Monday, February 18, 2013

First Letter From the MTC

Hello Family!!!

Well, I'm just replying to this email from dad, so that I could remember his email ;)  

Today is P-day, and I love it, it has been giving me a little more time to think!!! 

We are really busy here at the MTC, like busy all the time.   I'll send home my MTC schedule once I leave.    It's been busy, and I'm also sending you all letters, because we are doing laundry right now and have to wait for that, and then I've got 3 hours later!   So you'll all get letters!  

But, I'll summarize today, and then, you'll probably get them Wednesday (the post office place is closed today I think).  But, I must say that I loved your letters, and all the letters that I received from everyone else.    I LOVE getting letters, they always make my day, so tell people to write, even if I can't write back!  But I do love getting mail, it always makes my day!  Even though I can't read it until about 9:30 each day.  
Like I said, the schedule is pretty, ok REALLY busy.  I'm not as overwhelmed now, and Thursday was the  only day that I've been homesick  which is a good thing.  But, back to the schedule.   Every morning I get up either at 6  or 6:15 or 6:30, really just depending on what the schedule for the day is (everyday everything is in a different order).  But usually things start around seven.  Personal study.  or planning.  Or breakfast.  Or class.   Lots of time to study during the day, and then meals seem sooo close together.   (8, 12:30, 5:30) so actually not super close, but it feels that way during the day.   I love my teachers!  They really know what they are talking about, and they are very helpful, and well, I'm trying to retain all that I can.  But it's hard.  Like I've mentioned, and what everyone says, is that the  MTC is like being really thirsty, and trying to get  a drink, and drink as much as you can, from a fire hose that is right in front of your face.  But somethings I remember, and understand.  Other things I just write down, in hopes that I'll look at it later and remember more.  But the spirit is amazing.  I love it!  It is just so wonderful to have so many missionaries in one place!! Crazy, but great!

I wrote all about the food in your letters, so you'll just have to wait for that!
Sunday's.  Every single day since I got hear I've heard nothing but "if you can make it to Sunday, you are going to be fine."  That made me very curious obviously.   But, I realized it is true.   There are no classes.  We started with sacrament meeting in our branch (which has... quite a few districts, like 5.  4 of which leave tomorrow. So we'll be the only district that knows what is going on come next Sunday)  Oh, me and Sister Setoki are "online portal experts" I think is what it is called.  We just help the missionaries in our branch/zone/I'm not really sure how that works yet with the stuff that we have to do online.  Anyway.  Sacrament was good.  Then we got to go watch music and the spoken word.  And for Relief society, Sister Reeves (in the general RS presidency) spoke to us!  Wow!!   We had lunch and then a district meeting.  One of the members of our branch presidency talked to us.   

I loved this quote that he actually shared with me on my interview on Thursday, after I told him I was homesick.   "You feel the joy of soaring only after the fear of falling"   So, sometimes we have to take leaps of faith, but then we will soon enjoy the risk that we took!! :)   I liked that.

We got to go on a temple walk.  And to be honest it felt WONDERFUL to be somewhere outside the little MTC campus.  It almost felt unreal!   But great.  And freezing!!!  After dinner, we  had a devotional, from Brother Littlefield (helps do mission calls)  he and his wife talked about miracles.  WOW!!!   I hope to see many miracles on my mission.  I already have seen a few, or at least some tender mercies, which in my mind, are mini miracles. 
Look for miracles in your lives! :)  They are all around us.

I went to the temple this morning, it was great to be there, so familiar and wonderful!  Plus, I saw the Ferner's!!!!!  It was wonderful, and probably made my day.   

So, things are going well, better and better each day!  :)   I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord, and be a representative of the Savior.  

Sorry if I missed any questions that you asked, but Hopefully in my letters, they have a little more detail.  
oh.  I got the cupcakes (YUMMY! Shared with Sister Setoki, and two other sisters in my district, Sister Fluckiger and Sister Mortensen (did I mention she was in my district!!! Small world))  And I got the package with the cheeto's.   No mail today I don't think, but tomorrow.... so send me letters :)   makes me feel great after a long day, knowing I have something I can go open and get love from!!!

Right now, Thinking of you!!!

Love, Sister Burningham!

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