoning her, and every time she does, I just look up and say "talk to Him."  But, really, they will do great!   The ward is sad, and they had me and the elder that is leaving bear our testimonies yesterday.    I have loved serving in this ward!  It has been a great blessing!  They are so wonderful! :)   I really have grown a lot as well as I was senior companion and a trainer!  Now onto new things!  I have no idea where I’m headed.  No idea  who I'll be with!  So it will be an adventure, but a good one I am sure! :)  And I’ll tell you all about it next week!!! :)

As for thanksgiving, I'll probably be eating with a member... but not sure, cause I don’t know where I’ll be yet, but I do know that I’ll be taken care of!  :)  And mom, I hope I get turkey too!!!    

So, things are good!  Just getting everything packed, and tonight I'll be stopping by some members that want me to say goodbye!  Which is nice, I feel their love, and I love them too, so that is a blessing! I hope my next ward is just as great! I'm sure it will be!!! :)

I love you all!

Have a great week!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

These are the missionaries in my ward

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