Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 6

Dear Family!!                                                                            July 2, 2013

Hello!  How are ya doing?  

I'm doing good this fine p-day.   We are emailing a little later today, cause we were teaching a less active during our usual time (even on p-day, we get reminded that we are on a mission, so that it is all the Lord's time) But the lesson went well, and that was good!

Ok, so this past week.  Crazy I tell you!  But good.  But crazy.   So it was week 6 of a transfer, which for some reason always ends up being a little bit weird!   So on Tuesday we had our mission conference, and we said goodbye to everybody.   Which was kinda depressing, cause my whole MTC district is in Carlsbad, and I'm up here in Irvine.  But that's ok!  I'm happy, and just feel so at peace with where I am at!  So at the conference, we took pictures and were able to talk to everyone, then we had  a mini transfer meeting, and then said goodbye to the Cooks, and headed home.   (We got there at 1 and we were there until 7) took us an hour to get home, then we were starving (thank goodness for peacheos and pringles from your package!!)   haha!  :)  Anyway, it was a good day, and a weird one.
So, I'm now in the Irvine Mission.  Which means you'll need to change my info on my blog about my address.  Which is correct.  The mail goes to the mission office, which is at the Stake Center.   So, it is correct!  And I'm not sure how mail will work yet, but for now, just send it there... and hopefully I'll get it! I'll let you know next week though!   But, I should be getting mail...either tomorrow or Thursday.

Tomorrow Sis. Drinkwater will meet our new Mission President cause she is a Sister Training Leader, and then on Thursday (for the 4th) we are having a mission conference so that we can meet the new president, and just...I'm not sure, guess we will see!  And then we'll be having a bbq with a member family, who are super fun!  :) So that will be good, though, it will be weird, cause it is my first 4th away from home.   My guess is that it won't feel too much like the holiday, but I guess we will see!! :)  I can't wait to hear all about what you guys do!! :)

Ok, so like I said this week has been kind of a weird one.    We taught Allen, who is a Greek man, at a pizza place.   And the owner (who we were referred too) she is really nice, but her husband kept interrupting our lesson, and it was just really interesting, but we were able to share the first vision, and Allen seemed to like the message we shared, so I'll keep you posted on him!   We also have been teaching Rich a lot.  He still isn't quite progressing, but he has had some pretty Spiritual experiences in the past little bit, and he loves the way that Sister Drinkwater and I teach together, so we are getting close with him.  HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!! And not only that, but he invited his daughter to come, and this lady that used to work for him, and his daughter came as well!!  It was a miracle!  Also, we actually had an interesting Sunday, cause in Sacrament only converts spoke, about their conversion, and then during Priesthood/RS we helped teach a little bit and introduce the "missionary ladder" (which will be in your package that I am sending home today) so that you can see what that is all about.  But, that was fun....and good!  And the ward really is beginning to trust us as missionaries, and to be honest, I don’t think that this ward has in a long time.  But, things are progressing, and that is a miracle!   Also, Brenda came to church and she said that she felt love.  Which was just great!! :)   

So, we have been starting to teach the youth in our ward, and we have had some powerful experiences so far, and it has been truly wonderful!  I love the youth, and I am glad that we are working with them, helping them gain their own testimonies so that they can be stronger in the gospel!

So, we had a few miracles this week, and also a few moments where we wonder what the heck is going on (yeah, we were marriage counselors this week, that is something I've never done before) But, well, when we have the Spirit, we teach with God's power, and truly, the gospel is the thing that is going to help people the most.  So, that is what we shared :)

So, I hope that this week is good!!!  I love you all, and I miss you like crazy, but things are going good! And I am just loving San Clemente! :)    

Happy Birthday Kenna (for next week) since you will be at camp when I email, but I'm sending you some things! :)  
And I hope that all things are going good, and I can't wait to hear from you again!! :)

I love you!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

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