Monday, March 24, 2014

One Year

Hello family!                                                                                     February 10, 2014

I hope that your week was a great one! :)  It sounds like it was busy, and normal, the life of a normal person, my week was pretty normal, if you are a missionary anyway!  haha, but it was pretty good!  And pretty interesting.

I've been thinking about being on a mission a lot this week, since, well, I can't even believe that I've been out for a year, that is really crazy to me, but I've just been thinking about my mission, and about what it has done for me, and why I still love being here.

Missions are hard, I know that a year ago, I really didn't know what to expect, or what was going to happen on my mission. I had no idea.    We were talking the other day, about how some people go to places of poverty, and they feel so blessed with what they have at home, and they are humbled by that experience.  Then at the same time, they are blessed with the opportunity to bring many souls unto Jesus Christ.  Here in the California Irvine mission, I feel like I've been humbled in a different way.    I feel like I've learned the importance of working hard, and never giving up, simply because, well, its hard here.   But, it is possible. Miracles happen every day here, and sometimes they aren't in the form of someone we teach getting dressed in white. But, they are the small things, like going to see a recent convert and being able to help his wife with a big project she has.   The miracle of a less active calling us and telling us that her husband wants to take the lessons.  It is a miracle when you go to a random sacrament meeting, and see someone who was in your first ward, and you are just able to talk, and feel not only their love and support, but also the Love that God has for each of us.

It doesn't matter where you serve a mission, because I know that you are called to where you need to be, where there will be people for you to teach, and learn from, but also, where you will learn and grow and be prepared for whatever life has to throw at you.   I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and for me, would I like to have more baptisms? Yes, why? So that I can help more people claim the blessings of this Gospel, but, at the end of the day, I do know that each day I did the most that I could in helping and inviting.  And if, if there are only a few whom I get to see enter the waters of baptism, that is enough, for how great shall be my joy? (D & C 18:15-16)  And that is the greatest blessing I could ever receive! But until then, I'll work hard and still try to baptize everyone :)

So this week has been pretty good, and also kinda weird.  It was also kinda like a roller coaster. We are still learning this new teaching method, and we have been practicing by teaching members, which overall has been a good experience!  We've shared quite a few spiritual experiences with members!   And others haven't had the same positive response, making us feel like crummy missionaries.  But, in those instances, it has helped me lean on Jesus Christ and His atonement more, because I need Him to carry me. I need Him to lift me, and guide me, and make up all that I lack, as I try my best. And it has been a testimony builder to me, as I have seen that happen, not only for me but also in my companionship!   I am so grateful that I am learning to rely more on the Savior, it is really a great thing, and I know it will help me throughout my life!

We had dinner with Ronnie and her family (which was Saturday and when you got the pictures), and that was really fun!  

We also taught the Wittkops with our Bishop.  And it was a powerful lesson, and the Spirit was strong.  And at the end Bishop got in their faces a little about how they should be baptized, but it was perfect, and now, we will just see if they act on the Spirit which they felt!

Ethan and Giselle are doing great still, we are still praying for their dad! We saw them at church yesterday, as well as the "great to be 8" activity last night for all those who are getting baptized this year!   We haven't seen them in a while cause their little sister has been really sick, but hopefully this week, so that should be good!  Keep them in your prayers!
And we are just trying to find more people to teach, but we do have a few potentials, so we have high hopes!   Also, transfers are next week, so that could be interesting! We will find out on Saturday what is happening, I think I'll stay in Laguna Beach, but, we will see! :)     Also, next week we probably won’t be able to email on Monday cause it is President’s Day, so expect emails on Tuesday, but be prepared for Monday in case that happens!!! :)

I hope you have a great week, fully of Charity (what? I'm a missionary, I only have this kind of love!!!)  And service!  Matt 25:40, try to serve someone before Valentine’s Day! 

Have a great week, work hard, dance hard, pray hard!  And of course, Smile!!! :)

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!


Sister Taylor Burningham

P.S Happy Valentine’s Day!!

P.P.S.  How can I have been out a year!!!??? Crazy stuff!! Time to go kill it! :)

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