Saturday, May 24, 2014

Inviting the Forces of Light

Dear Family,                                                                                                            March 10, 2014

First off, I can't even believe that Trevor is home! That is really crazy to think about!!!  I can't believe that he already served for 2 years, time goes by so fast!   But I love the pictures, it looks like he is happy!  And that is just great! Though,  I am sure adjusting is weird,  I can only imagine. Luckily for me, I still have some time before I even have to worry about that! :)

This week has been a GREAT one!  There are so many things happening, and well, we are really throwing ourselves into the work, and doing all we can to find more people to teach, and I feel like the Lord trusts us, because we are finding more and more people! But, I will talk more about that as I go throughout my week!

So, Monday night was an adventure.  We got home, and we planned, and because we were going to the temple early Tuesday morning, Sister Hurst was going to shower that night.  The other sisters that we live with weren't home yet, which we thought was strange, but didn't think much about it.   I was downstairs, and then all of the sudden Sister Hurst yells "Sister Burningham, come up here right now!"  She sounded a little panicked, so I ran upstairs, and she says, "did you put a box in our bathtub?" would be weird, why would I do that?  But, there was a box in our bathtub....    with something inside of it, but we were too afraid to look.  Haha.   So, then our roommates call us, and ask if we have seen the box yet, we say yes and they tell us that there is a mouse in it, because they saved it (why they put it in our bathroom, I really have NO idea!)  So then we started freaking out, and we opened the box with a hanger, and sure enough, there was a BIG mouse/rat.... not really sure what it is. But it was gross, and so the sisters, when they got home took the box outside, and now the mouse has a home in the outside world.  But it was a great adventure to start our week!!! :)

Tuesday we went to the temple, and that was just GREAT! I love the temple so much!:)   We also taught Michelle again, and also two of her kids, Morgan and Zach, who are also interested in taking the lessons! So that was a miracle!!! :)
Wednesday both Sister Hurst and I were SICK!  There has been a bug going around, so that was no fun.  So we stayed in for most of the day, to get better, since we had to cause we had things to do and Zone conference on Thursday!

So Thursday was fantastic!  We had our zone conference, and we all got trained on the different style of teaching that we are, in a way, piloting, so that was great!  And then President Orgill talked to us about Agency, and it was so powerful!   But he mainly talked about how everything we do, especially the little things, either invite the forces of darkness, or the forces of light.  We either give the adversary permission to work harder at us, or we give the forces of light, the angels that God has promised to come and help us!   He also talked about the ways that we invite the forces of light, as we pray, and study.  As we serve and do good.   Really, as we live the gospel and try hard to do good things, we are inviting God to come and help us even more.  So, now I've been thinking, “is this going to invite the forces of light, or darkness?”  It really is interesting to think about, because we ALL have Agency.  We can do whatever we want truly, and that is God's gift to us, and I am so grateful!   And now, I am just trying to do good!  So this week, focus on how you can invite the forces of light into your life! :)

After Zone conference, we went contacting and there was this guy that drove past us on this little road, and he stopped and reversed, and asked if I was holding a Bible (I was holding a Book of Mormon).   We told him who we were and what we do, and he told us that he had always wanted to know what we believe, but didn't know how.   So, we are going to teach him tomorrow.  His name is Ardel, and he is pretty pumped to learn more about the gospel, so we are excited to teach him!  And it was just evidence to me that we will be led to those searching, or they will be led to us. :)  What a miracle!

Friday was good! Planning day, and all of our appointments canceled for some reason or another, but we did end up seeing Ronnie, and taught her the plan of salvation...which you already know because she sent you that video of me teaching.  She's one funny girl, but we love her.

Saturday.... gosh, can't really remember what happened on Saturday. :)   Silly me.   But, we did have dinner with our ward mission leader, and a part member family, so that was great!

Yesterday was good!  We had ward conference, and then in ward council after church it really just hit me how much is going on this area, and how there is so much potential, and as we keep working hard ourselves and with the ward, that this area will be blessed.  I feel so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve here in Laguna Beach.  Amazing things are going to be happening now, and in the near future. I hope I get to stick around to see it! :)

In the past week, I have seen a change in myself, and I don't really know what started it.  Maybe it is that things are starting to happen, so I am more excited about that!  I do think a lot of it is that, but another reason I think I can just see, and am understanding that my time on a mission is so short.  And I've worked hard my whole mission, but I feel myself pushing harder and giving even more. (More that I didn't realize I even had), because I truly do want to make every moment count.  And so far, it has.  I am so grateful for this chance that I have right now in my life to be a missionary!  What a great thing to be doing right now!  I absolutely love it! :)  And I love that there are so many people who don't have the gospel, and that everyday I go out and try to find those who are ready, who are willing to listen! What joy comes from sharing the gospel! I love it! :)  

I've learned so many things as I have been a missionary, but this week I have really been blessed to have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and everyday I learn more about how I hear it's small voice, and how it teaches me.  I am so grateful for this gift. I think I would be so lost without it!  I am also so grateful, just as you mentioned that Trevor was, for eternal families!  What a blessing!  And I just want people to have that! :)   

I love this gospel! I know that it is true!  And I know that it is true, because I have asked, and I have felt the Spirit testify to me as I've read, and as I've shared it with others!  This gospel is so amazing! I love it! :)    I love it!

I hope you have a great week!

Good luck at Nationals Kenna, I'll be praying for ya, and cheering for you in my heart!


Sister Taylor Burningham

Our new friend.  In a box.  In the bathtub

Me and Sister Hurst

Me at the Newport Temple

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