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February 25, 2013

February 25.2013

Hello Family!!!!

The MTC has been a GREAT experience.   I have truly loved every single second.   I already wrote your letters, but I'll say different things in the email, so that you can hear even more!  :)  I also sent my schedule of what I've done here, so I hope you get that soon.

I CANNOT believe that I will be in California this time, tomorrow!!  We leave the MTC at 5 am tomorrow morning... Dad said you wanted my flight info, so you could track my flight. So its Delta Airlines Flight 2295 we leave SLC at 8:30 tomorrow morning  to San Diego. :)     OH, and I bought a calling card.   So when we get to the airport I'll call you, so be ready for that!!  I guess I'll just call mom's phone :)   And I'm not sure if I can call when I land too, but I think that I can, so I'll try to!  Can't wait to hear your voices!!  But I'll call you once when we get to the airport and settled, before our flight!   :)

This week at the MTC has truly been a good one.  I feel like I've come so far, but I know I still have a ways to go, but it has been really great!  Hmm, so Monday was P-day.  Tuesday was different because we had a devotional... Craig C. Christensen spoke, and that was really, really good!   We've had LOTS of class this week, but Brother Jacob and Brother Smith (our regular teachers) are great! And so is Brother Hilton, Sister Taylor (ahhh weird to hear my name)  and Brother Starkie (imagine Elder Holland, 24 ish and ginger (like super orange)) and that's brother Starkie).  They are all so happy.   And so... just inspiring, they have great stories!

We've been teaching investigators, and that went well (they are just our teachers)  But we also do TRC which are volunteers from out in the real world, and well.... I had an AMAZING experience on Thursday, but I wrote about it in my letter, so you'll have to be patient for that.

But my faith is growing.  The Lord really does know each and everyone of us.  Personally.  He knows what we need to hear, and sometimes, He knows things that are going to happen, and He prepares other people.   Like, a sister in our room, Sister Scott, felt when she was packing that she should bring her hot glue gun (who brings a hot glue gun on a mission?)  but, she did.  Then another sister, Sister Ryser, has a little statue (can't think of what the brand is called... but we have some) but it is an angel.   But the head broke off, and she was sooo distraught because it was a gift from her dad, to help her remember her mom who passed away.   But Sister Scott, was like "it's OK, we can fix it, I have a hot glue gun"   So, it may not really have been something big to you or me, but for Sister Ryser, that helped her know that God did know her.  That really helped my faith, just because He does know us, even the little things, everything is important to Him.  If it is important to us, it is important to Him! 

We also had in-field orientation, that was a lot of fun!   It was an all day thing, but it was so good.   So mom, I don't know if you remember, but that one time when we watched "The District” together, there was an elder, Elder Christensen, that was a missionary.  Well he taught one of my classes!   That was pretty cool.  In that class we practiced street contacting, just like talking to another missionary we didn't know, and then telling them about our message, briefly.   As we sat down he said "Was that awkward" mumbled 'yeses'  "well, if that was awkward, just wait till the real world, it's EVEN MORE awkward!"  Haha.. Probably true.  But also exciting. 
Our Branch President gave us pass-a-long cards and I bought a Book of Mormon, the goal is to give that away on the plane.  Scary! But also exciting!  This is salvation we are talking about!  I can't wait to give that to people! :)

So, this week has been a good one.  I have LOVED getting your letters, and packages. :)  They always brighten my day, and help me feel of your love, even from a distance.   If I knew how to send pictures, I'd send a few from my camera, but you'll just have to wait until I fill up my SD card.   At this rate, you'll have it fairly soon.   

My district is amazing.  I really am going to miss them!  (some of them,  are going to Salt Lake West, and the rest of us to Cali)  But, that will be a hard goodbye tonight.  We've grown close together as we've learned about the gospel and missionary work.  Oh, just in case, I don't think the MTC is like a prison, though at our first branch presidency meeting (with them)   one of them asked "what is the difference between the MTC and the Utah state prison?   They get visitors."   haha!! I laughed.  It's true.  But the spirit here is amazing.  I LOVE IT!  I'll miss it!  I don't feel trapped :)  It has been a great experience!   And I am excited to get out into the field, though it will be different!   :)

ooo So Last night, Sister Setoki was sick (she has found out recently that she is either lactose-intolerant or has an allergy to milk)  So she is still trying to see what she can eat.   But she was feeling so sick last night.    So, after the devotional, we went and found two elders from our district, and it was probably their second time that they had given a blessing.  But it was beautiful, and she is better today!  :)   The Lord has amazing power!

Well, obviously, I don't type very fast, cause it's almost been 30 minutes!

But, I hope this week is well!  I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow, that will be great! :)

OH, and Kenna, CONGRATS ON GETTING FOURTH!!! :)  I'm so proud of you!  You are doing great! I love you!
I love you all!  :) 
Thank you for your support and love.  I know that I am supposed to be here.    Looking back at my life, and looking ahead, I am supposed to be on a mission.  The Lord has called me, and I will do His work.   I wrote this in your letters... but go to youtube.  type in "missionary work and the atonement"  it has Elder Holland and a few other apostles talking.  Absolutely amazing.  Helped me understand my purpose, just a little bit more.  I love it! I cried.  :)  But it was great  and I wanted to share it with you.  And now I'm writing sideways..... I dont' know how to fix that ;)   oh well...  not sure what I pushed either.... :)  makes it more exciting right?

I love you!  I love you mom! I love you dad! I love you Kenna! :)   You are in my prayers,  you are in my heart.    We are blessed.   I know it.  I have felt it! :)

Have an amazing week.   I'll talk to you soon! And I'll let you know if there is anything I need once I get to Carlsbad.   :)  I'm sure I'll be able to write you soon, so you know where I am!  that will be exciting.  And maybe, if I can figure out pictures, so I can send a few!

OH, mom, when you were shoveling, we (my district) was singing "Come thou fount of every blessing" Which by the way sounded amazing, and I recorded it.   So you'll get that when my SD card comes, but then, with the big flaky snow, before lunch we went and enjoyed it, and took pictures.  It was fun.  I may not miss the cold, but I will miss the Snow.  I’ll miss Utah I think too.  That will be a hard adjustment, but I think I'll be ok.  I’m doing the Lord's work :)  

I love you!

God be with you!

Love, Sister Taylor Burningham

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