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March 5, 2013

Hello Family!!! :)   

It has been quite a week here in San Clemente.  I cannot believe that I have only been here for a week, it has really gone by fast, I get home at night, and think, is today really already over?   And then when I wake up and go running (we run, and walk a little too, so I'm doing good!)   I can't believe that it already is going that fast.  

Tuesday is my P-day, if I didn't mention that in my letter, I honestly cant remember.  But   Anyway, so a week ago I was able to talk to you on the phone, and now I'm here in the library emailing you. :)
Ok, so you asked lots of questions, I'll try to remember all of them, and just tell you really about my first day and my first week.

Our plane ride was a good one, it was pretty short, we got to the airport, and all of the sisters in my district were kinda freaking out, saying "wow, this is really happening, we are really here".  It was sunny and bright, and warm (actually a little cool).  But a lot different than the Snow storm we had left behind (that was a gift from God as Sister Mortensen said as we looked out the windows in the airport in SLC, the last day in Utah, we got snow!!!!)   That was pretty cool.   We came down the escalators at the airport, and there was the mission president.   He knew our names without looking at our tags.   Which was cool.  We went to the mission home where we had lunch and they talked to us about different rules, and we all had interviews with the mission president, so he could see who we should be companions with!!!   We headed over to the mission office in Vista, and they told us more things.  It was like the MTC (first day) all over again, my head hurt, but it was allright.   We then went to the transfer meeting, and we sat there.... and we were introduced, then one by one they told us who our trainers would be.
As I mentioned in my letter, my first companion is sister Longhurst. She is from Layton Utah, and has been out about 10 months.    She is really nice, and she tells me that I don't act like a greenie at all.  Which is nice, and I'm trying to do the best I can :) 

We have a small apartment, I'll take pictures and send them (I tried to forward an email from an elder from the MTC in my district, but I don’t know if it worked)  Anyway,  we have a car.  A 2010 Toyota Corolla. It’s...tanish grey or grey or just a plain color ;)  anyway, I don't drive... I'm in charge of our cell phone.   Which is a little weird to me, I forget it some of the time, I’m just not used to having a phone (how funny)  but, it is nice that we are able to keep in contact with the members, and less actives!   

So my first night, we had dinner at Carl’s Jr.  and then we went and made some visits.  I met the ward mission leader Brother Dove.  He is nice, and pretty awesome.  All of the members are.  We have dinner with a member family pretty much every single night,  which is pretty cool!  Very interesting to see different people.

Here in San Clemente, there are so many different types of people.  A TON of people live in apartments, which is really different from in Provo!  There are so many apartments, and then there is also an area in our area (ward) that have HUGE houses.  Think grandview hill, but bigger.   And I am not even kidding, there are some very nice homes!!

In our area (which is the ward boundary (how do you spell that???))) anyway, there is a military base, Camp Pendleton.  So we go up there every few days, to talk to members, one of our investigators lives up there, and then less actives.

I wrote you a letter last week in a lot of frustration.    I sometimes still feel that, but things are getting better.    We do visit A TON of less actives, and it is exciting when they come to church.  And it is nice to talk to them.  But a lot of them just need friends.  So come on visiting teachers, ward friendly!! That’s what I feel like saying anyway!  But it has been good to visit people.

We have two investigators right now.  Amanda, she is the one that lives on base.  Her husband is a less active and they have four daughters.  She's been investigating the church for I think actually a few years.  She is scheduled to be baptized in June.  But we are hoping to push it up to April, which would be cool, because I will be here for sure!! :) (We have a 12 week training program)     I don't really know what her reservations are, I've only met her once.  But we'll be teaching her this week.   Thursday I think.  so I hope that goes well!
The other is a man, Rich, who is engaged to a less active member.   He is only semi interested in the church, he thinks it is interesting.  So we'll work on him :) 

We do visit a lot of less actives, and this week we've been trying to go see potential investigators that are in our area book as well as part member families (most of which the members are less active).  Some are nice, some just say "oh we're good thanks" and shut the door.   Sometimes it feels tedious, but I do feel that we are doing the Lord's work, and hopefully we are going to help someone along the way!!
I've met so many people, I've tried to keep them all straight!  But it is getting better.

I am smiling :)

I am grateful to be in California.  On our morning runs,  it is usually cooler and the smells really just bring me back to memories of Disneyland.   I love it! I love that I am able to remember things, and well... it is all just really exciting! :)  

I am serving the Lord.  I am on His errand.   We pray all the time, it really is great you know, talking to God.   :)  Try to do it more and more every single day!!!

Whew, lots of typing, lots to share.  I’ll also write today!!  So my letters will get to you soon I hope.   I will let you know then what things you need to send me, I have a short list, but I can't really remember... ;)   it’s back at our apartment.  But I'll let you know!

I love the area.  I'm learning to love the people.

But what I'm really learning is about the Atonement  and the Savior.    He is the reason I am here today.  The atonement is real.  

In relation to that, I've been studying the attributes of Christ (Preach my gospel chapter 6)  and trying to work on one a day, I'll start a rotation.  So, I wanted to challenge you to do this as well, but for you,  you can choose to do it daily or weekly.   Take time to study each day an attribute from PMG ch. 6, and then let that be your focus for the day!  Think of why it is important, how the Savior portrayed that attribute, and how you can use it in your day to day lives.  I'd love to hear how that goes in a few weeks!!! :)

I love you!  I love hearing from you (though we only get mail once a week here... which has been a little tough, but,  I think it does help us focus a little more. even though it's hard.  I write in my journal every day.   You'll probably be getting it....I don't know, May or June.  AHH I write a lot.   

But, anyway.  The work is pressing forward.  I'll share more in my letters!

I love you!!!   I miss you!!!

Love, Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S. Tell everyone on Varsity Good luck, and that it has been weird to think about nationals starting today, and not being there.  But good luck! I wish you all the very best! Can't wait to hear about it, and see pictures!!


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