Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's End the Drought!

Hello!!! :)                                                                                        March 3, 2014

This week has been pretty good one, and well, it also has been RAINING which is also great! :)

So this week we have been teaching a lot of members, which means we are getting better and better at teaching the restoration, so that is pretty exciting! :) Sister Hurst is fabulous, and I swear she came pretrained, so it has been a blast working with her!  And I am really looking forward to the weeks ahead! :)

This week has been good, I had realized though that the work in Laguna was waning, and we were struggling to find people to teach! So we've been doing all that we can, cause I know that as we do our part, the Lord will help us with the rest.  So, we've been contacting, we've been calling former investigators, we've been asking EVERYONE for referrals, and well we are just trying new things and going to different areas, in hopes of getting different results! :)    And we did! This week we were able to get two new investigators!  So that is really fabulous! :)   One of them is a lady named Michelle, and her daughter who is 10 was baptized last year, and I'm not sure why Michelle wasn't baptized, but we had a really great lesson with her on Friday with one of our members, and we will be teaching her tomorrow, and having dinner with her sometime next week, and well, it is great! And it really does look promising!   The other is a man named Abe.  I actually met him on Christmas Eve when we were downtown contacting.   When we first met him, he tried to bash with us, but we have run into him a couple of times, and he did want to meet with us.  So we were supposed to teach him on Wednesday, but that didn't end up working out, so we ended up teaching him on Saturday.  You could tell that he felt the spirit, but he was also trying to fight it a bit, so we are praying that his heart will be opened so that he will accept the gospel.   So that was GREAT!!  And we were super pumped about that!!

Also, we have received a few referrals from members, and we will hopefully be meeting up with them this week, and we will see where that goes!

But, this week, just as we have been in member’s homes and out talking to people, I have felt so blessed to have the gospel. I am so grateful that I was born into this church.  And I am so grateful that we have the knowledge that we do.  We have also been teaching the restoration a LOT!  Which is simply great!  God really does love us so much, and that is why He brought His gospel back, so that we could have it!  And He has also given us families so that we can learn more about Him, and well, I am also just so grateful that we have the knowledge that families are forever!  What a great message of hope! I am so glad that I am out here, and sharing that message with all who will listen!!

This week has also been WET! Lots and lots of rain this week! I've really enjoyed watching it rain!   I have missed having a change in weather, so it was nice!  And much needed! So, this week we got rain to help with the drought in Cali, and then we are also just building up this area, and making it be better!  Because we really can find people, there are so many who are searching, we just have to find them!  And as we do our part, we will be led to them, or they will be led to us! :)

I am so grateful for this gospel, and I am so grateful for my testimony.  I know that this church is truly God's church here on the earth today. I know that He loves us, and because he loves us, he has given us families and he has also given us people in our lives to help us!   I love that the gospel really is simple, we have faith, we repent, we are baptized (or we keep our covenants), then we have the Holy Ghost, and then we keep doing good, and we keep building our faith.  It is simple, hard sometimes, if we aren't doing the small things, like reading and praying and attending church, but life is so much easier when we are living the gospel! That is why we have it.  That is why it was brought back, so that this life wouldn't be such a challenge! I am so grateful that we have it, and that it is true!  And that we can all know for ourselves that it is true! :) I love that!  And I love the plan!  :)  It is all just so glorious!

So, my week was a good one! :) Lots of things happening, and lots of things that are about to happen!  So that is really exciting! :)

It sounds like your week was good, and this upcoming one is also gonna be good!  Super Crazy that Trevor is coming home on Thursday, I can't even believe that, two years really isn't that long, it has gone by so fast! :)     And Nationals is next week, man, that is super fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!   

I am so glad that things are going great, and that life is good! :) That is how it is meant to be! :)   And I am so very grateful! :)    

So this week, be happy, smile, LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE! And try to share this joy that you have received with someone else, whether you are able to share your testimony, or just brighten someone’s day, help someone else feel the love that God has for them! What a great gift you can give to anyone! :) 
I love you all!

Have an amazing week!!

And I will talk to you real soon!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

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