Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ronnie's Baptism and Fire Trucks

Well hello family!!!                                                                           January 27, 2014

I'm doing a lot better than last week!  I feel better, and well, I just feel better, so it is great! :)

This past week was a busy one, we are juggling 2 wards and choir and then getting ready for a baptism, it was a pretty crazy week, I honestly don't even really know what happened, but I do know that it was a good week, so I'll share what I can remember! haha.

So on Tuesday I was super sick, we emailed and then saw Ronnie, just helping her get ready for baptism.

Wednesday we were supposed to have district meeting, but I felt pretty horrible in the morning, so we called our District Leader and rescheduled our district meeting for the next day, and then that afternoon I had a Sister Training Leader Counsel where we learned how to give trainings.  (The assistants thought it would be helpful, since they teach the new District Leaders how to do it, and we have no idea what to do…so that was actually really great!)   And we also talked about our clothes as missionaries and how in southern Orange County we need to be more professional.  And Sister Lutz (her husband is a counselor to President Orgill), told us that we should just pray for clothes, and what we need, and that God will deliver.  So, we still need to go through our closets, but I know that I do have some professional things, but I do need more.  So, challenge for you, I'm not asking you to go out and buy clothes, I don’t want you to do that, but if anyone happens to be giving away things, send them my way, even if they don't fit me, they would be great for other sisters, so just be on the lookout! ;)

On Thursday we had district meeting, and it was really powerful, we are trying to implement the new way of teaching, it is going to take a lot of practice, but in the end it will be really, really great! So we are pumped up for that! We had choir practice and then we saw Ronnie, and then we had a great experience...

So, I was driving, and we were driving from Ronnie’s house to the Dunning’s (our ward mission leader) house, and we were just driving on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and then...a fire truck was coming from the opposite direction, so this white Corolla was in front of me, and pulls over, and of course, I do too.  Then, we see this woman walk into the street right in front of us.  She is on the phone, and waving for the fire truck to come over.  So we're like "oh dang, the fire truck is coming here!" So the fire truck comes over and totally blocks in this white car.  So I start backing up (even though we are supposed to have a companion get out and back us, the white car was backing up, so I had to).  But as I was backing up, this other fire truck and ambulance comes up and blocks the white car in even more, so I'm still inching back, when the passenger door of this white Corolla opens up and we all start laughing...why?  Remember who drives Corollas…oh yes, missionaries.  Who are the two cars that happen to get stuck because of these two fire trucks...just all the missionaries serving in the Laguna Beach ward.  So Sister Hedrick gets out, and we talked to the Elder who had gotten out of the car, turns out they were also heading to the Dunning’s.  So, we backed up enough that we could go around the fire trucks, and the Elders must have too cause they weren't far behind us once we got to the Dunning’s.  But it really made our day, because really, how random is that that we got stuck and so did the Elders?  It was quite an adventure! haha.

Friday was good, we taught Ronnie again, and then I had a meeting and then we kinda did weekly planning, we didn’t have much time though and had dinner with our Bishop’s family and then we went over to the Marina Hills Relief Society president’s house to meet her.  So that was good.

Saturday was a crazy day!  We went to the Stake Center first thing because we were supposed to have a meeting with this lady that sister Morgan meets with to help her with her reading, but she ended up canceling.

So we went to Laguna to invite people to the baptism, and then we saw Ronnie, who was freaking out for some reason, so we calmed her down and then headed back to the Stake Center to get things all set up for the baptism. And we did, and that was good. Then at like 4:30 people started coming, and Ronnie got there, and she was so nervous it was making me nervous!  But the baptism was great. Her dad, who hasn't been very active was able to baptize her, and he was acting like a little kid on Christmas.   It was so great, and it was really powerful, the spirit was very strong!  We had a great turn out, and Ronnie’s mom who isn't a member came, and she also came to church yesterday to see Ronnie get confirmed and stayed all three hours.  She feels it, she will be baptized someday, I just don't think that she knows that yet.  :)  But the baptism was a success! :)   And all is well there!

Yesterday was good, a fairly normal Sunday. Went to church. Contacted people with the ocean in close view, but it was super humid, so my hair looked....umm ya, pretty marvelous and way wavy and WAY frizzy, so it went up into a ponytail, I'm so glad that it is long enough to do that again! :)  I’m growing my hair out again, so it should be long when I get home!  :)  yay!

So, this week we will be opening lots of windows and praying lots to find new investigators, so that we can have more people to teach!   It will be a good week! I'm really looking forward to it!!!  I hope you have a great week! I love you all!!!! You are the greatest!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

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