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March 19, 2013

Dearest Family!!!                                                                  

And again, it is already Tuesday!! I don't know how it is on your end, but time sure does go by very fast here!!   Things are going well!    We got a new investigator, his name is Kirk.  (He is the one that just came to church)   I wasn't able to teach him, because I was on exchanges, but I'll tell you about that soon!  But he has accepted to be baptized, and we'll invite him for a specific date next time we see him!   But wow!   What an amazing experience.

Ok, so last Wednesday we had exchanges.   I went with Sister Nauta to Laguna Beach.  She is from Bora Bora.  And so... for the first time in a month, I drove.  For the first time in 2 years, I drove on the freeway.  And for the first time in my life, I parallel parked (with the help of her ward mission leader later that night)   Oh man.  So I had some driving adventures.   That was pretty exciting....  haha :)   it was exciting, that is for sure!   That area is a hard one, because Sister Nauta and her companion are both brand new to the area, so they are still trying to meet everyone, it felt like my first night again, not knowing anyone, but we figured it out.  And it was a good experience all around.

We have been continuing to work with several less actives.  Some are very interested in coming back, others not so much.  But we have a few that we visit weekly that are progressing!  
The new email thing is pretty cool, we have an hour or so on the computer, so short emails are good, but even if I can't respond, I love to hear from people!   

If you get the chance to talk to Natasha, tell her good luck, or I’ll just email her this week!!
Everything sounds like it is going well, and Mason, welcome to the family!! :)  I got your package yesterday! Thank you!!   That was great!   I don't think I need anything else, but I'll let you know!    

We've started to meet with the Priest age Young Men and their families, talking a little about missionary work, and how they can better prepare.   That has been going well!  The members really are great in this area, there are man,y many pretty wealthy families, but they are some of the most humble people!  Which is really cool to see!   I am very grateful that I am here in San Clemente, being able to work with the members here, and build the Lord's kingdom.

We have seen a few miracles this week, Through contacting we met a man named Torry, and he is open in hearing what we believe, so we'll be calling him soon (we met him on Sunday).  He said that he felt that he was far away from finding the truth, but well, I said after, he may not be as far away as he thinks.   So hopefully he is open and accepting!    We also met a less active, her name is Amber.   She has been through a lot of challenges, but she is a great lady, she is very strong, and she wants to change and come back to the Lord.   We pray that we may be able to help her in some way.  That she will be able to see that the Lord is real, and that He will lift her.  He lifts all of us.

I've learned a lot about the Lord this week.   How His timing is not like ours, and that His plans are not always our plans.   But, as we prepare, as we discuss during companion study what we will be teaching those whom we do have plans for, our faith grows, and sometimes we end up using what we'd planned for someone else, with a different person.  But the gospel is so amazing that every truth will help every person.   We just need to have the Spirit so that we may share the truths that that person specifically needs to hear!
My cold has been better!  Sister Longhurst got sick though, flu.  So that was no fun for her!  But she is doing well!  And we are pressing forward!

My new favorite missionary scripture is D&C 30:11,   I need to do better at really not worrying so much about what man can do.  I am in the Lord's work! I have His power!! And that has been evident as I have turned to Him and opened my mouth to everyone that we see!   
The work is progressing.   We are praying.   We pray for miracles.  We pray for the people we work with.   The Lord answers our prayers.  We are able to plan, and then go out and find out what the needs of the people are, their spiritual needs.  And really, this gospel has an answer to every problem.  I am learning to listen with spiritual ears, and I know that that is helping!!! fine.  It's running.  We run around our little neighborhood.  Not on the beach.  "Where the sand begins our mission ends"  So we can't even go down by the beach, but that is alright, from most places we can see the water!

I'm glad to hear that things are going well at home!   How is school Kenna?    How is work mom and dad??    How are Karson and Easton doing?   I heard from Natalie that Karson misses me!   I miss him too, I miss everyone, but at the same time I know that I am where I am supposed to be.   I know that this is the Lord's work, and as I've tried to immerse myself in the Lord's work, I haven't been homesick.  I pray for you daily.   And I grow everyday, especially in the moments when I am thinking "I'm tired... this isn't working... I’m hungry."  In those moments I've tried to turn my thoughts to the Lord and say "OK, I am giving myself to you, help me."   And He does.  He makes it easier to go up to the next house, and knock on the door, and listen as they say that they don't want to listen, that even though they are a less active, they don't want the church.  He makes the spirit more present.  And I know that those people will come around.  He helps me forget myself and get to work.  And that is a great miracle!

I love you all!   I will write you all letters.    I can't wait to hear from you again!   I am amazed at how fast time goes.   I am grateful that we have the truth.   That the Lord is real.  That Joseph Smith did restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  What a wonderful thing to know, what a wonderful thing to be a part of and to understand!!  Keep the Lord close!   Pray!   Rejoice in the Lord.  Be grateful!

I'll talk to you soon!

May God be with you always!

Love Sister Taylor Burningham 

P.S.  Happy 5 year anniversary to living in our house, being a part of the 2nd ward!  So much has happened in the past 5 years!  I personally have grown so much!  My testimony was strengthened, my faith was tried.   I grew.  I feel that we all did!    So, in honor of it being the 5th year in our home (even though I'm not there) make some cookies.  Or go out to eat.  :)  and write in your journals tonight about any experience that you have really seen, that has helped you become the person you are today, because of living where we do.   I am forever grateful that we chose to move when we did.   Anyway, I love you all.  So much!   I miss you, but the time apart will be small.   I love you!!!!!! 

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