Monday, February 11, 2013

The Farewell

My farewell was yesterday.  And boy was I nervous!  In young women's we are asked to speak in sacrament, for... oh about 5 minutes.  Yesterday I spoke for 15 (I think)!  I was nervous to give a long talk.  And  I was nervous to have so many people come to hear me speak.  Our chapel was full!  But it was wonderful, I felt so blessed and loved!  To see family and friends sitting there, supporting my decision, it was a great feeling.    
Then we had lunch at our house....  Holy people!  There were at least 100 people in our house, now our house may look big, but for that many people, until we got food and went upstairs and spread out, were were shoulder to shoulder, but it was still fun.   And I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to even see everyone, there were just so many people, I was a little overwhelmed.
So here are some people, getting food... 

And here are some more, same shot, different people.  Shows a little better of how many people were actually there! 

And Now I have some shots of me with people.  Lauren, Me and Bronte

And me and Bronte.  Which I have to talk a little about.   and I'll try not to cry.  We didn't cry yesterday, but it was hard not too, for both of us I think.   I've known this girl since I was 3 years old.  Dang, crying already.   We grew up best friends.   We played together, laughed together.  Made up stories.  And last night I was watching home videos, and it was Christmas, and I got this Disneyland polly pocket, and I go "when Bronte and Maddie come over, we're going to have so much fun"  Needless to say, we have lots of memories together.  I guess I was so overwhelmed yesterday that it didn't really hit me that I was leaving, and that we wouldn't see each other for 18 month.  But I look forward to hearing from her!   I am glad that we are still close and that we will be lifelong friends!  :) Love you Bronte! But, please don't get married while I'm gone, I'd love to be a bridesmaid, and I you'll be one for my wedding as well!!! 

And me and Jordan.   Both soon to be serving the Lord.  She'll be in Oregon, and I'll be in California.  I love this girl.  Probably my best girl friend from team.   She is great!  And we had many adventures as well!  Especially our love arrows.  I'll miss that, you can't really send those via letter.  But it will be fun to hear from her!! Love you Jordan!!

 Oh Alex.  I love her.  She's a beauty (and so is every female that I am related to) But, she's a little older than Kaytlin and so... some of my guy friends thought she was attractive, and wanted her number.  I'm sorry if it was awkward Alex, but I love you  and you are pretty!   I hope you have a good time your senior year, I can't wait to hear all about it!!!  I love you, and Tyra, who I don't think I got a picture with! Darn!  But I can't wait to hear from you guys!!!

Most of these boys (Jared, Jordan, Aaron, and Alec)  Stayed close to the end of when everyone else had left.  Literally.  Thanks guys.  Random. But thank you! For your love, support, and making me laugh yesterday.  This was one of those moments.   They decided that I needed to teach them the first discussion.  I didn't.  I just laughed and rolled my eyes.   I won't do that I promise while I am serving.  But, I felt that they were just being annoying, so... no lesson for them (plus they are all already members, and some of which, are turning in papers!  Good luck guys! So proud of you!)

Then here is some family!! I love this family, we are very close to them since we watch Karson and Easton every week! I Love them.  That is really all that I can say! 

Oh McKenna.  How I love you!   I look forward to hearing all about your senior year, and life while I am gone.  Don't worry about friends.    You have them!  They surround you!  And we have family, all around us!!   And you have the perfect friend, the Savior.   Turn to Him in every hard moment, every easy moment, make Him your best friend, and yes there will be hard days, but He will lift you up!! I promise! I love you Kenna, I'll miss you a lot!   But,  we'll both be blessed.  

And my parents, I am so glad that I was able to speak with all of these people today in church.   They always lift me.    I love their hugs.  I love our conversations.   I'll live through your letters (and teaching the gospel of course)   I'll miss your voices, and physical presence, but I know that it will go by fast!  And I am so blessed to have the knowledge that we will be together forever!  Wednesday may hold some tears, but what is 18 months compared to eternity!!!  I love you.

And Spencer.    My best friend.   He understands me in ways that I would never have thought possible. I love him, and I love his family!  I look forward to hearing from them (obviously, I look forward to hearing from everyone!)  But, he holds a special place in my heart! I'll miss him greatly,  but as with my family, the time will only be but a small moment!

And of course, we had to be a little silly!  Always having a good time, thats us!!! 

Karson was tickling my foot, the little stinker!  But I love him.  And Easton.  I think my heart will break when I have to say bye to them on Tuesday.   I know it will go fast, but it doesn't mean that it will be easy, saying goodbye to those that I love so dearly.  My family and best friends!

and here's a few random, Jared.  I'm standing two (2!!!!!!) steps above him... He's tall.  I'll miss this kid.  We've been good friends for just over 5 years now. I'm grateful to have him in my life!   and yes, I can't wait to hear from him as well.

Alec, explaining something, not sure why he was holding my hand.   He's a character.  And a good listener.  Thanks for being easy to talk to, and thanks for staying so long.  

And I didn't get a picture with Racquel, but this was later, when everyone was gone except her and Spencer.  She was playing with Kenna's hair to see what they should do for sweethearts on Saturday!   I love her face in this picture!   Had to share it!   I love her.  Me her and Kenna have been very close these past.... 2 1/2-3 years. I am glad!  It has been wonderful! She too will be a lifelong friend. (and a bridesmaid!)   Can't wait to hear from you! 

And to those who I didn't post or get pictures with, I love you all as well!  Don't worry, and if I didn't post a picture, we didn't get one or it wasn't a great one.  But you'll still be in my heart!
I love my family! Love them!   Extended and intermediate.  Love!  Thank you for all of your support and love!  Thank you for coming over, sitting in my crowded house and just being there ! I'll miss you all!  And to all of my friends, I love you guys, we have been through a lot.  I am blessed, and proud to know you and call you my friends!!!

So....   my day was long, beautiful but long.  I went to bed very tired (probably something I am going to get used to).  I woke up this morning, ran, got ready and uploaded pictures and now I'm blogging.   :)    had to one last time.
I will do another post with my address(es) and I'll also put them up on the side of my blog, or a new tab.  That will probably work just as well!!
So, so long ( for me actually typing this)   Until we meet again, May God be with you!  Always!
Love,  Sister Taylor Burningham

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